The Sephora Employee Discount: Here’s Everything You Need to Know

Updated January 11, 2024 by Kyle James
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Sephora is every makeup enthusiast’s paradise. With aisles upon aisles of makeup brands, you can spend hours, and a lot of your hard-earned cash, shopping at Sephora. While Sephora rarely offers discounts, they do offer a generous employee discount so employees can save on their favorite makeup brands. The Sephora employee discount not only is great for current employees but prospective employees too. If you’re looking for a new job, the Sephora employee discount can be a great way to earn a paycheck AND save money while shopping for your favorite beauty products.

The Sephora Employee Discount: Here's Everything You Need to Know

What’s the Sephora Employee Discount?

40% off discount for Sephora brands and a 20% off discount on everything else.

While employees do have a limit of $500 in purchases each month, working at Sephora can be a great way to save big, especially if you spend a lot.

How Long Do I Need to Be Employed?

I was told by an employee at my local Sephora that there is NOT a length of time you need to be employed before being able to use your employee discount.

So, if you’re a brand spanking new employee you can immediately use your employee discount.

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Is the Discount for Full and Part Time Employees?


The Sephora employee discount is for BOTH full and part-time employees.

Therefore, whether you’re on the hunt for a new full-time job, or looking for a part-time gig and already spending tons of money at Sephora, working at Sephora can be a great way to make money (and save money with their discount).

Any Items Exempt From the Discount?


There doesn’t appear to be any items or brands that are exempt from the Sephora employee discount.

That being said, the discount changes depending on the brand you buy.

For instance, Sephora employees receive a 40% off discount on Sephora brands.

For all other brands, you will receive a 20% discount.

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Can I Use the Items on Clearance and Sale Items?


This is where their employee discount gets kinda awesome.

Your discount works in the Sale and Clearance aisle as well, both online and in-store.

Some employees claim to have saved thousands of dollars over the years.

Can I Get The Discount Online and In-Store?


You definitely can use your Sephora employee discount both in-store and online.

To use your employee discount, you’ll first have to get your employee code to then claim the discount.

You can use the code at any stand-alone Sephora by showing your employee ID and code.

Or, apply the employee discount code when shopping online at Sephora.

Can I Stack My Discount With Other Offers?


According to the employee I spoke with, you can stack your discount on ANY item that has already been marked down.

But when shopping online, you can’t use your “employee discount code” in addition to any other coupon code that might be floating around.

Are My Family Members, Friends, or Spouse Eligible?

Yes, your family members, friends, and spouse are also eligible to use your Sephora employee discount.

However, family and friends are only allowed to use the discount once a year.

Will I Also Score Free SWAG From Time to Time?


As you shop at Sephora, even as an employee, you can sign up and become a part of the Beauty Insider program.

In Sephora’s Beauty Insider Program, you can receive all sorts of savings from free standard shipping to discounts, and more.

Does the Discount Work at a Kohl’s Store with a Sephora Within?


You absolutely CAN get a discount working at a Sephora within Kohl’s; however, the discount is different than at stand-alone Sephora stores.

The associate discount at a Sephora inside a Kohl’s is a flat 15% off.

So, while this is a drop from the 40% and 20% discount offerings at the stand-alone Sephora stores, you still get a discount.

Not to mention, this associate discount also applies to Kohl’s items too.

Ask the Reader: Do you work at Sephora’s? Anything I missed in relation to their employee discount?

By Kyle James


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