Here’s the Costco Furniture Warranty (HINT: It’s Like Really Good)

Updated March 27, 2024 by Kyle James

Furniture is expensive, no matter where you shop, and furniture at Costco is no different. But what if you purchase furniture from Costco and later decide it doesn’t fit in your space or you simply don’t like it? Or what if you spill red wine on it? Luckily, Costco has a rather generous furniture warranty and return policy for customers. Read on to discover everything you need to know about Costco’s furniture warranty.

Here's the Costco Furniture Warranty (HINT: It's Like Really Good)

What is the Costco Furniture Warranty/Return Policy?


Costco’s furniture warranty is actually not really a warranty at all, it’s just a REALLY good return policy.

They give you an unlimited number days after the time of purchase for a full refund or exchange on furniture items.

Costco will also accept defective furniture items from defective material or workmanship at ANY time.

Is It The Same for Online Furniture Orders?


The same Costco return policy also covers online furniture orders made on

And, furniture pieces with defects can also be returned at any time.

How Do I Return Large Furniture Items Delivered to My Home?

You can return large furniture items by scheduling a pickup of the product to be returned.

To schedule your large furniture piece to be picked up, follow these simple steps:

1. Sign-In or Register for a Costco account.

2. Select Orders & Returns.

3. Choose the Return Items button next to the large furniture item you wish to return and follow the provided prompts to complete your return request.

4. You’ll then be sent an email with additional instructions to schedule a pickup at your home.

Should I Refuse Delivery if an Item is Damaged?


If you made an online furniture purchase through, you can refuse an item upon delivery if there is damage.

Also, it’s worth noting that Costco’s return policy states customers can refuse products where the item or box shows signs of damage.

So be sure to check the item carefully before signing off on the furniture delivery as it will save you the MAJOR headache of having to return it at a later date.

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Can I Return Furniture If I Simply Don’t Like It?


You absolutely can return furniture if you don’t like it….at ANY TIME.

Because Costco has a “100% satisfaction guarantee” you can return an item for any reason and they’ll take it back.

But What If I Spill Red Wine on My Couch?

Not a problem.

You’ll probably get some dirty looks from Costco employees if you try to do this, but I’m sure it’s been done before.

Expect to have to wait for a manager’s approval on this type of return.

It’s worth noting that you could run into a manager who will NOT allow your return, in which case, you’ll have to contact the Costco Corporate office.

Can I Return a Couch that My Dog Peed On?

Surprisingly, yes.

This includes damage caused by pets, everyday wear and tear, damage from natural disasters, or other damage caused by the buyer.

I hit up Costco Live Chat and asked this question specifically and was told, “I have seen crazier things be returned.”

Seems like a crazy policy and one that would be easily abused.

Update: Women Returning 2.5 Year Old Couch Sparks Debate

A Seattle women recently bragged on TikTok about returning a couch to Costco that was almost 3 years old and the Internet went wild.

She said she just didn’t like the color anymore and built up the gumption to return it.

She said it was little intimidating as everyone was staring at her, but they verified the purchase in their system and gave her a full refund for the price she paid.

It’s my take that Costco’s return policy is not designed for people who simply decide they don’t “like it” two years later, after they’ve happily lived on it with their kids and pets.

It’s designed to help you out if the item prematurely breaks or wears down before it should.

I feel like the “couch lady” took advantage of a loophole in the system, and if this trend continues, I’m not sure how Costco can keep such a liberal return policy.

Time will tell on this one.

Ask the Reader: Have you ever returned furniture to Costco that you simply didn’t like or was damaged by something you did? Let me know if you met any resistance from Costco.

By Kyle James


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Why can’t all furniture retailers be more generous, most are like, getting blood out of a stone.


But Costco’s website says:

You’ll get a 90-day return policy for all furniture items purchased directly from their stores. The warranty covers defects in material or artistry. It applies to furniture purchased at Costco warehouses or online at The warranty does not cover normal wear and tear, willful damage, improper care, or failure to follow instructions included with the product (such as cleaning or assembly). Also, it does not cover damage caused by pets, children, or accidents (including burns or stains),”

I copied that straight off of Costco’s website, and didn’t change a single word, you can look it up for yourself. So how can you tell us that Costco will take stuff back that goes against what they said on their website?


They found it on a different website, which is clearly not Costco’s website.


Recently returned a 6-pc sectional couch that was purchased 10 months ago with no questions asked. I really just wanted the one end of the sectional replaced, but instead they had to send me a whole new couch.

Sadly, after receiving the new one, the opposite end is now faulty (different problem all together)… and once again we have to go through the whole pick up and delivery of yet another sectional. So it’s great that they will refund or return the couch, but it’s just such a hassle.