Employee Discounts



What’s the Best Employee Discount You’ve Discovered?

The 20% employee discount at Nordstrom is pretty solid and a nice benefit to employees.

For seasonal work, the employee discount at Amazon of 10% can also save you some money on your Christmas shopping.

Can Family Members Use These Discounts Too?

Pretty much all of the discounts that I’ve researched allow spouses (not distant cousins) to use the discount.

But keep in mind that you can always make a purchase for someone and the store would be none the wiser.

How Long Do Most Stores Require You to Work Before You Get the Discount?

It really depends on the store.

For Amazon and Best Buy, it’s 30 days.

Walmart and Apple make you work for 90 days before you can take advantage.

For other places like Lowe’s, you get the discount immediately after you’re hired.


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