Costco Money Savings Hacks



What the heck are “Costco Hacks”?

In short, they’re clever tips and tricks to help you save money at Costco.

What products in Costco provide the most savings?

A few of the best departments at Costco, in terms of savings, include their Tire Center, Eye Center, Pharmacy, Alcohol, and their meat section. Oh, don’t forget about their delicious Food Court too.

Is a Costco membership worth the price?

In my opinion it absolutely is. If you’re on the fence about joining, check out how you can essentially score a free Costco membership by buying the right stuff.

Is the Costco return policy as great as people say?

Yeah, it kinda is. The Costco return policy actually gives you unlimited return days for everything except electronics which is 90 days. You can even return food and stuff that you used for a couple years that didn’t hold up.


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