Lowe’s Return Policy: Make It Work For You (and Rock Your Next DIY Project)

Updated March 11, 2022 by Kyle

On the surface, the Lowe’s return policy seems pretty straight forward. But once you dig into it a little bit you realize that it has some nuances to it that are worth knowing, especially if you are a big DIY’er and shop at Lowe’s regularly. I also have some insider return policy tips at the bottom of this article to help you even more. I hope this helps.

Lowe's Return Policy: Make It Work For You (and Rock Your Next DIY Project)

How Many Return Days Does Lowe’s Give You?

90 days.

The Lowe’s return policy stipulates that you have 90 days to return items to their store.

Are There Exceptions to the 90 Days?

Yes, there are exceptions and here they are…

Winter/Holiday Seasonal Items – Must be returned by December 31st of the same holiday season.

Major Appliances – 30 days.

Outdoor Power Equipment – 30 days.

Trailers – 30 days.

Plants – 365 days. More on this below.

FYI: You can only return trailers to a Lowe’s store in the same state that you bought it.

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Do You Need Your Receipt?

Typically, NO.

If you don’t have your receipt, Lowe’s can usually use your credit card, MyLowe’s card, or phone number to find your order details.

If they can’t find any record of your purchase, they’ll typically issue you in-store credit at the item’s current price.

Be aware that if you try to return too many items to Lowe’s without a receipt they may limit your returns or deny them completely.

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What If You Paid with Cash or a Check?

No receipt is required to get a refund or exchange if you use cash or a personal check.

Lowe’s can actually look up your purchase with your phone number. For this reason, be sure to provide a phone number when you checkout.

Obviously this only applies to in-store purchases.

Can I Return Used Outdoor Power Equipment?

If you bought a lawn mower, chain saw, weed eater, blower, pretty much anything that takes gasoline, I was told by a manager that you can return it within 30 days.

But you MUST drain all the gas from it before you bring it back and you MUST have the receipt.

What About Online Purchases?

The same 90-day return policy exists on purchases made via Lowes.com.

Most items bought online come with a prepaid shipping label which is WAY cool.

Just repackage the item with the original box, manual, and parts and send it back at no charge.

Or even easier, return the item to your local Lowe’s store if you have one in your area.

Unfortunately, when you return an item via the mail you’re out the original shipping charges (if any).

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Can You Return Items Bought In-Store via the Mail?

If taking items back to the store is not convenient, you can indeed return items via mail.

Because you won’t have a prepaid shipping label, you’ll have to call Lowe’s directly at 1-800-445-6937 to initiate the return process.

What About Defects That Happen After 90 Days?

You just might be eligible for some relief if your product/appliance has a manufacturer defect after your 90 day return window expires.

Just call Lowe’s at 1-888-77-LOWES to schedule a factory-certified service appointment.

If the repair is covered by the manufacturer’s warranty you won’t be charged a cent.

What’s the Return Policy on Plants?

1 year from date of purchase.

This 1-year “plant guarantee” does not include annuals or clearance plants.

Just bring the dead plant back along with your receipt and you’ll get your money back.

If you still have the plant’s original container bring that back too, it will make the return process much easier.

Gift Cards…Can You Return Them?

The only way you can return a lost or stolen gift card is by presenting the original receipt.

Once presented, Lowe’s will reissue a new gift card for the remaining balance.

4 Lowe’s Return Policy Insider Hacks…

Here are some insider tips and hacks to make their return policy work best for you.

1. Major Appliances.

Always inspect them closely upon delivery. You have 3 days from date of delivery to call Lowe’s at 1-800-445-6937 to report any damage or missing parts.

2. Return Item When Competitor has Lower Price?

If you notice that a local competitor like Home Depot or Ace Hardware has the item you bought at a lower price, you can get a price-match without returning the item. Just bring in proof of the lower price and you’ll get cash back for the difference PLUS an extra 10%.

3. Double Dip Your Savings with Store Credit (Not a Return)

Shop online at Lowe’s.com, but first use my favorite cashback site TopCashBack as they’ll give you 5% back on your Lowe’s online purchase.

When you’re checking out online, choose “store pickup” then stop by your local Lowe’s and pick-up your order.

Next, walk around the store for a few minutes, then return to the customer service desk and ask for “store credit” as you changed your mind on the purchase.

Result? You’ll still score the 5% cashback and have store credit to use on your next purchase. Rinse and repeat.

4. Lowe’s vs. The Home Depot

Whose return policy is better?

From talking to store employees, it seems to come down to individual store managers and how they handle returns.

Some managers (at both retailers) are very willing to bend over backwards to keep the customer happy and accept a return on darn near any product, regardless of age or condition.

The takeaway here is to get familiar with both retailers in your area and figure out which store is more lenient on returns and take your business there.

Ask the Reader: Do you have any tips to make the Lowe’s return policy even more useful? Let me know in the comments section below.

By Kyle James


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Barry Bartley

Lowes return policy is very easy for someone to commit a crime. I made an in store purchase of flooring. I went to Lowes to pick up my purchase and someone pretending to be me used my phone number and canceled a portion of my order. They signed my name and walked out of Lowes with over $700.00 of my funds. Lowes wouldn’t give me the merchandise that I had already paid for. I had my contractor with me to start working on my flooring, so in order to get my remodeling done I had to repurchase merchandise that already belonged to me. Lowes said that they had someone on camera that physically came into the store to cancel my order and stole my funds. This happened on Sunday, February 27th and I wasn’t me, I was home busy moving things to prepare for the contractor on that Monday, February 28th. Lowes Store Manager, informed me that they had to conduct an investigation. Well, it is now Thursday, March 3rd and I haven’t heard from anyone from Lowes. I did not steal my own money just to go into the store to pay more money for the same items. I have been a loyal customer of Lowes for years and very shocked that this happened to me.

I am praying that Lowes make this right and return my stolen funds. I have lost trust in ordering anything from Lowes in the future.


Disable Veteran


Did you store give you back the money? The store employee should check id and if it doesn’t match should call the buyer if possible; if the buyer didn’t leave a number we can’t. Also we often don’t follow the correct procedure. Our store is pretty watchful about theft because people try so frequently. Still I would expect the store to give you the money.

Deb Nau

Did this get resolved? So upsetting!


They have to have them on video and able to verify if it was or wasn’t you, that way.

charles strickland

purchased a whirlpool ice box with extended warranty and no results ice box or freezer works one hell of a company


you have to keep trying if you haven’t gotten results yet. I’m not saying it is the right way or best way, but since when do people give up money easily? Try again and again. Find someone who seems to care and ask for their name – Always get names, ALWAYS thank helpful people. Keep calling, stop by. Ask.


I bought a Samsung washer from a Lowes store in June 2021. The past 2 or 3 months it has developed so many problems!!! #1 being that it never fills up enough to cover all the wash so whatever is on top stays dry during the whole wash cycle! #2 is that the water temperature is hit or miss. Never know what you’re going to get. Help!!!


Buy American for once. I have a whirlpool from the 70’s that works great!

Stuart Atkinson

I bought a GE washer and had so many problems. I was told to put a vacuum breaker on drain line and have not had a problem since. It was draining the water out as fast as it went in.


older appliances are much better built than current ones. It’s not american that is the difference it is a mindset of manufacturers, less “planned obsolescence” back then. More ‘durability is part of our brand’. I hear the same complaints of american mfgs, what few are left.
Centralization also hurts the consumer; the bigger the company, the less it needs to care about individual customers. And so the less it will care, because caring costs money.

Jilly jill

I had same issue with a GE, but I found out after 2 years that I had build up in my cold water line at the fitting. We’re on a deep well and the sand had built up and blocked the screen. That ended up causing the check value to fail, leaving a small steady stream of water to fall into the tub after every load. I just thought that was how the sensing fill worked and would have continued washing 4 or 5 things until it quit if the valve hadn’t of went out. I changed it (32$ at local appliance repair store) then went online and cleared all the fault codes (were only 3 and 2 we’re basically for off balance loads and one for incorrect dial position.) Since clearing those, my machine is awesome. Cleared line and new valve has my tub filling to half way on bulky setting (deeper if I long press the deep fill button) and I have not had an outta balance load since. And trust me… The outta balance thing was every single load before. I couldn’t leave the house for fear of finding my washer walked out of place and blocking the back door. Even if it was nothing more than the slip cover on a med size dog bed… It rocked like a load of beach towels… Not anymore though!

Latasha Edwards

My Uncle purchased a backpack blower from Lowe’s they throttle cable unfortunately broke 4 months into having the blower return to the store they sent me to an authorized repair place but that company does not repair craftsman products.

So after several other attempts and half a dozen phone calls I went back to Lowe’s only to find out that they were ship off the backpack blower to their repair company.

Needless to say they sent it up to the repair company and call me back to come pick up the blower and it’s not repaired as well as they charge me $80 for labor no parts just $80 for labor $20 was for shipping and the other 60 was for labor only to tell me that the throttle cable is missing or broke.

Well I already knew that, so needless to say this is my last attempt to try and get some rectification paid $250 for the blower plus the extra $49.99 for a extended payment protection plan from Lowe’s that made no sense to even purchase because they’re not honoring the manufacturer’s Craftsman warranty or honoring their extended payment plan.

Plus they want me to pay them another $80 for a blower that I had them send off for repair that’d be over $500 for a blower that’d be stupid somebody help me with this problem.

Been going in circles with every different number that they are giving me to call tried the Craftsman Husqvarna plant ; I’ve called Craftsman ; I’ve called Craftsman Husqvarna still no resolution to just getting another blower help anyone that can help or post a comment please cuz I’m in desperate need of help.

At this point it’s not even about the money it’s about the principal because that would be $500 I would have spent for a $250 blower I’m a very pissed customer and my uncle is 68 years old so I’ve been dealing with this situation for at least 2 months back and forth


Any tips on how to force Lowes to give me my refund on an item that was returned weeks ago? I keep getting “it’s still processing. Give it 15 days.” I even went up the chain and got the same answer.

Vincent Negro

June 13 2022 Whirlpool refrigerator delivered damaged and then replaced 3 more times before 5th was acceptable.
Refund still “in process”. Impossible customer service.
Is Lowes going Bankrupt?


I had to return a hot water heater that was defective the next day purchased on my credit card.

I ask the cashier if I could just to an even exchange due to her wanting to put the money back to my card and then me repurchasing it again using my credit card. The money takes several days to hit the card so I would not be able to purchase the water heater and would then be without water till the credit adjustment hit my bank. Telling her this she said no problem i will put it on a store gift card and then use that to repurchase the new water heater.

Thinking that was okay and sounded fine – not even thinking of the possibility of getting another defective water heater. Did the transaction went home, hooked it up and nothing. Waited 24hrs still no hot water. Unhooked the water heater, reboxed it back up and took it back only this time after an hour of waiting on hold with AO SMITH, Lowes hot water heater vendor to give me and RA# to be able to return the second. Now mind you the first one i was never asked to have an RA – they issued their “in store gift card” credit. Finally the cashier got the managers approval to proceed with the credit. She said okay i will be putting $589.34 back to a store gift card for credit.

I looked at her and said no please credit my credit card that I used to purchase the water heater on. She said but you purchased with a store gift card and I had to explain no ordinally i used my credit card. All the receipts and i had the credit card with me both times i took the water heater back. Another 30 minutes has passed, Im aggravated, the line has backed up to returns, people are looking as im trying to explain i do not want a replacement.

I have had two already and hooking and unhooking up a water heater is not something I enjoy. Finally the manager came up after all this time, possibly two hours has passed now and over heard one associate say he was on lunch in his office and I was waiting on him to finish his lunch break before he would come up. I’m furious at this point trying to hold myself together. Manager looked at me, not even asking me how he could help and just flat out told me that he was only giving back a store credit either take it or leave. IM DONE with LOWES at this point. First you do not make a customer wait. Schedule lunches better between store managers to have someone on duty at all times.

Second – telling a customer that are not getting a refund when they had been told each time I had 30 days to return the purchase. He offered for me to buy or get another water heater but they either the same brand, same model number or priced higher. I like everyone else shop to save money not to buy a product that for instance this time twice was defective.

Yes I made the remark I would never be back in that store again after being put through the humiliation and exhausting torture of trying to return a damaged hot water heater. The manager turned and looked at me and said “good, not having your business isn’t going to break the store.” When he told me that, I was done and am done with ever buying from another Lowes ever again.

I’m not just kidding when I say im there everyday. Im there sometimes two and three times a day. Remodeling my home and my mothers next door at same time, yes put me in store alot. So much the associates get familiar with my face and make remarks, “Back again” or “so you musta forgot something.” So writing this took a lot for me. This is not my style to point fingers or complain but this store in Lufkin, TX. It is the worst of the worst in comparison to any other DIY home shopping center.

Management is lazy with no customer relation skills. The employees do not ask to help you or greet ou, they seem unhappy and un friendly. Yes the third heater worked but thats not the point here. It what I had to go through in order to get to the point where im at today. Lowes lost a customer and a very good one. No I understand my money will not break their company.

But thats not the point. The point is they are selling bad product without abiding by their return policy or having some “hidden” or “confusing” statements on exceptions to the rule.

My thinking – if you paid for it and return within a reasonable time, without damage you should be given your credit how ever the original purchase was made. 2.5 hours to return merchandise is unacceptable to return any merchandise. As well as telling a customer their business is not needed.

Yes I will miss going to my Lowes store but Home Depot has treated me so good not that they are my go to DIY store that I don nott know why I ever went to Lowes to begin with. Good luck lowes customers, I hope things work out better than they did for me there.

PS – A lot more was said and played out during my 2.5 hour stay but had to omit to keep the discussion short.


You’re spot on. I hate Lowes. Never had issues with Home Depot and hope I never do. Lowes IS the worse.


I worked the Lowe’s return desk for two years and once you have agreed on getting the Lowes in store credit for the first return instead of receiving a direct credit back to your initial form of payment(credit, debit card), the money will always be locked into an in store credit return for all of eternity after that. There is absolutely no way even at cooperate level that a third return of a second defective can be returned to your very first initial form of payment ( debit or credit card). While I am sorry if the first customer service associate you dealt with did not explain this to you in full detail, I can assure you that once the events of the first return were set in motion they could not be reversed by any other customer service associates, manager or even Marvin Ellison the CEO himself to put those funds back to your original form of payment

Terri Hamilton

I received a damaged refrigerator almost 2 weeks ago and the store was contacted by delivery men to send pictures of the damage and order a replacement. When I contacted the store in Corinth, MS, I was told that a replacement had not been ordered because I would need to repurchase another refrigerator before they would order a replacement and then they would refund my first purchase after they picked up the damaged one which was left as a loaner because I don’t have a refrigerator. Are you serious???

Dana Homsted

I am going through this with lowes also. I have a refrigerator that won’t make ice or dispense water. I have to return this one and wait for another one to come in. They won’t replace this one on the same day. They took my other fridge and expect me to go 2 or more weeks without a fridge. 🤦🏼‍♀️

Sandra Leseman

Lowes denied a perennial return (had receipt) stating “past 90 day return”- was 97 days. Why are they deceiving the public and not honoring the year return policy on perennials? Most people would accept denial not realizing the difference between annual and perennial plants. After speaking to a manager did get my refund…,only because I insisted. They should program computers to decipher the plant type or is this deliberate?

Eliana Downing

I have never been treated with so much disrespect and condescending attitude as I was this afternoon by Spanish Fork Utah Lowes manager Tony. I took two bushes I bought last year, that did not come back this year. He wanted the receipt. The bushes had their original tags on. We have been faithful costumers. They have just lost our business.

Robert Androvic

On July 5, 2022, Lowes Customer Service employees at Lowes on W. Waters Ave, Tampa insisted they couldn’t accept my return (kitchen cabinet) without returning it in the original box. The cabinet was missing parts. Only after speaking to one of their managers (Todd) did they agree to let me return it without the box. Takeaway: Lowes gives their managers a lot of leeway. Don’t hesitate to ask to speak to one if you encounter a similar situation.

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