Target Savings Hacks



How can Target hacks help me?

In short, Target shopping hacks can help you save money by knowing things like the best days to shop to save the most and where they hide their best clearance deals.

What’s your favorite hack and how can it help me save?

Easy question…Target has a cult following but many shoppers have NO idea that you can stack coupons at Target to maximize your savings. You can actually stack a manufacturer’s coupon with a Target coupon PLUS a Cartwheel discount on top of that.

Does Target let you price match competitor pricing?

Absolutely, and I’m glad you asked as I wrote about the price match policy at Target here. They’ll actually price match any competitor within 25 miles of them and the whole process only takes a couple minutes.

I’m having trouble understanding the Target return policy, can you help?

I definitely can as I wrote about their return policy a while back and did a deep dive on every aspect of it.

Above are all of my hacks and tricks, feel free to click around and drop a comment on any of the articles.


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