Sephora Inside Kohl’s Stores: Here’s EXACTLY How It All Works

Updated March 22, 2024 by Kyle James
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For all the beauty enthusiasts out there who love shopping at both Kohl’s and Sephora, you’re in for a treat. As of 2021, Sephora started opening mini-stores inside some Kohl’s locations, with the plan to continue opening more Sephora mini-stores inside hundreds of Kohl’s locations. If you love going up and down the aisles of both Sephora and Kohl’s, you’re in luck. Check out everything you need to know about why Sephora is inside Kohl’s stores, how to make the most of this partnership, and more below.

Sephora Inside Kohl's Stores: Here's EXACTLY How It All Works

Are Sephora Products in ALL Kohl’s stores?


Currently, all Kohl’s stores don’t have mini Sephora stores in them quite yet.

However, Kohl’s is planning on having ALL their stores eventually having a Sephora inside.

When Did This Partnership Start?

The Sephora-Kohl’s partnership was announced in mid-2020, with Sephora mini-stores opening in Kohl’s stores beginning in 2021.

Today, the partnership continues with the aim that all Kohl’s stores will have a Sephora in the future.

Is the Selection the Same as it is in Regular Sephora Store?


While the Sephora stores inside Kohl’s do offer a wide selection of brands, with some sources reporting more than 120 brands at the Sephora, it’s important to understand it is a mini-store.

Therefore, don’t expect the Sephora mini-store to carry everything that a regular Sephora location does.

That being said, you can still expect to get some of the most popular beauty brands from Olaplex, Tarte, The Ordinary, and more at the Sephora stores inside Kohl’s.

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Can I “Buy Online, Pick Up in Kohl’s Store”?


You absolutely can do the “Buy Online, Pick Up In Store at Kohl’s” for Sephora products.

When your Sephora items are ready for pickup, you will receive an email notification or an app notification on your Sephora app telling you that your items are ready for pickup.

Typically, if the products are in stock, you can expect to be able to pick them up within 2 hours.

However, if you order close to Kohl’s closing time, you may have to wait until the next day to pick up your order.

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Can I Shop the Sephora App and Choose Kohl’s as My Pickup Location?


If you buy products on the Sephora app you can choose Kohl’s as the pickup location and make use of the “Buy Online, Pick Up In Store at Kohl’s” feature, and your items will be ready for pickup in a couple of hours.

That being said, this is only if the products you are ordering on the Sephora app are in stock and available at the mini-store.

While the mini-store does offer thousands of products, there may be the potential that the specific Sephora product you are looking to purchase may not be available for pickup at your specific Kohl’s location.

Can I Still Earn Sephora Beauty Insider Points at Kohl’s?


You can definitely still earn and redeem Sephora Beauty Insider points at Kohl’s.

So…even though you cannot use Kohl’s cash at the Sephora mini-store, you can still earn and redeem points which can then be discounted from future your purchases.

Can I Also Earn Kohl’s Rewards on Sephora Purchases?


You can earn Kohl’s Cash Rewards on Sephora purchases.

This is a big deal because who doesn’t love Kohl’s Cash as it can save you big over the course of a year.

Can I Use a Sephora Gift Card to Pay?


Unfortunately, you cannot use a Sephora gift card to pay at their store inside Kohl’s.

But…alternatively you definitely can use a Kohl’s gift card inside a Sephora mini-store.

Can I Return Sephora Items from Kohl’s to a Sephora Store?


Unfortunately, you cannot return items purchased at a Sephora store, inside a Kohl’s, to a regular Sephora store.

You’ll have to take advantage of the Kohl’s return policy and return your items to a Kohl’s store.

The same goes for Sephora items purchased on Kohl’

Ask the Reader: Do you prefer to shop at a regular Sephora store or a Sephora “mini-store” located inside your local Kohl’s? Why?

By Kyle James


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