Walmart Is Closing the Savings Catcher Program Forever (NO, I Say!)

Updated August 10, 2020 by Kyle
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As I’ve talked about before, the Savings Catcher program at Walmart has been making a bunch of changes in recent months. Well, I have some major news on this front…the program is going away FOREVER. Here’s what you need to know.

Walmart Closing the Savings Catcher Program

Why is Savings Catcher Closing?

According to Walmart, their “efforts to lower prices upfront on thousands of items across our stores is working.”

So they feel the program is no longer needed.

As a shopper who’s earned close to $100 via the Savings Catcher program in the past 2 years I find this hard to believe.

I know for a fact that Walmart does NOT have lower prices on some items when compared to Costco, Target, and even local grocery stores.

When’s the Last Day?

The program’s official last day is May 14, 2019.

After that date you will no longer be able to submit receipts to Savings Catcher.

But you WILL be able to keep your Savings Catcher balance until you spend it and it will NEVER expire.

You’ll also still be able to scan your receipts into the Walmart App as I way to keep track of your purchases.

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How Are Customers Reacting to the News?

As you might have guessed, not well.

Many loyal Walmart shoppers have taken to Twitter to voice their outrage…

While some shoppers are trying to plan a boycott for May 15th, others are done with Walmart altogether…

Moving Forward, Will Walmart Price Match at All?

So out of curiosity, I called my contact at Walmart and asked if they would be going back to a standard price match policy like they had in-place before Savings Catcher.

Regrettably, I was told they would NOT have a Walmart price-match policy moving forward.

Maybe this will change in the future, but for now the price you pay at Walmart should be considered the final price.

Ask the Reader: Are you going to miss the Savings Catcher program as much as I will?

By Kyle James

Photo credit to Mike Mozart.


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