Kohl’s Shopping Secrets That’ll Change the Way You Shop

Updated March 21, 2024 by Kyle James
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Kohl’s is a bit of an odd beast to figure out when it comes to techniques to save money. This is due to them having a lot of different savings opportunities available to shoppers and it can be overwhelming to figure them all out. A few of the more obvious tips that I’ve discussed in the past include stacking coupons at Kohl’s, using Kohl’s Cash in-conjunction with a 30% off coupon, and taking advantage of their liberal return policy. But I think it’s time to dig a little deeper and talk about some of the lesser-known Kohl’s shopping secrets that will take your Kohl’s game to the next level.

Kohl's Shopping Secrets That'll Change the Way You Shop

Over 55? Gotta Shop on a Wednesday

We’ve talked about senior discounts before on this blog, and Kohl’s is on the leading-edge with their generous 15% off senior discount.

Every Wednesday, all Kohl’s brick & mortar locations offer those aged 55 and above a 15% discount.

The catch is that the senior discount cannot be combined with any dollar-off discounts, including Kohl’s cash coupons, Yes2You Rewards and promotional gifts.

Be sure to ask for your 15% discount when checking out as most cashiers will not mention it unless you do first.

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Forgot Your Kohl’s Coupon? No Worries.

When shopping online, it can be easy to forget to use a Kohl’s coupon code, or maybe you simply couldn’t find one at the time of your purchase.

But what happens if you get a coupon code, or realize you forgot to use one, after you’ve already completed your purchase?

Simply email Kohl’s customer service after your purchase, include your order number and coupon code, and they’ll give you credit for the coupon by refunding money to your original payment method. Pretty cool.

When shopping in-store, you can also ask for a coupon discount after-the-fact by going to the customer service desk.

Mileage may vary depending on how long ago you placed your purchase. The sooner the better.

Also, it’s worth noting that your Kohl’s Cash does expire these days, but you usually have a 48-hour grace period after the expiration date, so be sure to use it.

Score Free Shipping with In-Store Kiosk

Kohl's Kiosk

Have you ever noticed those in-store Kohl’s kiosks? They kinda look like a modern ATM machine and are typically found near the shoe section.

If you can’t find your size, or a particular item is out-of-stock, they’re an awesome money-saving tool as a kiosk-placed order lands you free shipping right to your doorstep.

The kiosk also allows you to shop a HUGE selection of inventory which is really handy for hard-to-find sizes, colors, and model numbers.

Get a Price Match, Then Use a Coupon

Kohl’s has a pretty user friendly price-match policy which stipulate that they’ll price-match any competitor’s in-store price as long as it’s an identical product sold in Kohl’s stores.

But what about using a Kohl’s coupon on top of the price match?

Well, if the coupon is good for no more than 15% off your total purchase, they’ll let you use it in addition to the price match.

This is for in-store shopping only. Thanks to Kohl’s employee Arlene for passing along this great tip.

Clearance “Markdown Schedule” Tip

Kohl's Clearance Tag

While I’ve talked many times about cracking the price tag code at Kohl’s and figuring out how to read those digital codes they put on their pricing signs, I have some new info to pass along.

Similar to how Target does it, Kohl’s places clearance items on a markdown schedule that usually starts at 60% off, then goes to 70%, 80% and the holy grail of 90% off the original price.

They’ll actually place the new clearance sticker right over the old one so you can visually tell how many times a product has been marked-down. See picture above.

I was told by a Kohl’s employee that they typically mark clearance items down every 14-21 days.

So if they have ample inventory of a product that is marked at 60% off, in many cases it’s worth waiting and coming back in a week or 2 and get it for less.

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Shop Between 3 p.m. Friday and 1 p.m. Saturday

Kohl’s routinely has what they term “Power Hours” between Friday at 3 pm and Saturday at 1 pm.

During this time period they mark down hundreds of items between 10% to 30%. A quick chat session with a Kohl’s representative confirmed these “Power Hours”.

Apparently they are most frequent during the Christmas shopping season of November and December but do pop-up throughout the year.

Keep an eye on sales/coupon flyers as they routinely post information on upcoming “Power Hours” at your local Kohl’s.

Ask the Reader: Have you ever tried any of these tips? If not, how do you save money when shopping at Kohl’s?

By Kyle James

Photo credit to hattiesburgmemory.


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