Adidas Student Discount: What EXACTLY Is It and How to Qualify

Updated January 19, 2024 by Kyle James
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Obvious statement of the day: College can be SUPER expensive. From tuition, to housing, to books, costs can add up fast. Fortunately, Adidas and many other popular brands offer student discounts to help you save some money while pursuing your education. Adidas offers a generous student discount through Unidays. Unidays offers exclusive student discounts on all sorts of brands, not just Adidas. In this article, you’ll learn everything you need to know about the Adidas student discount, from who qualifies, to how to get the student discount, and more.

Adidas Student Discount: What EXACTLY Is It and How to Qualify

What is the Adidas Student Discount?

The current Adidas student discount is 30% off your ENTIRE order with free shipping.

This current offer expires on 1/31/24 and will be renewed with a different student offer at that point.

How Do I Get the Special Discount?

The Adidas student discount is through Unidays, which is a site dedicated to offering exclusive sales and discounts for students.

To apply and qualify to use the discount, you’ll have to first verify your student status on the Unidays website.

To do so, CLICK HERE to join Unidays. When logging in and confirming your student status on Unidays, you’ll need to provide the following:

– A valid .edu email address

– A photo of your student ID

– Any other additional details or documentation that can confirm your student status

Where Do I Enter My Discount Code?

This is where you enter your Adidas code

Once you’ve successfully enrolled, they’ll give you a promo code to get your 30% discount at Adidas.

You’ll just enter the code when checking out from the Adidas website.

Specifically, you’ll find the Enter your promo code box on the Your Bag page right before the Checkout page.

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Is It Good for All Students and Grade Levels?


If you’re currently a student, and OVER the age of 16, you qualify for the Adidas student discount via Unidays.

So unfortunately high school and middle school students under the age of 16 will not be able to get the discount.

Are There Any Brand Exclusions?


The Adidas student discount excludes certain brand collaborations.

This includes collaborations from Yeezy, Pharrell x adidas, Disney, adizero adios pro, Human Made, limited edition Originals, Ivy Park x Adidas, and Disney.

Is the Discount For Full-Priced Items Only?


The Adidas student discount is only for full-price, nonexclusive items.

You also can’t stack your student discount with any other discounts or coupon codes.

Any Items Excluded From the Student Discount?

Yes, anything that’s on sale.

You can only use your Adidas student discount towards full-priced, Adidas brand items.

Unfortunately you CANNOT use your discount towards any sale or clearance Adidas products.

Is There a Maximum Dollar Amount Students Can Get?


The maximum discount, per transaction, is $1,000.

Although there is a cap on how much you can save, you would have to buy tons of merchandise in order to reach that $1,000 limit.

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Can International Students Get the Discount?


The discount is only good for domestic U.S. orders placed through

Can I Use the Discount at the Adidas Factory Outlet?


Unfortunately, you cannot use your Adidas student discount at an Adidas Factory Outlet, Employee Store, or clearance store.

Any Other Ways to Save at Adidas?


While the 15% off student discount is great, unfortunately, it DOES NOT apply to everyone.

So, if you don’t qualify for their student discount, be sure to sign-up for the AdiClub which gives shoppers 15% off your next purchase along with free shipping.

Note: As mentioned above, you cannot combine your student discount with any other discount, including the AdiClub 15% off discount.

Ask the Reader: Did you get the Adidas student discount? Was it an easy process or a pain in the butt?

By Kyle James


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