Jobs, Employee Discounts, & “Earn Money” Opportunities



What Types of Job Opportunities Do You Write About?

A few of our popular articles include 13 Clever Ways to Earn from Home, Best Online Gigs, and 22 Great Online Jobs for Teens.

We also talk about great delivery gigs for those so inclined.

Do You Write About Employee Discounts at Major Retailers?

Yes indeed.

If you’re looking for work, it’s smart to be aware of employee discounts that can save you money on your personal purchases.

A few of my more popular articles include discussing the employee discount at Amazon, Walmart, Apple Store, and Target.

Do You Discuss Job Perks and Benefits at Specific Retailers?

This is something we’ve recently started writing about.

So far we’ve discussed Starbucks job perks and Costco job benefits, both of which are pretty incredible.


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