Walmart Making Big Changes to the Savings Catcher Program

Updated July 29, 2020 by Kyle

The Walmart Savings Catcher program as you know it will be going away October 29th, 2018. You’ll still be able to have Walmart compare your purchases for lower prices from competitors, but how you submit your receipt and how you pay TOTALLY changes. Here’s everything you need to know…

Walmart Axing the Savings Catcher Program...Sort Of

1. Gotta Enroll in Walmart Pay

Walmart Pay

Essentially Walmart is making anyone who wants to continue using the Savings Catcher technology enroll in Walmart Pay and make all their in-store purchases using it.

You might not like being forced into this, but it’s their way of making your shopping “easier”.

Once you download the Walmart Pay app, you link your credit card to it and make all your purchases with the app when checking-out at the cash register.

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2. So How Do I Submit My Receipt?

So after making your purchase with Walmart pay, you’ll be able to instantly submit your e-receipt to Savings Catcher via the app.

Specifically, according to Walmart, you’ll simply “tap Submit Receipt directly from your Walmart Pay confirmation page or from your Savings Catcher dashboard on the Walmart app.”

Walmart will then go out and examine local competitor’s prices and refund you the difference if it finds a lower price on anything you bought.

3. What’s the Benefit to All This?

Well, for one, you’ll never have to worry about remembering to scan your Walmart receipt after you leave the store as it’s completely automatic.

While not a huge time-saver, this will definitely save you some time over the long haul.

Also, when using the Walmart Pay app it’ll track ALL your purchases so you’ll never have to worry about losing a receipt which is great when returning stuff.

Lastly, for those that need a paper receipt for other cashback apps like Ibotta and TopCashBack, the Walmart app lets you print paper receipts from your phone or you can even email them to yourself.

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In Conclusion:

So while this is a clear ploy by Walmart to get you signed up for Walmart Pay, you really DON’T have any other option if you want to continue using Savings Catcher.

Scan Your Walmart Receipt

Like any change it’ll be met with some resistance, but in the long run I think it’s smart to join Walmart Pay as you’ll continue to reap the benefits from price protection and it’ll save you time in the process.

I plan on making the switch as my Savings Catcher balance is approaching $100 (see image above) and I’ve done VERY little to earn it.

Ask the Reader: Will you enroll in Walmart Pay and continue to reap the rewards of the Savings Catcher program or is not worth the hassle?

By Kyle James


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My experience with Walmart’s “savings catcher” ! Awesome 1st Impressiun, but similar to other programs(such as Plenti) it’s getting close to extinction for me anyway. THey rarely FIND a lower price for past couple of years! Been saving almost $5 for good time now


Since having my debit card number lifted after using it recently at Walmart, I will only use cash to shop there so I guess no more savings catcher for me. Its only “caught” 65¢ in the past 2 years anyway. It cost me $5 to replace my canceled debit card. I think I’ll “save” more by not using their app.


Dang, I got over $100 back in two years. LOL


There goes my awesome tactic of picking up receipts out of carts in the parking lot. I got a lot back doing that. C-ya Wallyworld Savings Catcher. Uninstalled…


I do the same thing!!!!!


So people who prefer using cash (I’m a waitess) are out of luck…?? Bad business


So I used walmart pay for the first time today but did not know I was supposed to submit the receipt to Savings Catcher at that time. And it’s not giving me the option within the app. Why not? Could it be because I used $18 in savings catcher funds toward my purchase?


I don’t want to add Wal Mart’s big app to my phone or have a bank card on file. I have $60 in my catcher account. I guess I can install the app, use the money, then uninstall the app and discontinue the program?

Teresa Holly

how do I down load or get my Walmart savings catcher card?


Just been notified savings catcher is being closed down completely. Only reason I used the Walmart app and Walmart pay.


No, not worth it. It’s another third party that has your credit info, that may possibly be breached. My passwords have been in four security breaches that I’m aware of. I now use a password manager and change them on a regular basis