The 2 Best Days to Shop at Ross to Save Money

June 6, 2018 by Kyle

I absolutely love shopping at Ross Dress for Less. I buy almost all of my clothes and shoes there. Why would you pay full price for name-brands when you can get the same stuff at Ross for 40-60% less? Yes, it takes a little more time but totally worth it in my book. Today I have a couple smart tips to save EVEN MORE money at Ross. Here are the two best days of the week to shop at Ross and save BIG. Hope it helps.

The 2 Best Days to Shop at Ross to Save Money

Shop on a Monday for New Markdowns

Ross Price Tags

It’s obviously smart to shop at Ross right after they do their store markdowns.

Thanks to reader Kylie, this Monday afternoon the BEST day to shop.

Specifically, she said, “I was head of clearance at Ross and MONDAY is the day we only do mark downs.”

So by shopping on a Monday you get first dibs on new clearance deals and have actual opportunities to save money.

If you’re an avid Ross shopper, it’s smart to politely ask an employee what day they do their markdowns as it’s possible markdown days can vary from store to store.

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55 or Older? Always Shop on a Tuesday

Ross stores across the country offer a 10% discount to those 55 or older every TUESDAY when you sign-up for their “Every Tuesday Club”.

I called several Ross locations to verify this information and it certainly is true.

To make it happen, you’ll need to visit the Ross customer service desk to get your Every Tuesday card. Be sure to bring a valid photo ID with your date of birth visible.

I was even told that the 10% discount is good on clearance and regular-priced merchandise.

So if you’re over 55, be sure to shop on a Tuesday from this point forward.

By doing so, you’ll also be able to take advantage of recently marked-down merchandise from the day before.

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Ask the Reader: How do you save money at your local Ross Dress for Less? Or do you prefer TJ Maxx or Marshalls?

By Kyle James

Jack In The Box Secret Menu: 7 Items That’ll Make Your Stomach Growl (and Grow)

May 30, 2018 by Kyle
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The Jack in the Box secret menu took me back to my childhood. You see, I was 10 years old before I knew they sold anything other than tacos. That was all my Mom ever ordered and she got me hooked on them as well. But once I expanded my horizons, I realized Jack in the Box also sells some yummy burgers and shakes too. Then when I discovered their secret menu, it took their game to a whole new level. Here are 7 “hidden” menu items that will make you sprint to the nearest JITB.

Jack In The Box Secret Menu: 7 Items That'll Make Your Stomach Growl

The Jack in the Box Secret Menu:

1. 3×3 or 4×4 Burger

While the 3×3 or 4×4 is taken from the In N Out Secret Menu, the same principle applies.

A 3×3 is basically a burger with 3 patties and 3 slices of cheese.

Jack In The Box lets you do this as well and you can apparently make it a “9 x 9” if you so desire. Does anyone desire that?

Just be aware that you’ll be charged about a buck for each extra patty and around $0.40 for each slice of cheese.

Could be a fun burger to eat with your buddies. You could settle once and for all who really has the biggest appetite.

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2. Ciabatta Bacon Cheeseburger

I absolutely love a ciabatta roll with sandwiches, especially on our Panini grill.

But I never thought of a cheeseburger served on one, until now that is.

I recently ordered the “Ciabatta Bacon Cheeseburger” from the Jack In The Box secret menu and it was amazingly delicious.

The crunch of the bun, the saltiness of the bacon, the crisp lettuce, it was an explosion of flavors in my mouth.

The employee told me this burger was once on the regular menu as a limited-time item but can still be ordered at many locations.

They big caveat is the JITB location has gotta stock ciabatta bread and not all do.

3. Sourdough Bread Burger

I love a burger made with toasted sourdough and reminds of the delicious patty melt.

You can now get this beauty on the secret menu at your local Jack In The Box.

Just order any burger that you want and ask for it on sourdough.

It might cost you a little more, around 50 cents, but it’s worth every penny in my book.

4. Bacon Bacon Cheeseburger

The Bacon Bacon Cheeseburger was on the regular Jack In The Box menu as recent as 2010.

Apparently 124 people wish they would bring it back as this Facebook page implies.

It’s just a normal bacon cheeseburger with bacon bits added for those who really crave the fried hog.

Order it today and watch your arteries harden right before your own eyes.

5. “Loaded” Breakfast Sandwich

This one actually sounds really good and is sure to get your day off to a flying start.

Most locations will know it by name, but if they don’t here is an easy workaround:

Just order a grilled breakfast sandwich and add sliced turkey.

If you crave the hog, you can also add sausage in addition to the turkey, or as a replacement.

6. Mint Oreo Cookie Shake

What secret menu is complete without a tasty frozen concoction? None is the answer.

While there have been several iterations of the Mint Oreo Shake in recent years, this one seems to be a cult favorite with true JITB fans.

It should be noted that not all locations will have this shake as it requires them to stock mint ice cream.

But it’s definitely worth an ask if you love mint and have an extra 700 calories sitting around somewhere.

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7. The Extra Cheese Burger

This one is kinda like #1 on my list and fairly obvious.

If you love cheese, you can make any burger extra cheese for a small cost.

As a matter of fact, you can pile as many slices as you want if you don’t care about the extra cost or calories.

You can pick from Swiss-style, pepper jack, American, and jack.

Ask the Reader: Have you ever ordered anything from the secret menu at Jack In The Box? What was it and how did it taste?

By Kyle James

Photo credit to Paul Sableman.

Amazon Price Trackers: The 4 Best Pricing Tools to Score a Deal Everytime

May 24, 2018 by Kyle

With over 100 million Amazon Prime members, it’s no wonder that Jeff Bezos seems to be ruling the world these days. But the tricky thing about shopping on Amazon is they fluctuate their prices quite frequently. This leaves many shoppers wondering when the price of an item is a “good buy” and might it go even lower. Enter Amazon price trackers which will ensure you always make your purchases when the price is the lowest it’s ever been. Here are my four favorite ways to track Amazon prices…

Amazon Price Trackers: The 4 Best Tools to Score a Deal

1. CamelCamelCamel


CamelCamelCamel is easily the most useful website with the strangest name.

Not only does the free website (and browser extension) let you register and start tracking the price of products on Amazon, but it also gives you the “Price History” of the product so you know when the product will be at its lowest historical price.

Plus they’ll send you a “Price Alert” via email when the price of the item you’re tracking drops.

You just set up your account and let CamelCamelCamel do all the dirty work.

I’ve been using their tracking service for years and it’s easily saved me a couple hundreds bucks, especially around Christmas and my kid’s birthdays.

Hack Alert for Camel: Not just for Amazon, they now have a site called Camelodge that tracks hotel room prices and sends you an alert when it’s time to book your room.

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2. Keepa


The folks at Keepa have created a very useful price tracking site and browser extension as well.

You can start tracking Amazon prices instantly as registration is completely optional.

Similar to Camel, Keepa allows you to track prices, get history data, and get email alerts when the price of an item is lowered.

I also like how they use their pricing data to show you “Daily Deals” from dozen of popular categories like electronics, books, home decor, clothing, and sporting goods.

These daily deals are a great way to shop for bargains when buying gifts, especially when you don’t a particular item in mind.

Hack Alert for Keepa: Many shoppers aren’t aware that Keepa also lets you import Amazon “Wish Lists” so you can start tracking those prices as well. Great way to save on gifts for friends and family.

3. The Tracktor

The Tracktor

Being a bit of a wanna-be farmer myself, I appreciate the name and logo of The Tracktor.

While similar to the two price tracking services mentioned above, I feel Tracktor does a better job showing trending Amazon deals.

Their tracking robots do a nice job scouring Amazon for products that have a price which is trending lower.

This is really handy when trying to determine when to buy more expensive items like HDTVs and laptops. If the price is trending lower, set up a price alert and wait until it gets lowered again before you make the purchase.

Hack Alert for Tracktor: If you sign-up for price alerts but aren’t getting emails, check your spam or junk folder as many shoppers have found them buried there. Especially Gmail users.

4. Use Google Docs to Track Pricing

Google Doc

A few years ago the folks at Digital Inspirations broke down exactly how to use Google Docs to track the price of individual items on Amazon.

They even included a free sheet that makes the whole dealio really easy to setup.

You just plug-in the Amazon product url that you want to track and the sheet updates itself automatically.

Once initialized, you’ll even get a daily email with the current price of all the products you’re tracking.

Who needs a fancy site or browser add-on when a simple Google doc will do all the work for ya? Pretty cool.

Ask the Reader: How do you ensure you’re getting the lowest price when shopping on Amazon?

By Kyle James

Costco Savings Tip: Why You Should Shop On a Monday Before Summer Ends

May 18, 2018 by Kyle
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When it comes to saving money at Costco there are many insider tips to consider. With that said, I’m stoked to add yet another Costco tip to your money-saving tool belt. Here’s exactly why you should shop at your local Costco on a Monday this summer.

Costco Savings Tip: Shop On a Monday Before Summer Ends

Why Before Summer Ends?

The summer season is when Costco always has the most seasonal items, especially large bulky items.

It’s a fact. Think about things like patio furniture, barbecues, play-sets for the kids, above-ground pools, even cool fire pits.

GoBankingRates recently pointed out that due to the large size of these items, Costco tends to mark them down to a “clearance price” way before the summer season officially ends in an effort to clear them out of the warehouse.

This is even truer than other seasons like post-Christmas and end of winter markdowns.

So take advantage of this knowledge during the summer months (think late July, early August) and save up to 40% off those significant purchases mentioned above.

The cool part is that by shopping before summer actually ends, you’ll still be able to enjoy them this year and not have to store items until the following summer.

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Why on a Monday?

While fairly obvious, this Costco employee verified that Monday is always the slowest day of the week.

This is especially helpful information if you’re making a large purchase at Costco and will need help loading it into your car or truck.

WAY easier, and less stressful, to park out front and get help loading your patio furniture, jungle gym, or BBQ if it’s not crowded.

Final Takeaway…

Shop at your local Costco on a Monday in July and August this year and every year moving forward.

Not only will you save significant money on summer clearance items, but you’ll get those bulky items loaded when the warehouse is fairly empty and there are employees ready to help.

As someone who hates to shop when it’s crowded, that’s a win-win situation in my book.

Ask the Reader: What insider tips do you have when it comes to saving money at Costco?

By Kyle James

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April 27, 2018 by Kyle
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