Save 10% at Whole Foods When Buying Stuff by the Case

Updated October 6, 2022 by Kyle

Whole Foods is expensive, there I said it. But today I have a clever way for you to save some money, especially on the products you LOVE and simply can’t live without. It’s called the Whole Foods case discount and it scores you extra savings on your favorite items. Here’s how it works along with a couple bonus shopping hacks to make your next trip to Whole Foods totally legendary.

Save 10% at Whole Foods When Buying Stuff by the Case

What Is the Case Discount?


If you love a certain product, or maybe you’re planning for a large gathering, or it’s a seasonal product, the 10% case discount is a no-brainer way to save at Whole Foods.

Just make sure you have room in your pantry or freezer before you bring it home.

Can I Save More Than 10%?

Whole Foods Case Discount


If you buy multiple cases you still only save 10%.  But hey, it’s better than nothing.

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Are There Any Exclusions?


Whole Foods recently excluded sale items and “Everyday Values” from the case discount.

Also, items must be of a single variety to qualify for the 10% case discount. This means you can’t mix and match flavors to create a custom case.

Surprisingly, wine is NOT excluded from the discount. Use it!

Can I Get the Case Discount Online?

No, the case discount is only available in-store.

How Big is a Case?

Usually 12 items make up a case, but it often depends on the product.

For example, a case of wine is 12 bottles, as is a case of Greek yogurt, but a case of cereal boxes is typically 14 boxes.

You can also check the price tag on the shelf as it’ll tell you how many items come in a case for that particular product.

If you’re not sure, just ask a Whole Foods employee and they’ll happily help you figure it out.

Any Other Whole Foods Hacks?

Yes, here are a couple more tips I recently discovered.

Ask to Have Fish De-Boned – Whole Foods will not only happily de-bone at no extra charge, but they’ll custom cut your fish however you want. Just gotta ask.

Ask to Try Anything – This one was new to me. Apparently you can ask to sample ANY product they sell. They’ve also been known to let you take the entire box or package home for free.

Ask the Reader: How do you save money at Whole Foods or do you walk in with the “Whole Paycheck” attitude and don’t look for savings?

By Kyle James

Photo credit to Portal Abras.


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8/26/20 shopped @ Whole Foods & Whole Foods no longer has case discounts!


Whole Foods Market did away with the 10% case discount. You might consider taking this post down.