All the Major Stores that Now Require a Mask to Enter

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As large national retailers like Walmart, Costco, and Target unveil new COVID-19 rules that require masks to enter, it has many other major stores following suit. So I went out and researched all of the stores that currently require customers to wear a face covering to enter. I hope this information helps.

All the Major Stores that Now Require a Mask to Enter

American Eagle Outfitters

American Eagle was one of the first clothing stores to require face masks to be worn at all times in any AE or Aerie store.

They have masks available at the entrance if you need one.

Apple Store

All Apple Stores have required face coverings since May 17th.

They are also performing temperature checks at the door and limiting store occupancy.

Best Buy

As of July 15th, all customers entering a Best Buy location are required to wear a mask.

They will provide one for you if you show up without a face covering.

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BJ’s Wholesale

Effective July 20th, all customers entering BJ’s are required to wear a facial covering that covers the mouth and nose at all times.

This does not apply to children under the age of 2.

They ask you to shop their website if you have concerns over wearing a mask.


Costco was one of the first national stores to require customers to wear a mask.

This does not apply to children under 2 and those with a medical condition that prevents them from wearing one.

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While CVS employees will not be asked to play the role of “enforcer”, they ask all customers to wear a mask when entering.

Not sure if they provide masks to customer. Let me know if you have any information on this.

Dollar Tree & Family Dollar

Both stores are owned by the same company and both strongly request that you wear a mask upon entering.

They no longer mandate the mask wearing, but rather request it.


As of July 3rd, all H-E-B customers in the state of Texas are required to wear a mask.

Exceptions are made “for children and individuals with health-related issues.”

Home Depot

Starting July 22nd, all Home Depot customers will be required to wear a mask to enter the store.

Exceptions are made to small children and those with a “valid” medical condition.

Masks will be made available to customers who need one.

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Starting July 20th, all Kohl’s locations will require a face covering if you want to enter the store.

They’ll have an employee at the door to remind shoppers of this new store-wide mask mandate.


Kroger joined the growing list of stores now requiring face covering to shop for groceries.

This goes into effect starting July 22nd, 2020.


Similar to Home Depot, Lowe’s will require face coverings starting Monday July 20th.

Masks are free at the customer service desk for those who don’t have one (while supplies last).


If you have a Menards in your neck-of-the-woods, be prepared to wear a mask if you want to get in and shop.

They have “single masks available for purchase for a nominal charge at the service desk by the store entrance.”


Publix grocery stores will require customers to wear masks as of July 21st.

The coverings must cover the mouth and nose.


In early July, Starbucks mandated that all customers who enter a location must wear a mask.

This does not apply to drive-through customers.

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Target has also joined the ranks of stores that require a face covering to enter.

This policy goes into effect on August 1st.

Trader Joe’s

What started as a “request” that all customers wear a mask, Trader Joe’s now requires them to enter.

Young children and those with a medical condition are exempt.

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You must now wear a face covering to enter a Verizon store.

They encourage people to shop their website if they don’t want to wear a cloth mask.


Starting July 20th, Walgreens will also require shoppers to wear a mask.

Their press release did not mention if they will provide mask to those who need them.

Walmart & Sam’s Club

Starting July 20th, both Walmart and Sam’s Club requires customers to wear a mask.

They will have “Health Ambassadors” staffed to help those who show up without a mask.

These ambassadors will be wearing black polo shirts, so seek them out if you need assistance.

Whole Foods

Also starting July 20th, all Whole Foods locations require a mask to enter.

They will provide free masks at the entrance if you need one.

Ask the Reader: Did I miss any stores? Let me know in the comments and I’ll get them added ASAP. 

By Kyle James


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