Student Discounts



Are There Really That Many Stores That Offer Student Discounts?

Surprisingly, yes.

I put together a list of over 50 restaurants, retailers, and tech companies that offer student discounts to both college and high school students.

How Do I Prove I’m a Student?

It depends on the store.

Most places just require you to show a school I.D. when you’re buying your stuff.

Other online stores, like, ask you to verify your student status using a 3rd party company called SheerID.

Do Some Places Give “Freebies” to Kids Who Get Good Grades?

Yes, and I love promoting those companies.

A few that offer “Good Student” freebies include Krispy Kreme, Baskin Robbins, Chick-Fil-A, and Cold Stone Creamery.

Krispy Kreme actually hands out a free doughnut for every A on your report card…how cool is that?

Above is a list of all of my student discount articles, I hope they help you save some money and score you some yummy freebies.


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