The Big-Box Stores That’ll Give You the Lower Price If Item is Stocked in Wrong Spot

Updated January 31, 2024 by Kyle James

Have you ever been shopping and stumbled upon an expensive item that’s stocked incorrectly with something much cheaper? If so, you’ve probably also wondered if the retailer would, or should, honor the cheaper price. It turns out some big-box stores absolutely will honor the cheaper price in certain circumstances. Here are the retailers that have been known to do it, and the details you need to know for each.

Item Stocked Wrong? - How to Often Get the Lower Price

Best Buy

Be sure to know the “unwritten” rules at Best Buy when it comes to incorrectly stocked items and asking for the lower price:

– Only One Item Stocked Wrong

If this is the case, depending on the price difference, you may have a tough time making a case for the lower price.

Always bring a sales associate to the shelf and show them the evidence and plead your case that way. Otherwise, it becomes your word vs. theirs at the checkout register and you’re probably gonna lose.

– More Than One Item Stocked Wrong

As a general rule, if there’s more than one of any item in the wrong spot, with a lower price, then you stand a great chance of getting the lower price.

In this case, it’s probably better to take the item to checkout and plead your case when it gets rung up. At that point, an employee can go back and see the stocking error and give you the lower price.

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– Real Life Examples

Best Buy discounts that people have talked about in various online threads include a $180 speaker set for $79.99, $135 Logitech headset for $29.99, and a $95 Linksys router for $39.99.

When talking about the success rate of this working, I found this comment from a Best Buy employee interesting, “Depends on what store you are at, and how management is feeling that day, it also depends on how you act and how you treat the employees.”

Bottom-line is to be polite and courteous and your chances of success rise significantly.

The Home Depot

Having worked at the Home Depot for a couple years in the paint department, I have personal experience with how they handle items incorrectly stocked.

– Expensive Paint Brush Example

I once had a customer come up to me and tell me he had a question about the paint brushes.

So I follow him over to the brush section and he shows me that a single $30 Purdy paintbrush is incorrectly stocked with a cheaper $7.99 brush.

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– Customer Is Always Right

He then tells me he wants the $7.99 price. I go get an assistant manager and he immediately does a manual price adjustment for the $30 brush and gives it to him for $7.99.

I couldn’t believe it as my gut was telling me the guy planted the brush in order to get a screaming deal.

– Success Rate?

Will this work with any product you find incorrectly stocked at the Home Depot? I really doubt it.

But if it’s a smaller item, and the price difference isn’t astronomical, Home Depot managers are given the green light to make these types of price adjustments.


Target is also known to do price adjustments if you find a mis-stocked item.

– Mislabeled Bed Sheets Example

On this Reddit thread, a commenter said this about Target, “My girlfriend found king sized bed sheets marked at $14 each. At the register that rang up as $45. She showed the manager where they were labeled “$14″ and Target had to sell them at the labeled price. She bought 2 then they pulled them from the shelf.”

I doubt you’ll always be able to buy more than one item that is incorrectly stocked.

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Here’s what you need to know if you find something incorrectly stocked at Walmart.

– Always Check Bin Pricing

I got a comment recently about mismarked pricing in a large bin.

The deal went like this, “A while back I was at Walmart and I noticed Pillow Pets in a large bin with a Price above of $7.00. I bought one and at checkout they told me it was $19.99 and I told them where I found it and a manager went to look and they gave me the $7.00 price. Went back later and they were gone.”

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– Look For Bins With Generic Price Tags

The key for this working at Walmart is to look for bins with a generic price tag on them.

These bins can get neglected by employees and not have their price adjusted when they’re due, providing an opportunity for shoppers.

In these situations, Walmart will almost always give you the lower price if it rings up for a higher price at checkout.

Most of these bins are found toward the front of the store as well as on end-caps and in the center of the large, main aisles.

– Single Item Stocked Wrong Could be Tough

If you only find a single item incorrectly stocked on a shelf, it might be a tough argument as most Walmart stores have items strewn all over the place by the end of the day.

But if you find that the shelf has multiple items incorrectly stocked, often mixed with correctly stocked merchandise, you have an excellent chance of getting the lower price (if applicable) as it’s an obvious stocking error.

IMPORTANT: Before you start walking around stores putting items in the wrong spot in an attempt to get a killer discount, you should know that it’s considered a felony in most states and you’ll be charged with defrauding a retailer.

Ask the Reader: Have you ever been able to get a lower price at a store because they had something stocked in the wrong spot? If so, what store was it and how did the deal go down?

By Kyle James


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terry richmond

Went to walmart last night to get something and saw the sundolphin kayaks hanging on a rack with big huge price sign above…$148.
Of course we had a couple sales associates take one down for us, as several people passed they were commenting on what a great price they were.
When we got to the checkout the cashier scanned the kayak and said it will be $303.
I said they are on sale for $148,…the manager was standing nearby and walked over because i refused to pay the 303. He went back to sporting goods and then returned and said it was a $250 kayak, but that because they were mispriced on the shelf he could only go as low as $200. He told the cashier to charge me $200, i accepted.


Back in February I got fired from Walmart for price checking to many legit claimed items that I checked prices from customers saying the price was different. Now that wasn’t the official story, but that is what went down on paper. I felt the hammer coming down on me, because I was in the middle of stocking items in the automotive department.

At the time, a buddy if mine was looking for a fireplace, I needed tires, and wanted a PS4 and Xbox one. As I was stocking, a manager walked up to me and kindly, said, hey Shaun, your getting fired today just a heads up, here’s the price gun go crazy. He handed me a newly generated Head of department name tag so I could walk from department to department and price certain items. So I went and found a $900 electric fireplace media entertainment with every doodad possible…..5$ then went to the tire size for my car, 1.50$ original price, 79.99$ then the big swampers….for my dads truck….2$ original price 169.99$. Then went to the ps4s.

But had to be sneaky with this one for I wanted all of them, as goes for the Xbox one. Opened up the case printed stick on tags, stuck to the backs of each one. 5$. Now I know you think I may be done for I have got out like bandit, but I wasn’t. I bought a radio, 1$, firearms, 10$ and much much more. Couldn’t even get it all into my car, and had over 20,000$ in merchandise. They were very pissed. Sold it to me, and then sent an officer out to my house 3days later to arrest me on in fraudulent charges.

When my laser requested video of all accounts in which they fired me for later that day, the only thing they brought up for video evidence, was me changing sticker prices for my benefits. The judge deemed it inappropriate for they had no paperwork, notes, or anything on that matter, in my termination paperwork. Long story short, I got away with it, scott free, and still have a few ps4s, few Xbox ones, few fireplaces….I figured, why rebuy these when my nice, nephews, and cousins, and little brothers are all asking for them next Christmas. I have 10 ps4s left, 11 Xbox ones, and 8 mantles. Along with 4 more tires. Never allowed in Walmart though. So be careful what you do.

Dave M

You sound like an entitled douche who probably deserves to go to jail for theft by fraud.


I would have loved to be your friend then we could have went stuuupppiiiddd!!!!


Target, at least the one by me (Hackensack NJ), is notorious for shelf vs scanned price discrepancies. I reported one imparticular item to Target Corporate in November 2017, Similasin Eye Drops, shelf price 8.69, ring price 9.29. I also complained to them that this wasn’t the first time it’s happened. I went back there last week (March 2018), just to double check, and sure enough, the shelf and ring up prices have remained unchanged!
I just purchased a 6 pack of Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups that had a shelf price of $3.29. The ring up price was $4.29. Needless to say, I am going back, and reporting to Corporate again.
It’s a shame that you need to check every price before purchasing. All those discrepancies add up, and it’s nonsense. I will not be shopping at Target anymore, unless it’s in the flyer for a set price…

It’s best to scan your receipt and take a pic of the shelf price if you’re going to report an item to Target. I did it thru Facebook.


Just a few min ago I was walking out of wal-mart and remembered the baseball cards are always near the registers for kids. I just recently started getting back into it so I went to check it out. I noticed that a pack of Topps series 2 pack of 72 cards was stocked next to the series 1 but different packages one has trout one has Harper. The hanger from which series 2 was fully stocked but the tag said 3.27 and the series one which is close but not the same right now series 2 being the newer cards. Series 1 was 9.98. I was at the self check out line. I knew already the price was wrong from the beginning as I told my wife. Did a google search found this page and said doesn’t hurt see what happens so I rang a box up and acted like I looked surprised. “ uh excuse me miss this is saying 9.98” she looked and saw it was a full rack I had 2 in my hand she said she would honor the price pretty quickly. And I wasn’t about to not get them so I just took my two… bad as I was tempted to say really ok I’ll take them ALL haha she was cool about it so I took my two and went on my way. Still though pretty freakin happy I got 144 cards for 8 bucks which should have easily cost me 20 plus

Jorge Hinojosa

CVS in Indiana had a sale on fleece blankets for 2.99 and rang up at 5.99. I had grabbed 4 of them and told the cashier there was a whole shelf of them so i showed him and sure enough he let me have them at that price.

Syed Romaan Hussain

Hi there ,
It’s lucky to be a part of this discussion. Because a I went to Lowe’s and they have incorrectly stocked items placed.
The price tag was $3.98. I took the picture.
When the cashier rang the price it came up $23. I called the manager. Some associate came and he said we apologize it was incorrectly placed. Then he went to the other manager and he was briefed by this mean associates . He said I can’t honor this price. I still have this tag on my phone.
You have deal with them some other way. Because they don’t take responsibility on purpose.


Same thing just happened to me. 2 Ethan and Roth white storage cabinets were on clearance and marked for $27.00 reg $220. Get to check out and they ring up full price. Manager came and refused to honor it even though they were both on the shelf and marked for clearance. Wouldn’t even sell me the display and the shelves were discontinued. This happened in Alexandria Louisiana. 👎🏼 Do better Lowe’s !


I find Walmarts do this often. I believe it is intentional.

Back in the 1980s many convenience stores in Michigan were doing this. The state came out with a law which stated if you ran into this situation, the store had to pay you $5 plus 10 times the difference.

It made people stop their theft practices. I do not know if the law is still in effect.