Kohl’s Return Policy: Here’s How It Actually Works + Tips for Success

Updated January 19, 2024 by Kyle James

The Kohl’s return policy has long been thought of as one of the best in the known universe. But with all of the creative ways to save money at Kohl’s, returns can get a little fuzzy. Things like Kohl’s Cash, coupons, and reward points create a lot of confusion when it comes to returns. But alas, this article answers all of your burning questions so you can enter a Kohl’s store for a return and know exactly what their return policy is.

Kohl's Return Policy: Here's How It Works + Tips for Success

How Many Return Days at Kohl’s?

180 days.

The Kohl’s “Hassle-Free” return policy now gives you a whooping 180 days to return items.

While still generous, this is a drastic change from their “forever policy” which did NOT have a time limit on returns.

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Any Exceptions to the 180 Days?

Yes, there is one exception.

All “Premium Electronics” come with a 30-day return policy.

Make sure you keep the original packaging and receipt to make the return go smoothly.

Here is a full list of all the electronics brands that fall under this 30-day return policy.

Do I Need My Receipt to Make Return?

No, you don’t need your receipt.

In most cases, Kohl’s can look-up your purchase on their computer system. This is done via your credit card or Kohl’s account.

If you paid cash and don’t have your receipt, NO worries.

They’ll simply check the item SKU number and the price. You’ll have to settle for the current price of the item so hopefully it’s not on clearance.

Can Items Be Worn or Washed?

I asked this question to a Kohl’s live chat operator and they told me YES, you can return items even if they’ve been worn and/or washed.

They even said “No questions would be asked.” Crazy.

What About Returning Items Bought With Kohl’s Cash?

If you’re return something you used Kohl’s Cash to purchase, you can expect to get that Kohl’s Cash back in-full.

This also applies for price adjustments.

You’ll be able to redeem this Kohl’s Cash at any time within 30 days.

It’s also worth noting that if you’re returning a purchase that earned you Kohl’s Cash, the value of your coupon will also be decreased.

What About Returning an Online Purchase?

Online Return at Kohl's

Returning online purchases in-store is the fastest and cheapest way to get your money back. Be sure to bring in your order invoice for a quick return.

But if this is not an option, you can return items via the mail.

Unfortunately, you’re responsible for ALL return shipping charges unless the problem is Kohl’s fault.

Visit this page to get the online return process started.

Also, it’s worth noting that purchases made in-store CANNOT be returned online.

You’ll have to take the items into your local Kohl’s store for a return or exchange.

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What Happens to My Kohl’s Reward Points When I Make a Return?

According to Kohl’s, “Your rewards points balance will be correspondingly adjusted for any returned merchandise.”

This may result in a negative balance if you’ve already converted your points into a rewards certificate.

Does Kohl’s Have a Special Holiday Return Policy?

Yes, but it only applies to premium electronics.

All electronics purchased between November 1st – December 25th can be returned by January 31st with the original packaging and receipt.

What About Returning Items Bought With a Gift Card?

If you return something you bought with a Kohl’s gift card, you’ll get a refund back to the gift card if you still have it in your wallet.

If you used the balance and threw the card away you’ll have to settle for store credit.

How About Returning Items With a Gift Receipt?

When returning something to Kohl’s with a gift receipt in-hand, you can expect to get store credit or an exchange.

Unfortunately they won’t give you cash.

Devil’s Advocate Time…

Here’s what many shoppers don’t like about the return policy at Kohl’s:

  • “Returned Item No Longer On Sale” Scenario: Some shoppers have complained that when they try to exchange an item that is no longer on sale, they’re given store credit instead of a straight exchange. This forces them to have to re-buy the item at a higher price than what they originally paid. This seems to mainly be an issue with those exchanging items with a gift receipt.
  • Shoppers are Responsible for Return Shipping Charges: The fact that Kohl’s makes shoppers pay for all the return shipping charges is ridiculous for a retailer of this size. I have spoken with many Kohl’s shoppers who are very reluctant to buy from the Kohl’s website for this reason, especially if they have to travel a significant distance to their nearest Kohl’s store to make a return.

Ask the Reader: What has been your experience with the Kohl’s return policy? Any tips you want me to add to this article?

By Kyle James

Photo credit to Mike Mozart.


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I disagree. I’ve found Kohls to have one of the worst return policies. For example, I received a sheet set from a family member for the holidays yesterday. Went to return it to Kohls today. On the back of the set it says 79.99 Kohls. They want to give me 6.99 store credit because that is the lowest price in-store, even though the exact same sheet set is online for 44.99. And they refuse to let me exchange it for a different color which is what I really want to do. Worst. Return. Policy. Ever.


how is kohls to know that your gift giver did not only pay that $6.99? People should be nice gift givers and include a gift receipt!


You should’ve been able to exchange for same sheets in another color. That is an even exchange.


Not if those sheets were bought on clearance from the previous year, manufacturers do this for a reason, every year whether the same items are in store or not they are given new numbers to show when a store received them last, and retail items go clearance based on how long they sit in stores, how well they do or don’t sell, or they my even have been discontinued.. I’m pretty sure in any store even exchanges are primarily item for item and it has to be the exact same current price, yiur certainly not going to be able to bring in a set of sheets that got clearanced they year or two previously and exchange them out for a brand new set that isn’t on clearance. The values would not be the same 1plus 1 does not equal 4


I will no longer buy anything at Kohl’s I’m not willing to be stuck with, which means I won’t be shopping there frequently. If you can’t do an even exchange in store, you won’t get any money back. Other stores with discounts similar to Kohl’s cash keep a percentage of the promotion for every item returned. Kohl’s will deduct the entire Kohl’s cash tendered from the first item returned. Two recent returns:
Bought $200+ in merchandise online including a $25 coat. I received $40 Kohl’s cash. Coat didn’t fit and is only available online, so I couldn’t get a larger size in store. Because $25 is less than $40, I would receive $0 for my return. Hmm. I can just give it back to them. I ended up donating it instead. I purchased a gift before Christmas that I needed nine days after purchase. Just received it today, two weeks later. It’s no longer needed so I tried to return it. Paid $50, could get $10. Not worth returning. Kohl’s cash is annoying anyway because you have to use it weeks out for a short amount of time. Such a hassle and not worth my time, my money, or the headache.


I agree, Jessica. I hate the way Kohl’s takes advantage of the ONE item you return by taking the full amount of Kohl’s cash instead of evenly distributed amongst the entire order. I’m dealing with that right now and it stinks!

Bobby L

This is incorrect. If you spend $200 and earn $40 that means you earned $10 for every $50. By returning the $25 coat, you would only lose $10 in Kohls Cash because your new total is now only $175, so you only earned $30. Pretty simple to me.


Obviously not Bobby. What makes you think your opinion matters more than what these people were Told By Store Employees when actually Attempting the Return/Exchange?

Mary Privara

Yes that would make sense but that’s not how they do it. Happened to me with 3 pairs of boots I bought.


Simple way around it, do use the Kohls cash. Then pay all your money towards it so when you get the wrong size instead of a deduction for something you originally paid no cash for you can receive the cash you paid for it costing you fourty dollars. Yes you’re even but they offered you fourty dollars free that you refused. Not smart shopping. Hell you can return it without a receipt or exchange without receipt and use Kohls cash and get best of both worlds. Haha


If you bought a jacket for $25 and received kohl’s cash $40 (which is spent like cash) then spent the $40 before you returned the jacket that earned that cash yes you will get nothing back BECAUSE you also just spent another $40 of kohl’s money. Are you returning the $40 that was spent to kohl’s? The “free money” goes away when you return the item(s) that granted you that $40 kohl’s cash


Except it’s not treated the same as cash. Kohl’s cash comes off before percentage discounts so it’s not treated equally by kohl’s.

Mary Privara

It wasnt 1 item that cost 25 dollars that earned the free 40 is the point. It should be prorated to that one item if we were being fair since she did spend 150 that earned the other 30


My experience with Kohls returns is this….
I buy EVERYTHING at Kohls. Recently, probably 6 months or so ago, we bought a pair of shoes for my husband. They were starting to wear down. The same day that he was planning to take the shoes back for even exchange, he bent over and ripped his pants. He called me in a tizzy. I said “No problem, just take the pants back.” His response, being him, was “And what, walk around with no pants on?” I literally LOL’d! I told him, no, bring the pair of pants you want to get to the service center and tell them you want to exchange the pants you’re wearing. They’ll let you go into the fitting room, change pants, and return the ones you’re wearing. He thought I was crazy, but reluctantly agreed.
Sure enough, he was able to exchange the pants and shoes with no problems! This literally happened TODAY!
If there’s one thing I could complain about, the experience can be choppy. The Store Managers have a lot of control, and one store can have a completely different policy than one just across town. But, that’s easily rectified by calling Corporate and complaining higher!
So anyone complaining about Kohls return policy REALLY needs to experience taking things back at Walmart, Macy’s, or Penney’s and thank their lucky stars for their zero hassle return policy!

S a

It’s great that you had a good return experience, but that doesn’t invalidate the complaints of others. Your situation is comply different. Clearly there are good and bad aspects of their return policy.

Joe Panico

I exchanged two pair of shorts that I bought at Kohl’s for different ones. I went back a few weeks later and wanted to exchange them again. My wife and I always use our Kohl’s credit card when we buy things and when we return things they can always find the item regardless of whether we have or do not have the receipt. My wife has a habit of buying a large amount of items without trying them on. She buys them tries them on at home,then keeps, exchanges or returns some with no problem. Sometimes I do that too. In the past, they have always been traceable. This time they said they could not find the item in the computer and would only give me a corporate refund for those items. I do not understand why, although they were bought with the card and although exchanged twice, these items were not traceable and were a problem. I would not call this”hassle free”.

Kohl's Employee

Sometimes cashiers don’t always link exchanges to the receipt, and it’s not something that can be done via look up either if you don’t have a receipt. This is fine so long as you hold onto those exchange slips. Those slips can’t necessarily be used for a return, but can be used to help trace the original item you bought to the item you exchanged it for. When you bring back the item, they can do a look up for item A, and tell from the exchange slips you now currently have item B. I personally would return item A for the customer, then after the customer leaves just do an even exchange so the current item is in the stores inventory.


We can not even exchange thru a credit card. In the future even exchange with a receipt. Then there is a record of it. Whatever store you are gong to is pushing them thru as non receipted returns. As for corporate refunds the main reason that comes up is because to many returns were made with no receipt by using your drivers license. The same policy us used by Walmart and other large retail chains.


DId a return today with no receipt and they said it had to be a corporate refund. Why is that? It was a jewelry armoire that the wood was splitting on. It was given to my daughter as a gift. Rang up as $119.00. In store credit would have been fine for her. She was disappointed that she has to wait 7 days beforehand she gets a check. After reading reviews it says sometimes they say no and not give your item or money back.

Rachel Hisgen

Yes this happened to me. They took my items and never gave me anything in return. Kohls are thieves. They essentially stole from me and it wasn’t a small amount either. They took over 500 dollars of merchandise from me and refused to give me any thing In return.


Any refund for an item over a certain dollar amount without a receipt has to be a corporate refund – this is to dissuade would-be fraudsters from stealing an item and then trying to return it for cash. During that time, corporate can review the customer’s background and their returns history to see if the return is likely legit or part of a scam. I don’t believe it is a problem if you have the receipt.


No time limit on returns is simply not true. I bought a few items as Christmas gifts for my children (not electronics) and forgot where I hid them seven years ago. I found them as I was packing to move in the bag with the receipt. Yippee for hassle free returns, I thought. I went to the store and I could not return them because it had been too long.

Meechelle mickey

Yo that was 7 years ago

Leslie Rece

No time limit means NO TIME LIMIT . if there is a stipulation, it must be noted to the return policy.

Ashleigh Lowery

I would have argued that!!!

Addison Morton

BS like this is why everyone is getting rid of no time limit return policies. 7 years is beyond too many to make a return, no time limit or not.


I’m not following your logic. What if everyone made up some arbitrary time period that’s acceptable in their opinion and declared that to be the “appropriate” time limit for returns? How and why should that work?

Now, what if everyone was expected to follow the store’s published return policy stating appropriate and acceptable time periods? Wouldn’t that make more sense?


Exactly 7 years donate it or regift it. UPCS change it probably no longer came up in the system.


1st how do you even gather the nerve to make a return after 7 years!
You have deprived the company of the property for 7 years Amy. You’re a jerk for even walking in with that nonsense.
2nd even though Amy is a complete jerk for doing it. Kohl’s will take it back. I have seen a few returns that were several years old. They too are jerks! The only time a return cannot be made on a non electronic item is if you do not have the receipt and the sku# has been purged from the Kohl’s data base.
Either Amy is a lying jerk or the associate needed to get a manager’s override and didn’t. I am guessing Amy didn’t press her 7 year return and escalate to a manager.


Wow, you’re ridiculously judgmental. I made a return after several years that they took and didn’t feel a bit bad about it. Kohl’s old policies screwed me plenty. Even their current policies are intentionally confusing. They spread out the kohl’s cash but won’t even tell you in the online receipts what the return value is of each item.

Rachel Hisgen

Kohl’s is a terrible place to do returns. I returned at least $600 worth of clothing from there that were gifts that I had no gift receipt for but we’re legitly purchased items they stole my merchandise and didn’t give me anything in return I was told I had to wait for in-store credit to come in the mail but it never came I called over and over and over again and couldn’t get through to any manager I went into the store several times documented all my phone calls and essentially was stolen from by Kohls they took all my stuff back and never paid me a penny

Professional buyer

Why would you try to take back $600 stuff with no receipt?? It seems stolen. Why didn’t you fess up to the gift giver and ask for a receipt? Most stores won’t do more than $10 without ID so they can watch for a pattern of unreceipted returns,

Mike b

If I don’t have a receipt but have the tag do I get store credit or cash? The tag clearly says Kohl’s on it


Mike b, if the store still has the item you can do an even exchange (this works if you just want a different size, color, etc). Otherwise you can get store credit for the most recent lowest price of the item, which may only be a few bucks if its on clearance or less then full price if it was recently on sale.


Kohl’s is the worst for exchanges. I ordered an item online and they sent me the wrong size. The item is not sold in stores so I naturally thought customer service would just take the item back and order the replacement. Even exchange. Nope. I got my money back but I had to reorder online at the now higher non-sales price and no coupons. Griping to online support finally resolved the issue but it was a 5 email exchange hassle.

Next time if I need to exchange I’ll reorder online at the higher price, hope they get it right, and return the unwanted item with the higher receipt. Look I ordered green and they shipped me blue. Seems a little dishonest and underhanded but no as much as their customer abuse.


I doubt that will work. They likely have different UPCs for different sizes.


Ordered $30 sweater online

Took it to the store because of course there are “easy returns at any store”. It’s not available two weeks later in-store or online at all (wanted one size smaller, willing to change colors because I didn’t want the hassle of losing money on it. I get back $9 and $17 of kohl’s cash. I purchased it with my Kohl’s card! What sense did that make? You force me to come back to Kohl’s to use the Kohl’s cash or I lose all but $9 credit on the charge card. Goal: pay off card and be done with this craziness. Target is the place to go if you want to talk returns. Of course they don’t have the same clothing brands but we are arguing return policies. 😀


They send me a damaged air conditioner. I paid for half with gift cards. Amazon ya know they’d send a replacement and pick up the other. This guy I talk to wants me to pay more to reorder it and wait for the return. But I don’t really shop at Kohl’s. So then they say it can be 28 days to get my gift card returned. Even if I bring it to the store. That doesn’t seem right. Obviously have the packing slip and all, it was not even out of the box, I saw the damage taking the top of the box off. Almost July, old one was making me ill from mold allergy, just seems rude. Can anyone confirm they do not do online returns in store for refunds sooner than 14-28 days? I used to shop there and don’t ever recall that. Must be new.

Jennifer Peters

Today I’m returning an air conditioner that I bought online. The guy online said I’ll get my refund in 7 days after it goes to the warehouse. Online it says refund can take up to 7 days all depends on my bank. 7 days? Soooo do I have to wait for it to go to warehouse or is it just waiting on my bank? And They didnt wait 7 days for me to pay for it. Why do I have to wait for it to go to the wearhouse?


I hate Kohl’s. It just can take up to 7 days for your bank to process the return. Too bad that they don’t offer cash you have to ask.


Their return policy is now 180 days (except for electronics), it’s no longer “forever”. Frankly, they should honor the return policy in place at the time if purchase, especially if you have a receipt; I think it’s shady to drastically make this kind if change, they’re effectively ripping people off. I just experienced returning multiple items yesterday, and was told this 180 days is a new policy.

Ok, so 180 days.. or a year…or a year and a half, depending on whether or not they can still pull it up in their system. Uh.. what? This is what the customer service rep told me. And there’s no way to know if they’ll be able to pull an item up in their system until you actually go there and they try it. But nothing more than a year and a half old will be in their system, period, because they’ll have “changed the numbers” by then.

Yeah, that’s what they told me over the phone. That’s about as screwed up as they can make a time limit on their new policy! I bought items online and a friend was going to return items for me at the store because I’m ill and can’t do it myself. Interestingly, they were able to “find” about 95% of the items “in the system”, even though they were purchased between 2015 and 2019. I had receipts for everything, but they didn’t need them, they found all of it just using my kohl’s credit card. I received the refunds, although I’m not going to do the calculations and try to determine how all the coupons & Kohls cash usage affected the amounts refunded, it looks fair enough on the receipt.

Two of the items they could find but refused to refund were faulty items – clothing that was cheap and became damaged with one wearing, and a blanket that sheds like crazy and is too disgusting to use. I’m going to call corporate on these, it seems ridiculous that kohl’s refuses to refund on defective items.

Anyway, since the date on this shows it’s up to date as of September 2019, maybe they changed it in October, I don’t know, but their return policy is officially 180 days now. My friend who did the return for me said signs were posted stating this in the store as well.

dee karvasale

I cannot find any of my gift receipts for christmas items can i get new ones printed out

Kare knowles

I have a question. A person receives 3 gifts: a coat, 2 flannel shirts. Tags left on. Received for Christmas gift, after Christmas Day. Does not need any of the 3 items but I great need of other garments. Will price tags allow for some refund even at greatly reduced amounts?


Which may be clearance at this point, unfortunately.

Sally G

I tried to return an item that I had paid cash for. They offered me $30 less on return because they had issued me a Khols Cash – which I DID NOT USE. Went up to management level with my complaint, but they refuse a full refund. How can you pay $109 for an item and return unused within time specified and only get $77 back? Totally dishonest in every way?

Proceeding with reports to BBB and Federal Agencies on the fraud they commit. Disgusted with this chain. Noted that there are numerous law suits and complaints against them.

Scott Saxe

Does Kohl’s take items back with no tags and no receipt? Bought on debit card

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