Lowe’s Money Saving Hacks



What Savings Hack at Lowe’s will Save Me the Most Money?

Learn to talk your way to a deal at Lowe’s…you’ll be blown away with how much money you can save by negotiating a better price on certain products.

Does Lowe’s Have a Military Discount?

Yes, and I wrote about exactly how you get the 10% discount for your service to our country.

Will Lowe’s Price-Match Other Stores…Like The Home Depot?

Yes. They’ll actually give you 30 days to score a price match if you find a lower price at a competing retailer.

Is Their Return Policy Fairly Straight Forward?

Based on the 160+ comments on my Lowe’s return policy article, I’m not sure I’d call it straight forward.

But with my detailed article, and the fantastic comments, you’re sure to find answers to all of your “return related” questions.


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