Cashback Hacks


What Exactly Are Cashback Sites?

In short, cashback sites basically pay you to start your online shopping via their website or app.

Once you place your order you’ll get cash back, into your account, within a few days for a percentage of your purchase.

Most cashback rates range from 2% all the way up to 15%.

Do You Have a Favorite Cashback Website?

Yes, my TWO favorites are TopCashBack and Ibotta.

TopCashBack because their cashback rates are historically higher than other sites.

Ibotta because they pay you back on grocery purchases, even for things like milk and bananas.

Any Insider Hacks to Save Even More?


When trying to determine which cashback site is right for you, be aware of some clever hacks to save even more.

My favorite hack is to always find a coupon code to use in addition to your cashback, you essentially double dip your savings with very little effort.

Below are all of your cashback articles so you can take a deep dive into how it all works…and start saving some money!



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