Lowe’s Military Discount: If You Served, It’s a Smart Way to Save

Updated March 20, 2024 by Kyle James

Hats off to the folks at Lowe’s. When it comes to honoring those who’ve served our country “they get it” and are happy to pass along some savings to those who keep us free. To this end, Lowe’s has come up with an easy-to-use military discount that allows vets and active military quick access to their savings when checking out in-store. You verify your information just once and you’re good-to-go every time you shop at the warehouse. Home Depot are you listening? Here’s exactly how the Lowe’s military discount works so you can start saving money today.

Lowe's Military Discount: If You Served, It's a Smart Way to Save

What is the Lowe’s Military Discount?


Lowe’s offers vets and active military a flat 10% military discount on in-store purchases.

Once you’re signed up, you just give the checkout clerk your phone number and you score 10% off.

How Do I Get Signed-Up?


You sign-up in one of two ways.

  1. In-Store – On your next visit, stop by the Customer Service Desk and they’ll enroll you. Bring your photo ID and US military documentation.
  2. Online – Visit Lowes.com/military, create or log-in to your MyLowe’s account and follow the onscreen prompts.

Once verified, you’ll instantly be able to use your 10% military discount and will never have to re-verify your information as it stays in the computer system indefinitely.

This is a HUGE advantage over the Home Depot as they now make make you verify your military discount by pulling up a QR code on your smartphone via the Home Depot app.

So if you don’t own a smartphone you currently can’t get the Home Depot discount which is terrible.

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What Proof Is Needed?

Along with a valid photo ID, one of the following forms of documentation will be needed to complete the sign-up process.

– Veteran’s ID card (VIC)

– Veteran Health ID card (VHIC)

– Common Access card

– Uniformed services ID card

– Active duty family member

– Uniformed services ID card active duty

– State driver’s license and ID with veteran’s designation (often a U.S. flag or the word “VETERAN”)

– DD214 or DD256 form

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Who Qualifies?

The following service branches qualify for the discount. This includes both active members, retired members, and those who’ve been discharged.

– Air Force

– Army

– Air National Guard

– Army National Guard

– Coast Guard

– Marine Corps

– Navy

– National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration (NOAA)

– U.S. Public Health Service

If you were dishonorably discharged for bad conduct you’re are NOT eligible for the military discount.

Can Spouses Also Get the Discount?


When you register for the military discount your spouse will also become eligible.

When checking out in-store, he or she can give your phone number which is tied to the discount and they’ll also score the 10% off.

The clerk will typically ask to see a photo ID to ensure that the last names match.

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Are Any Products Excluded?


The following items and services do NOT qualify for the 10% discount:

– Contractor Packs.

– Buy in Bulk Items.

– Special Value products.

– Lowe’s Credit Card discount offers like the 5% every day discount.

– Items that are price matched.

– Gift cards.

– Online purchases.

– Previous purchases.

– Installation services.

– Extended protection plans.

Is There a Maximum Discount Allowed?


The most you can save on any single transaction is $500 which translates to a purchase size of $5,000.

This is fairly generous, especially when compared to the Home Depot, as they limit the discount to $50 per transaction.

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Is My Information Secure?


Lowe’s uses a highly trusted 3rd party authentication system to verify your information.

Once verified, they do NOT store any of your documents or images in their system.

Ask the Reader: How much money has the Lowe’s military discount saved you over the years?

Thank you for your service to our country.

By Kyle James


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Home Depot also has a discount for active and former military members. Just show your military ID when you check out.

Chad Harris

Home Depot tends to apply the discount to sale priced items, too. Lowe’s absolutely will not.

Chad Harris

Am I the only one who finds the Lowe’s program insulting? Personal information has value, so to require participation in a data mining program like MyLowe’s in exchange for a discount is a trade, not a gift. How about this- I’d like to thank y’all for your service, but I need you to give me a little something first. Any takers?

Mickie Davis, veteran

Except they just significantly limited the products you can use the discount on. Loosers.


I think LOWES has updated their VETERANS discount and many items no longer Qualify such as appliances

Howard Tucker


Terri becker

Why you only get discount at lowes in store what’s there reson for not getting online orders lots a time they have it online and not in there store.

T Topmack

Use Home Depot! HD automatically gives you a discount on online orders!