Return Policy Tricks and Tips


Why would you write about return polices?

It’s pretty simple actually…every return policy is different and many are VERY confusing. So I figured a deep dive into individual policies would be helpful for shoppers.

So how’d you decide where to start?

I started with the big players in the retail space…Amazon, IKEA, Walmart, Target, and Sam’s Club.

What store has the best return policy?

Hard to beat Costco, who pretty much let’s you bring anything back whenever you want (minus electronics).

What store has the worst return policy?

Hard to get much worse than Best Buy who only gives you 15 lousy days to make a return.

What are the biggest differences between policies?

The biggest differences are things like how many return days do you get? Do you need the receipt? Can the product be opened?

So I went out and found all the answers to close to 40 return policies to make your life a little easier. You’ll find them all below.



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