Arby’s Secret Menu: Yummy Sandwiches That’ll Make You Drool

April 24, 2017 by Kyle
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Arby’s is clearly one of the most underrated fast food stops in the United States. You won’t find greasy burgers within, only quality roasted meats which they turn into delicious sandwiches. The Arby’s secret menu takes it one step further and allows you to order even more delicious creations. Here’s how their secret menu currently breaks down. Let me know if I’m missing anything so I can go try it for myself (and add it to this article too).

Arby's Secret Menu: Yummy Sandwiches That'll Make You Drool

Bacon Beef ‘N Cheddar

Order this off the Arby’s secret menu and they’ll take the classic Beef ‘n Cheddar and add a couple strips of thick-cut pepper bacon.

Every once in a while you’ll see this sandwich pop-up on their regular menu too.

Super Roast Beef

Not sure what makes this sandwich so “super”.

It’s simply oven-roasted roast beef, lettuce, tomatoes, topped with their kinda spicy Red Ranch sauce.

All sandwiched between a tasty sesame seed bun.

Meat Mountain

If you’re a meat lover, you will love the “Meat Mountain” sandwich off the Arby’s secret menu.

This bad-boy is stacked with chicken tenders, roast turkey, ham, then some Swiss cheese.

After the Swiss cheese it gets even better with brisket, Angus steak, corned beef, cheddar cheese, roast beef, then a slice of pepper bacon for good measure.

Impressive to say the least.

The Meat Mountain will surely give you your protein needs for an entire week, and calorie count too I’m guessing.

Ultimate BLT

As a BLT lover, the Ultimate BLT looks really good to me.

Comes with Arby’s thick cut pepper bacon, crisp lettuce, tomato, and mayo.

The bread they’ll use is their “honey wheat” which is quite tasty and healthy.

French Dip Maximus

If you love the French Dip sandwich at Arby’s, you’ll really love the the “Max” version.

Order it and you’ll get their French Dip with twice the amount of roast beef.

Junior Deluxe

If you suffer from a lighter appetite the Jr. Deluxe might be for you.

Think of it like a Whopper Jr. at Burger King.

They’ll take a smallish sesame seed bun, pile on some thinly sliced roast beef and add lettuce, tomato, and of course some mayo.

Roasted Ham and Swiss

Not sure why this one isn’t on Arby’s regular menu.

It’s created with toasted honey wheat bread, oven roasted ham, lettuce, tomato, red onions, Swiss cheese, mayo and spicy brown honey mustard.

It makes for a tasty sandwich for those not craving their roast beef.

Roast Beef and Swiss

This is the same sandwich as the Roast Ham and Swiss above, minus the ham, add the roast beef.

Roast Turkey ‘n Cheddar

If you’re looking for something healthier than the Beef ‘n Cheddar consider the Turkey ‘n Cheddar.

You’ll get all the same roasted goodness but with less calories and fat.

Double Stacked Reuben

Any secret menu item that includes the words “double” or “stacked” is gonna be tasty, guaranteed.

The Double Stacked Reuben is no exception.

This sucka comes with twice the pastrami as the normal Reuben. Then they’ll add sauerkraut, Swiss cheese, thousand island dressing, all sandwiched between toasted marble rye bread.

Turkey Reuben

A healthier version to Arby’s Reuben is the turkey alternative.

You’ll still get the same sauerkraut and thousand island dressing, served on toasted rye bread, but they’ll substitute roasted turkey instead of pastrami.

Ask the Reader: Have you ever tried anything on Arby’s secret menu? If so, was it a good or bad decision?

By Kyle James

Photo credit to Mike Mozart.

5 Reasons To NEVER Throw Away Your Receipt

April 19, 2017 by Kyle

(Updated 4/27/17) The next time you’re tempted to throw away your receipt as you walk out of the store, or when you get home and unpack your groceries, STOP and remember this article. By throwing away that receipt you’re basically throwing away free money. No joke. Here are 5 easy ways to make money off your receipts, and the best part is they take very little time or effort. Hope these help you as much as they help me.

5 Reasons To Never Throw Away Your Receipt

1. Get Cashback with the Ibotta App First

Ibotta rebates app

The first thing you should do with your receipt is to scan it with the Ibotta app and collect a bunch of instant rebates on your grocery shopping.

The cool thing about Ibotta is many of their rebates are available on generic items like bread, milk, and eggs. Plus, it doesn’t matter what store you shop at.

From Walmart, Target, Kroger, to any Ma and Pa store in your town, you can score money back by instantly scanning in your receipt.

2. Next, Scan a Walmart Receipt with the Savings Catcher App

Savings Catcher app at Walmart

Being the largest brick-and-mortar retailer in the U.S., almost everyone has a Walmart receipt in their purse, wallet, or junk drawer.

Instead of throwing it away, be sure to scan it with the Walmart Savings Catcher app first.

After you scan your receipt, Walmart will check the pricing of the items you bought, compare them with the prices at local competitors, and if they find a lower price they’ll refund you the difference.

It’s basically an automatic way to get a price-match from Walmart without having to do any work.

As you can see be the screenshot above, I’ve earned over $68 scanning my Walmart receipts. Money that I can use on future Walmart purchases.

3. Then Snap Your Receipt with PunchCard

Punchcard app

Once you download the Punchcard app, you simply check which stores in your area offers “punches”.

Some of the more popular stores that participate include Target, Subway, Starbucks, Ralphs, Trader Joe’s, McDonald’s, CVS/pharmacy, Vons, Chipotle, Safeway, Best Buy, and Chevron.

Just scan your receipt into the app and you earn mPoints that you can redeem for gift cards, sweepstakes entries, and even physical products.

UPDATE: As of 4/24/17, the PunchCard app is not letting users submit receipts making it useless. Hopefully this will get fixed shortly.

If it doesn’t get fixed, I recommend the Receipt Hog app which works very similarly to Punchcard. You scan all your receipts and earn coins which can be redeemed for Amazon Gift cards, or cash via PayPal.

4. Then Use Yaarlo and Get Cashback

Yaarlo app

The Yaarlo app is a must-download as it allows you to earn cashback anywhere you shop.

You can then redeem your cashback for gift cards or cold, hard cash.

All you have to do is scan your receipt via the app and collect a cashback percentage on those purchases.

Similar to sites like Ebates and TopCashBack, you can also use the app to shop online and earn cashback on those purchases.

Use it conjunction with the other apps listed above and double-dip (or triple dip) your savings.

An insider tip to make Yaarlo work best is to buy gift cards via the app, then use those gift cards in-store. You’ll get cashback on the gift card, plus when you scan your receipt.

Click Here and enter referral code KYLEJAME706 to score an instant $5 sign-up bonus.

5. Finally, Check the Bottom for a Coupon or Survey

CVS Receipt

Have you ever noticed how long some store receipt are?

The next time you notice this, look at the receipt a little closer. Typically the bottom will have a coupon or discount on it for the next time you shop at that particular retailer.

Some of the stores famous for this include CVS Pharmacy, Michaels, Joann Fabrics, Famous Footwear, Rite-Aid, Safeway, and Walgreens.

Also, some stores like Home Depot and Lowe’s have a phone survey on the receipt that will score you a great coupon for future use.

Ask the Reader: How long do you typically keep your receipt before you throw it out? Hopefully this article will make you think twice before crumpling it up.

By Kyle James

Walmart Offering a “Pickup Discount” on 1 Million Online Products

April 13, 2017 by Kyle
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Starting April 19th, Walmart will make it even easier for you to save some extra money when shopping from their website. They call it a “Pickup Discount” and it allows you to save money when ordering online by opting to pickup in-store instead of having the product delivered to your doorstep. Here’s everything you need to know to make it work for you.

Walmart Pickup Discount

This one comes down to shipping logistics. In terms of shipping, it costs Walmart the most money during the “last mile” of delivery to your doorstep.

So why not remove the last mile of delivery and pass the savings along to you, the shopper?

Kinda smart actually. Especially since Walmart can take advantage of their fleet of delivery trucks and get your product delivered to your local store for pennies on the dollar.

So essentially they’re passing the savings along to us via a “Pickup Discount”.

You simply opt for this discount when checking out from their website. You then come into your local store when it arrives within 2-days, and save money in the process.

How Big are the Discounts?

In the above example, you can save an extra $7.40 on this Britax Car Seat.

Other products that will be included when this program launches on April 19th include $50 off a 70″ VIZIO 4K, $2.55 off a LEGO set, and $4.46 off a Coleman cooler.

Not a huge savings, but totally worth it if you plan on shopping in-store anyways. It’s obvious the more expensive the item, the more substantial the discount will be.

Might not be worth the effort for a couple bucks of savings, but totally worth it when buying expensive electronics.

When the program launches they’ll have about 10,000 pickup discounts available. That number will grow substantially to 1 million by the end of June of 2017.

It’s clear Walmart is using this new discount as a way to compete with Amazon. Time will tell if it works. But there is no doubt that consumers win when retailers compete for your business.

Ask the Reader: Would you swing by your local Walmart to take advantage of a “pickup discount”? Or is it not worth the hassle?

By Kyle James

Photo courtesy of Walmart.

Amazon’s Return Policy: How Exactly Does It Work (Plus Some Insider Tips for Success)

April 11, 2017 by Kyle

There’s been a lot of confusion recently on how Amazon’s return policy actually works. Are all returns free? How often can you return something? Do you have to be a Prime member to get free return shipping? All questions that aren’t clearly answered by Amazon. So I figured is was time to do the research and find the answers to these questions. After several phone calls and live chat sessions, here’s how Amazon’s return policy currently works.

Amazon Return Policy: How Exactly Does It Work

What Exactly is the Amazon Return Policy?

Here are the details of the Amazon return policy:

  • You have 30 days from date of delivery to return items for free for a full refund.
  • Items must be sold and/or fulfilled by Amazon directly, otherwise customer has to pay for return shipping.

Return policy does NOT apply to international shipping.

What if the Item is Opened or Used?

Doesn’t matter. If the item had been opened or used they’ll take it back within 30 days. Plus, they’ll pay for the return shipping charges.

Keep in mind that the item must be sold and shipped directly by Amazon and not a 3rd party.

Can You Abuse the Amazon Return Policy?

Absolutely, YES.

If you tend to return the majority of the stuff you buy, Amazon will take notice and could flag your account and not let you make any more returns.

Also, if you ask for a return, but never actually return the item, Amazon will take action against you.

The action they’ll take is to check the “concessions limit” of the seller.

For example, it could be a $1000 limit, or it could be $500. Amazon actually has a team that researches your returns and comes up with the specific dollar amount for policy “abusers”.

If you cross this limit, Amazon will mark your account as “concession abuse”.

That means that you typically only contact Amazon for a refund or discount and abuse their policy frequently.

Once your account is marked “Concession Abuse”, no returns will be accepted on any orders made by you in the future.

Worried about getting banned? Amazon will send you a warning notice via email first, keep abusing their policy and you’ll get your account banned permanently.

Is the Return Policy Different for Prime Members?

No, it is not.

Amazon Prime and non-Prime members get to enjoy the same liberal Amazon return policy.

Do You Need a “Valid” Reason to Return an Item?

No, you don’t need a valid reason.

You’ll be asked if it’s broken or the wrong item, but you’re under no obligation to answer.

How Many Returns Can You Make Before Raising a Red Flag?

As long as your issue is genuine, there is NO limit for the number of Amazon returns you can make.

Can Any Sized Item be Returned?

Yes, any product can be returned. No matter what size or weight, it can be returned within 30 days.

What About Holiday Orders?

Any purchases you make between November 1st and December 31st have an extended “Holiday” return period.

You have until January 31st to return any items bought within this 2-month time period.

Ask the Reader: Have you ever returned anything to Amazon? Was it a smooth process, not worth the hassle, or somewhere in-between?

By Kyle James

Amazon is Hiring…and the Best Part is You Can Work in Your PJ’s

April 6, 2017 by Kyle

Amazon is hiring customer service jobs for nights and weekends! While I’ve talked about good retail jobs that pay $10+ with benefits before, here’s an opportunity to work from home in your pajamas and basically set your own schedule. Here’s what you need to know about this job at Amazon and where to apply.

Customer Service Associate at Amazon:

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How Does Costco Travel Work? (Plus Insider Tips to Save BIG)

April 4, 2017 by Kyle

Costco is much more than just $1.50 hot dog meals and great bulk buys. They now have a little-known travel website appropriately called “Costco Travel” and it’s a very promising way to score major deals on cruises, theme park tickets, and vacation packages. Here’s what you need to know, along with some insider tips to use Costco travel to save really big on your next family vacation.

What Exactly is Costco Travel?
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Secret Menus | 13 Hidden Menus That’ll Change How You Dine Forever

March 28, 2017 by Kyle

(Updated 4/24/17) Over the past couple years I’ve researched and written about over a dozen secret menus. From Starbucks, to In-N-Out Burger, to McDonald’s, all of the secret menu items I’ve discovered have been a fun way to discover new restaurant favorites. So I figured it was time to make it easy for you to find all of the hidden menus without having to search my blog. Below are all of the secret menus I’ve […] Continue Reading…

The 23 Coolest Kitchen Gadgets on Amazon (That’ll Make You Want to Cook)

March 23, 2017 by Kyle

Does Amazon have cool kitchen gadgets? Um, well, does a zebra have stripes? I recently went out and sought the coolest kitchen gadgets that Amazon sells and I came up with exactly 23. Here they are in no particular order. Go make your kitchen the envy of the neighborhood and buy a few.

1. GetTen 1-Step Corn Kerneler

This cool little kitchen gadget makes it really easy to remove corn kernels from the husk.

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4 Smart Ways to Get Free or Heavily Discounted Subs at Subway

March 20, 2017 by Kyle
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Subway subs make for a tasty and healthy alternative to fast food, especially when traveling. But with some of their footlongs coming in at close to $10, it can be quite expensive if you’re not careful. With that in mind, here are some smart ways to get free, or heavily discounted subs at Subway locations. Hope this helps you save some money on your next meal.

Free Subway Sub

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Shop 3rd Party Sellers on Amazon to Get Price Protection

March 15, 2017 by Kyle
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As I’ve talked about in the past, Amazon no longer offers price adjustments on anything besides HDTV’s. Totally silly that they changed their policy as it’s costing the company money as savvy shoppers simply return items and buy them at the new lower price.

But with that said, I recently discovered a clever workaround to this new Amazon policy. When shopping on Amazon, consider buying from 3rd party sellers as most will happily offer you […] Continue Reading…