Amazon Prime Student vs Prime: What Are The Main Differences?

January 8, 2019 by Kyle
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Amazon Prime Student is a no-brainer for most college students, especially when ordering textbooks. But trying to figure out how Prime Student is different than regular Amazon Prime is a bit tricky. Both Prime services have many of the same Prime Perks but there are some glaring differences that I wanted to breakdown. I also wanted to show you how to join Prime Student without a .edu email address. Let’s get to it shall we…

Amazon Prime Student vs Prime: What Are the Differences?

Are the Prime Perks the Same with Prime Student?

The major differences between Prime Student and regular Prime are fairly significant.

First, let’s start with the similarities.


Both versions of Prime come with these KEY benefits:

– Free 2-Day Shipping: This is the BIG one. Both come with unlimited free 2-day shipping on all eligible items.

Some major universities even have an “Amazon Store” on campus that allows for same-day Prime Student pickup. I recently saw this on the UC Berkeley campus.

– Prime Video: Both Prime Student and regular Prime members gain access to Prime Video which lets you stream thousands of movies and TV shows for free. Huge money saver if you can use Prime Video to replace Netflix.

– Photo Storage via Prime Photo: Both also come with Prime Photo which scores you unlimited, full-resolution, photo storage.

– Twitch Prime: Twitch is popular with many college students and is a gaming platform with a bunch of free gaming content.

– Prime Reading: You’ll gain access to over 1,000 free Kindle books, comics, and magazines.


Here are the 2 key ways Prime Student and regular Prime are different.

– Prime Music: Only full-fledged Prime members get access to Prime Music and the millions of songs therein.

– Kindle Owners’ Lending Library: No access to Prime Student members.

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Is the Prime Student Free Trial Different than the Regular Prime Trial?

Yes, it certainly is.

Prime Student actually comes with a whooping 6-month free trial, compared to the 30-day trial that accompanies regular Prime.

Once your 6-month trial period is over, you’ll get the option to extend your Prime Student membership at the reduced rate of $6.49/month which comes out to about $78/year. Cancel at any time.

Amazon lets you renew monthly for up to 4 years OR until you graduate, whichever comes first.

If you don’t cancel at that point, your account will roll over to a regular Prime membership.

Regular Amazon Prime currently costs $119/year or you can pay monthly at $12.99/month.

How Do I Qualify for Prime Student?

You’re going to need a .edu email address to be eligible to Sign-Up for Prime Student.

If you don’t have a .edu address NO worries as you’re still eligible.

You’ll simply need to email one of the following documents to [email protected].

– Student ID: The ID must have a valid expiration date on it.

– Transcript or Class List: Must be from your current term and have your name and school’s name on it.

– Official Acceptance Letter: Must include your matriculation date.

– Tuition Bill: Has to have your name and college’s name on it.

Once verified, expect Amazon to get back to you within 3-5 biz days with the link to officially sign-up for Prime Student.

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Can Prime Student Be Shared?

Nope, Amazon Student cannot be shared with others.

Ask the Reader: Are you currently enrolled in Amazon Prime Student? What benefits do you use the most?

By Kyle James

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