Kohl’s Return Policy: Here’s How It Works + Tips for Success

Updated August 10, 2020 by Kyle

The Kohl’s return policy has long been thought of as one of the best in the known universe. But with all of the creative ways to save money at Kohl’s, returns can get a little fuzzy. Things like Kohl’s Cash, coupons, and reward points create a lot of confusion when it comes to returns. But alas, this article answers all of your burning questions so you can enter a Kohl’s store for a return and know exactly what their return policy is.

Kohl's Return Policy: Here's How It Works + Tips for Success

COVID-19 Update (6/02/20)

Kohl’s stores that have reopened are now accepting your returns.

The 180 day return policy has also been extended by 30 days.

In other words, they will take back items that are up to 30 days beyond the 180 return window, basically giving you 210 days to return items.

How Many Return Days at Kohl’s?

180 days.

The Kohl’s “Hassle-Free” return policy now gives you 180 days to return items.

This is a drastic change from their “forever policy” which did not have a time limit on returns.

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Any Exceptions to the 180 Days?

Yes, there is one exception.

All “Premium Electronics” come with a 30-day return policy.

Make sure you keep the original packaging and receipt to make the return go smoothly.

Here is a full list of all the electronics brands that fall under this 30-day return policy.

Do I Need My Receipt to Make Return?

No, you don’t need your receipt.

In most cases, Kohl’s can look-up your purchase on their computer system. This is done via your credit card or Kohl’s account.

If you paid cash and don’t have your receipt, NO worries. They’ll simply check the item SKU number and the price. You’ll have to settle for the current price of the item so hopefully it’s not on clearance.

Can Items Be Worn or Washed?

I asked this question to a Kohl’s live chat operator and they told me YES, you can return items even if they’ve been worn and/or washed.

They even said “No questions would be asked.” Crazy.

What About Returning Items Bought With Kohl’s Cash?

If you’re return something you used Kohl’s Cash to purchase, you can expect to get that Kohl’s Cash back in-full.

This also applies for price adjustments.

You’ll be able to redeem this Kohl’s Cash at any time within 30 days.

It’s also worth noting that if you’re returning a purchase that earned you Kohl’s Cash, the value of your coupon will also be decreased.

What About Returning an Online Purchase?

Online Return at Kohl's

Returning online purchases in-store is the fastest and easiest way to get your money back. Be sure to bring in your order invoice for a quick return.

But if this is not an option you can return items via the mail. Unfortunately you’re responsible for any return shipping charges unless the problem is Kohl’s fault.

Visit this page to get the online return process started.

Also, it’s worth noting that purchases made in-store cannot be returned online. You’ll have to take the items into your local Kohl’s store for a return or exchange.

What Happens to My Kohl’s Reward Points When I Make a Return?

According to Kohl’s, “Your rewards points balance will be correspondingly adjusted for any returned merchandise.”

This may result in a negative balance if you’ve already converted your points into a rewards certificate.

Does Kohl’s Have a Special Holiday Return Policy?

Yes, but it only applies to premium electronics.

All electronics purchased between November 1st – December 25th can be returned by January 31st with the original packaging and receipt.

What About Returning Items Bought With a Gift Card?

If you return something you bought with a Kohl’s gift card, you’ll get a refund back to the gift card if you still have it in your wallet.

If you used the balance and threw the card away you’ll have to settle for store credit.

How About Returning Items With a Gift Receipt?

When returning something to Kohl’s with a gift receipt in-hand, you can expect to get store credit or an exchange.

Unfortunately they won’t give you cash.

Devil’s Advocate Time…

Here is what some shoppers don’t like about the return policy at Kohl’s:

  • “Returned Item No Longer On Sale” Scenario: Some shoppers have complained that when they try to exchange an item that is no longer on sale, they’re given store credit instead of a straight exchange. This forces them to have to re-buy the item at a higher price than what they originally paid. This seems to mainly be an issue with those exchanging items with a gift receipt.

Ask the Reader: What has been your experience with the Kohl’s return policy? Any tips you want me to add to this article?

By Kyle James

Photo credit to Mike Mozart.


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What about things bought under the old “forever” return policy? Are those things still returnable after 180 days?


Yes, as of today still worked.


If the item is out of their system, then No. They are not playing because I went in at day 181 and I was told No return. I asked for a manager and she over road it for me because it was 1 day. You can attempt a return without a receipt but more than likely the items will be way less.

Christina Delancey

I recently returned a pairs of shoes to Kohls. I did NOT have the receipt or gift receipt. Also it was not purchased thru the purchasers Yes to You rewards program or on the kohls charge card. With that being said they had to look up the item which was no longer on sale online nkr in the store. My only option would have been to exchange the boots for another pair at the same exact price . but they were no longer stocked so my ONLY option was to receive store credit. And it is Not credit issued the same day, I had to agree to a “Corporate Refund” . So that means I am currently waiting the 7 to 10 days to receive my merchandise credit via USPS. So just a heads up fpr anyone that goes to the store with the same kind of return (online purchase). Now you know what to expect!!!

Judy J Corbett

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE OPEN YOUR ‘RETURN ITEMS’ in your store (with corona virus safety codes in place) so that I do not have the expense of a mail in return. At todays shipping prices, every exchange I have to make by mail is damaging to my limited budget. Thank you. Tukwila WA store is the closest to me. P.S. i like Kohls. i want to afford being able to continue to shop there.

Last edited 4 months ago by Judy J Corbett

what about redline items? are they returnable?


I hate the new return policy!! I purchased some items in December and did not make the return because of the Corona Virus and then the stores were closed here and there because of the rioting and looting. I finally felt comfortable to go to the store and I was told NO!!!!!!!! They offered a no receipt return but the amount I would get back was a joke. All of the items I bought were full price Under Armour Apparel. I wish Kohl’s would put the final return date on the receipt like Menards.


Hello,I bought a home gym on line but has so many parts missing . How can I get refund or store credit if I don’t have the same credit card anymore?