Hobby Lobby Employee Discounts, Benefits, and Job Perks (From an Employee)

Updated April 23, 2024 by Kyle James
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If you found this article you’re either considering a job at Hobby Lobby, have an interview scheduled, or are a recent hire with questions. In either of these cases, you’ve probably discovered that their website does not have much information on the Hobby Lobby employee discount or job benefits. So I thought I’d try to fill the void and I enrolled a friend who’s worked at Hobby Lobby for over a year to answer all my questions. Here’s everything you need to know about the job perks at Hobby Lobby.

Hobby Lobby Employee Discounts, Benefits, and Job Perks (From an Employee)

Does Hobby Lobby Offer an Employee Discount?


All Hobby Lobby employees get a 15% off employee discount on in-store purchases regardless of position or seniority.

The discount will work on sale and clearance items as well, along with any coupons that you stack for additional savings.

Do Part-Time Employees Get Health Benefits?


Only full-time Hobby Lobby employees (over 35 hours/week) are eligible for health benefits.

You also need to work for at least 30 days to be eligible as a full-time worker.

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What I Be Offered Dental Insurance?

Yes, if you’re full-time.

The same rules apply to dental coverage as medical.

Will Hobby Lobby Offer Tuition Assistance?


Unlike the folks at Starbucks, Hobby Lobby does not offer to pay or reimburse you for your college tuition.

But I was told that some locations will offer discounts for employees to attend local junior colleges and universities.

If you know anything about this please drop a comment, thanks.

Will I Get Any Paid Time Off (PTO)?


Full-time employees accumulate 14 days of paid time off per year and it accumulates if you don’t use it all in a calendar year.

I was also told by my friend, who works at Hobby Lobby, that her store does not let folks take vacation days in November, December, or January.

Also, the number of vacation days that you get starts to increase after you’ve worked at Hobby Lobby for 5 years.

Part-time workers unfortunately do NOT get any paid vacation or time off.

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Does Hobby Lobby Offer 401(k) Matching?


Hobby Lobby does offer a 401(k) program which includes a company match.

Specifically, they’ll match 100% of the first 3% of your contribution and then a flat 50% matching after that.

In order to get the company match I was told that you need to work 1,000 hours as a part-time employee or 1 full year as a full-time employee.

But you certainly don’t have to wait that long to start contributing to your 401(k). For part-time workers you can start after 90 days and full timers can start after 30 days.

Does Hobby Lobby Hand Out a Christmas Bonus?


Part time employees typically get a bonus at the end of November of $50 for the first year of employment.

The Christmas bonus then goes up by $50 each subsequent year.

So the 2nd year you’d get $100, 3rd year would be $150, and so on.

Can I Get Paid Maternity Leave?

Yes and no.

If you’re a part-time employee you’ll get 6-8 weeks maternity leave that is unpaid.

If you’re a salaried employee at Hobby Lobby, or a store manager, you WILL get paid maternity or adoption leave of 6 weeks.

Does Hobby Lobby Require a Drug Test Pre-Employment?


I was told that warehouse employees have to do a swab drug test before they are officially hired.

Not sure about cashier and sales floor positions, let me know in the comments if you know.

Also, I was told that they reserve the right to drug test after an accident or injury that occurred while working at Hobby Lobby.

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I Have a Medical Marijuana Card, Will That Be An Issue?


My friend said she has an acquaintance who has a medical marijuana card and applied for a job at Hobby Lobby.

Apparently they were denied employment because of this.

This could vary by store, I’m not sure. Let me know if you know.

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Will I Have to Take a Math Test During Interview Process?


My friend had to take a basic math test right after her Hobby Lobby interview which she said was “pretty easy”.

The test was graded right on the spot by a co-manager and she passed it with flying colors.

Will Hobby Lobby Hire a Felon?


BUT…the felony that you were convicted of CANNOT be within the last 7 years.

This internal policy goes for all positions at Hobby Lobby and is part of the background check that they perform on ALL applicants.

Ask the Reader: Help me make this article the most accurate Hobby Lobby employment resource online by dropping a comment with what you know. Is there anything about their job benefits, employee discount, or hiring process that I missed or got wrong?

By Kyle James


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