Whole Foods Return Policy: Everything You Gotta Know To Make Returns Easy

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The return policy at Whole Foods got a little confusing to me when they were purchased by Amazon a few years ago. All of the sudden Amazon returns entered the picture as did in-home and curbside deliveries that originated via the Amazon app. So I figured it was time to research exactly how the Whole Foods return policy currently works along with some insider tips and tricks for success.

Whole Foods Return Policy: Everything You Gotta Know To Make Returns Easy

How Many Return Days Does Whole Foods Allow?

90 days.

Whole Foods has a standard 90 day return policy on pretty much everything.

Is Whole Foods Return Policy the Same as Amazon’s?

No, Whole Foods has a completely different return policy compared to parent company, Amazon.

The return policy at Amazon is 30 days on most things.

The biggest difference is that food items can’t be returned to Amazon, but they may be eligible for a refund or replacement if Amazon is to blame for the problem.

Any Exceptions to the 90 Days?

The only exception is gift cards as they CANNOT be returned, doesn’t matter when you bought them.

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Do I Need My Receipt?

It’s recommended, but NOT necessary.

They can usually look up your receipt using your credit card or Whole Foods gift card that you made the purchase with.

Whole Foods is committed to your happiness so it doesn’t matter if it’s unopened, half gone, or almost gone, they’ll take it back for whatever reason.

BUT…if they notice you’re abusing this generous policy, they reserve the right to cut you off and limit your returns.

The only exception to this policy is Beauty and Body-Care Products as you MUST have a receipt to return those.

In most cases they’ll refund you via a gift card when you show up sans receipt.

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How Do I Return Amazon Purchases at Whole Foods?

First step is to visit the Amazon Return Center.

Next select the Whole Foods Market where you want to make the return.

This will trigger an email sent to you with a QR code from Amazon that Whole Foods will scan when you drop it off.

That’s it. Whole Foods will box it up for you, create the label, and send it back to Amazon for you.

Can I Return Opened Items or Food?

Similar to the return policy at Trader Joe’s, Whole Foods lets you return food items for any reason.

Insider Tip: I’ve been told by an employee that will even take food back without a receipt if they still currently sell the item.

He said he’s accepted these type of returns many times.

Can I Return Produce or Fruit?


Whole Foods will happily issue a refund on produce and fresh fruit.

However, I’m not sure exactly how they will handle the return.

Since it’s a perishable product they may advise you to throw it away.

What About Returning Alcohol?

Not all Whole Foods locations allow you to return alcohol, depends on the state.

If you live in area that allows it, you MUST have your receipt showing that you bought the booze at the same store where you’re making the return.

If I Lost My Receipt Can I Find It In My Amazon Account?


If the order was placed through Amazon there will be a copy of your receipt within the Amazon app.

If it was an in-store purchase the store will be able to pull up your receipt history using the payment method that was used.

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Can I Return Curbside Deliveries Placed Thru Amazon?


Items can be refunded and returned through Amazon.

Keep in mind that the return NEEDS to be initiated through Amazon.

Also, all Whole Foods locations have Amazon return hubs in the building to make your returns even easier.

What About At-Home Deliveries?

Yes, you can return at-home deliveries but the return would need to be initiated directly through Amazon.

Contact them and they will have further instructions on exactly how to go about the return.

What If I Used a Manufacturer’s Coupon?

You can make the return like normal and you’ll get back the price you paid PLUS the amount of the coupon.

You’ll get back the amount of the coupon in the form of a gift card or you’ll get cash if under $5.

What If I Used a Whole Foods Coupon?

You’ll get a refund for the purchase price MINUS the value of the coupon.

Ask the Reader: What’s been your experience with the return policy at Whole Foods?

Also, did I miss any tidbits of information that you want share? Let me know in the comments.

By Kyle James

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CVS Return Policy: 10 Things You Need To Know To Clear Things Up

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Since CVS Pharmacy sells so many different products their return policy can be REALLY confusing. From food to prescription & non-prescription drugs to a variety of household goods, it can be VERY overwhelming trying to figure out what can be returned and what you’re stuck with. It’s with this in mind that I wanted to do the research and figure out exactly how the CVS return policy works, I hope this article helps you out.

CVS Return Policy: 10 Things You Need To Know To Make Life Easy

1. How Many Return Days Does CVS Give Me?

CVS gives you exactly 60 days from date of purchase to do a refund or exchange.

For the most part you can return any non-prescription product for 60 days.

They will return the money back to your original form of payment.

2. Are There Any Exceptions to 60 Days?


All non-prescription items at CVS (that are eligible for a return) must be returned within 60 days.

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3. Are There Any Items That CAN’T Be Returned?

Yes, glad you asked…

Gift cards – This one makes sense, only buy what you need.

Prepaid cards – Includes calling cards and Visa gift cards.

Phone cards – Do people still buy these? They must.

Some health care items – Not sure which items can’t be returned, ask when checking out to be sure.

Personal care products – Includes feminine hygiene, pregnancy tests, drug tests, ear care, foot care, and eye care products.

Prescriptions bought online – These cannot be returned to a physical CVS Pharmacy. You need to call CVS at 1-888-607-4287 to discuss your options.

Special-order items – This includes footwear, motorized scooters, and lift chairs. You cannot return them to a brick & mortar CVS location.

Instead, CVS asks you to all Customer Care at 1-888-607-4287 for help with these special-order returns.

4. Do I Need My Receipt?

CVS asks you to hold on to your receipt as it will make your return quick and easy.

If you don’t have your receipt you STILL have options.

Specifically, you can return the unopened item for an exact exchange or for store credit.

Be prepared to show a valid photo I.D. as CVS tracks your “receipt-less” returns and will ban you from future returns if they think you’re taking advantage of their policy.

When you make a return without a receipt you’ll be given the lowest advertised price of the item during the past 60 days.

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5. Can Items Be Opened or Used?

It’s recommended that items be unopened and unused but it does NOT appear to be a deal-breaker.

CVS leaves the door open when it comes to returning these items as their website says “they may be denied a refund or exchange”.

Bottom-line? Give it a try, you have nothing to lose, especially it the product is faulty or broken through no fault of your own.

6. What About Returning Prescription Items?

They don’t give a blanket YES or NO answer to this question on their website.

Instead they ask you to call them at 1-888-607-4287 to discuss the matter when dealing with prescription meds.

7. Can I Return Food That’s NOT Opened?

According to their policy, you cannot return food products, doesn’t matter if they are opened or not.

I’m waiting for confirmation on this from a CVS representative.

8. What About Returning Pharmacy Items?

Great question.

Let’s start by saying that all CVS Pharmacy Brand products come with a 100% satisfaction guarantee promise.

This means you can bring the item back within 60 days, opened OR unopened, and get a FULL refund on the purchase price. No questions asked.

Bring in your receipt as well.

You can also return these items via the mail by calling CVS at 1-888-607-4CVS and they’ll get you setup on how to do the mail-in return.

All other non-prescription pharmacy items can be returned within 60 days but they MUST be unopened.

9. Can I Return Items Bought from CVS.com?

Yes, you can return stuff bought online to ANY brick & mortar CVS location OR via the mail.

To return something via the mail, CVS asks you to call them at 1-888-607-4CVS beforehand to make sure you’re credited properly.

10. What Happens If I Bought the Item with PayPal?

When returning an item you originally bought online with PayPal you’ll have to settle for store credit.

If you want the refund sent back to your PayPal account, CVS asks you to call them at 1-888-607-4287 to make it happen.

Bonus Tip: Beauty Items Also Come With 100% Money Back Guarantee

Doesn’t matter if they’re used or not, you can bring them back and get a FULL refund.

Makes for a great way to “try out” new beauty items knowing you can bring them back if you don’t like them for ANY reason.

Ask the Reader: What’s your personal experience with the return policy at CVS? Let me know in the comments, thanks.

By Kyle James

Is It Possible to Make an Amazon Return After 30 Days?

Updated June 18, 2021 by Kyle

I’ve written about the Amazon Return Policy in detail so I won’t reinvent the wheel with this post, but rather I want to talk about a clever Amazon return policy hack that I think you will find useful. It has to do with trying to return something after 30 days. If you’ve ever tried to do this on their website, you’ve noticed that items become “unreturnable” 30 days after the date of delivery. But alas, I have a clever workaround and here are the details to make it work for you…

Is It Possible to Make an Amazon Return After 30 Days?

How I Made It Happen

I just started a Live Chat session with Amazon and asked if I could make a return even if it was after 30 days.

Make sure to go through the automated chat first then ask to speak to a human.

Pretty simple, right?

I told them that I was a few days over 30 and asked if there was any way they could make an exception.

The live chat operator verified if the return window had indeed closed, then immediately got back to me and approved the “beyond 30-day” return.

Amazon Live Chat

Will It Work For All Prime Members?

I think so, YES.

You literally have nothing to lose so you might as well try it.

If for some reason they won’t let you return something after 30 days, selling the item on eBay is always a good fall-back option.

How Often Can I Do This?

I’m thinking this has something to do with how often you order from Amazon.

My family places a couple Amazon orders every week and spends quite a bit of money in a calendar year.

It would make sense that Amazon is much more likely to take back a return after 30 days if you’re a frequent shopper as they want to keep you a “happy” shopper.

Let me know in the comments if you have any evidence to backup or refute my claim.

BONUS: You Might Even Be Able To Keep the Item

Amazon calls it a “Returnless Refund” and it means they don’t want the item back for one reason or another.

I was surprised that Amazon not only let me return something after 30 days, but they told me to keep it as well.

I’d call that a win-win dealio for sure.

Ask the Reader: Have you ever asked for an Amazon return after your 30-day return window was closed? How did it work out?

By Kyle James