Wallets Now Optional at Many Walmart Locations

Updated August 10, 2020 by Kyle

Walmart Pay App

In seven states, you no longer need to bring along your wallet to shop at the local Walmart.

No, I’m not talking about becoming a shop-lift artist, I’m talking about using the Walmart Pay option. Walmart Pay allows you to upload your payment information directly into the Walmart app and simply use your smartphone to pay at checkout.

The seven southern states where this has become a reality include Alabama, Arkansas, Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi, Oklahoma, and Texas. Look for this to go national in the next 12 months.

Once you enter your credit card information into the app, all you have to do is open the Walmart app (iOS, Android), enter your PIN, and hold your phone over the code to scan. Done. Pick up your bags and leave. You’ll then get your e-receipt shortly via email.

Using your smartphone to complete purchases is not a brand spanking new technology. The trend started with Apple Pay and has since grown to individual retail chains like Starbucks and Dunkin’ Donuts.

But…buyer beware. Retailers know that the easier they make it for you to complete purchases, the more likely you’ll be to buy stuff you don’t necessarily need. Or worse yet, make it easy to forget what exactly you’ve purchased and how it affected your monthly budget.

Molly Blakeman, a Walmart spokesperson, essentially reaffirmed this, “One day we hope that people don’t remember if they purchased something online or in a Walmart store because it’s so seamless.”

Ask the Reader:  Have you ever used your smartphone to make a purchase?

By Kyle James


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Ok so I read about price matching on your site. (&a im a very Savy “self proclaimed” pro shopper with a mind saving attitude! I’ve even negotiated at stores to lower a price when I want something badly enough and know many businesses (brick &motar ) need to hit figures esp in the month of dec. N more times that not; I get the deal! – but my question is; you stated Kmart price matches but we’re not explNatory regarding them as much as Walmart -target n kmarts partner store sears; -so will Kmart price match a big screen tv I put in layaway about 2.5 wks ago to Walmart current ad? – I even questioned there price when I ran in store to make a payment (after Black Friday wkend) & I thought the tv was on sale for $300+ tax. However when I made my first pymt which was $60.00; my balance was $300? – when I inquired the kid who was fairly new was also clueless to why it was more with free layaway. My guess was I received points credit & therefore used them ASAP avail. Regardless now Walmart has the same tv for $259.99 instead of $340-360 ish. Am I able to get this price adjusted at Kmart being that Walmart has the same tv at a much better price?