Costco Food Court Menu: Prices, Selection, and Useful Fun Facts

December 6, 2022 by Kyle
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Costco is known for offering major savings on all its products. Whether you are looking to stock up on your favorite cereal or save big on electronics, Costco has it all, including a great food court. Costco’s Food Court offers customers the opportunity to CHEAPLY satisfy their hunger before or after their shopping. Plus, even non-Costco members can typically enjoy food court items. From ordering a slice of pizza to a hot dog, smoothies, and more, there are a variety of cheap items you can order. Here’s exactly how the Costco Food Court menu breaks down, including current prices, selection, and even the food items that have gone off the menu in recent years.

Costco Food Court Menu: Prices, Selection, and More Fun Tidbits

What Are the Items on the Costco Food Court Menu and Prices?

Food court line

The Costco food court menu consists of a variety of delicious items but unfortunately prices are rising just like everything else at the grocery store.

Below are all the items currently on the Costco Food Court menu, and their corresponding prices:

– All Beef Hot Dog or Polish Dog w/ 20 oz drink: $1.50

– Chicken Bake: $3.99 (price went up during the Summer of 2022 from $2.99)

– Pizza: Slice- $1.99, Whole- $9.95 (Cheese and Pepperoni ONLY)

– 20 oz Soda w/ Refill: $0.69 (price went up during the Summer of 2022 from $0.59)

– Fruit Smoothie: $2.99

– Cold Brew Mocha Freeze: $2.99

– Very Berry Sundae: $2.49

– Twisted Churro: $1.49

– Ice Cream Sundae: $2.49

– Ice Cream Cup: $1.99

Keep in mind, prices may vary depending on the Costco Food Court you go to.

But, by and large, expect significant savings compared to other fast food restaurants and pizza joints.

What Toppings Can I Get on My Pizza?

Only TWO.

The combination pizza in the Costco Food Court was a pandemic casualty and went away in 2020.

You can now only get a cheese or pepperoni pizza at the food court (by the slice or a whole pie).

Fun fact alert: Costco tosses so many pizzas nationwide that they’re actually considered the 15th biggest seller in terms of locations.

They beat out the likes of California Pizza Kitchen and Jet’s Pizza.

Personally, I’m a huge fan of their take n’ bake meat lovers pizza.

Probably 500 calories per slice, but oh so delicious, and cheap at only $9.99.

Plus, the thing is as big as a man hole cover.

What Food Court Items Went Away in Recent Years?

All good things must come to end, and this definitely is the case with the Costco Food Court.

Whether it be the pandemic, or a lack of demand, the following items no longer exist:

– BBQ Beef Brisket Sandwich

– Carne Asada Bake

– Chicken Caesar Salad

– Combination Pizza

– Nonfat Yogurt Cup

– Hot Turkey and Provolone Sandwich

– Turkey and Cheese Wrap

– Hand Dipped Ice Cream Bar

Can Non-Costco Members Use the Food Court?


If you live near a Costco that has a Food Court with an outside ordering window, anyone can order from it.

Awhile back I was at a Costco in Phoenix, AZ that had this exact setup.

The food court window was in a foyer before you walked into the actual Costco, and anyone could order chow from it.

Also, my high-school aged daughter often hits our local Costco Food Court on her lunch break WITHOUT a membership card.

She told me the card checker at the door always lets her, and her friends, enter the warehouse and head directly to the food court.

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Do Food Court Items Differ By Country?


Depending on the country you’re in will influence the items offered at the Costco food court.

For instance, the Costco locations in France serve a ham and cheese croissant on their menu while Costco food courts in South Korea serve chicken teriyaki on their menu.

Here are some other interesting Food Court variations by country:

Canada: You’ll find something called poutine. Poutine originated in the province of Quebec, and is made with french fries and cheese curds topped with a light brown gravy. Dang, anything with gravy on top has to be pretty darn good.

Japan: Look for bulgogi bake. It’s a calzone shaped thing stuffed with beef and other goodies.

Australia: Give the meat pie a taste.

United Kingdon: Ask for the jacket potatoes and cottage pie. Jacket potatoes are kinda like a double stuffed potato with crispy skin and cottage pie is like shepherd’s pie topped with baked mashed potatoes.

Hawaii: Give the Saimin a try. Apparently Saimin is a local favorite similar to noodle soup. Or exactly like noodle soup.

Note: I’m starting to get really hungry as I write this article

Are Some Food Court Items Available in the Warehouse?

Kirkland Chicken Bake in the Warehouse


Costco brand “take & bake” pizzas, hotdogs, buns, and more all offer great alternatives if you don’t want to wait in the Food Court line.

Notably, the frozen Kirkland Chicken Bakes are the exact same ones that you’ll find in the Food Court.

You can get a package of 6 for $14.99, making them cheaper than if you stood in line for one.

Also, while the name “Chicken Bake” sounds pretty darn healthy it turns out to be quite the opposite.

With a whooping 840 calories and 25 grams of fat, it’s delicious because it will probably shorten your life by several months.

In case you’re not familiar, the Chicken Bake is a hot chicken pastry stuffed with chicken, green onion, and a blend of mozzarella, provolone, and parmesan cheese.

Does Costco Lose Money on the “Hot Dog Meal Deal”?


According to Business Insider, “Costco dishes out more than 100 million hot dogs at its food courts, which is more than four times what Major League Baseball sold at its ballparks in 2011.”

Dang, that’s a lot of tube steaks.

It’s no wonder when you consider the cheap price tag of $1.50 for a big ol’ hot dog and 20 oz. soda, with free refill.

The good news for shoppers is that Costco is adamant that they’ll NOT be raising that $1.50 price, which started way back in 1985.

While the hot dog meal deal may very well be a loss leader, Costco keeps their costs as low as possible by producing the dogs themselves at a central California facility.

Is Food Court Delivery Available?

Unfortunately, No.

Costco’s food court menu items cannot be delivered to your home.

While Costco does offer grocery delivery services, this excludes all food court menu items.

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Can I Call In My Order Ahead of Time?

Unfortunately, No.

As of 2020, you can NO LONGER skip the food court line at Costco by calling ahead and placing an order, even if it’s a large order like 5 or more pizzas.

Therefore, if you need a large order for a special event, be sure to save enough time to potentially wait in line and order your food.

This was such a bummer when that ability to call in orders went away, it was SO convenient to call in a large pizza order for birthday and school parties.

What are Costco’s Food Court Hours?

While specific store hours may vary by location and store, here are the general Costco food courts hours you can expect:

– Monday- Friday: 10 A.M. – 8:30 A.M.

–  Saturday: 9:30 A.M. – 7:00 P.M.

– Sunday: 10:00 A.M. –  6:00 P.M.

Ask the Reader: What’s your favorite Costco Food Court menu item? Any items in particular that you wish they’d bring back?

By Kyle James

Abercrombie Return Policy: Here’s Exactly How the A&F Policy Works

December 5, 2022 by Kyle
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Abercrombie & Fitch is a popular American clothing store known for supplying trendy clothes to teens and young adults. Whether you are buying an item online or gifting A&F clothing this season, there’s always the potential you may need to make a return. It’s important to fully understand Abercrombie’s return policy so you can get the most out of your return. Read on to learn the exact things to keep in mind when trying to make a return at Abercrombie.

Abercrombie Return Policy: Here's Exactly How the A&F Policy Works

How Many Return Days Does Abercrombie Allow?

30 days.

You have 30 days after purchase to return your Abercrombie item(s) to receive a full refund.

Don’t forget to bring your original sales receipt when making the return.

Do I Need My Receipt?


If you want money returned to your original form of payment, YOU NEED your original A&F sales receipt.

If you DON’T have your receipt, your return will be considered an “after 30 days” return and you’ll be stuck with store credit in the form of an Abercrombie e-gift card.

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Can Items Be Worn or Laundered?


You technically cannot return items that have been worn or laundered as this will impact the original condition of the item.

That being said, if you wore the item, but still have the original tags on it, you can potentially return the item as long as it maintained its original condition.

What Happens if I Lost My Receipt?

Unfortunately, you cannot return your purchase without your original receipt, invoice, or order confirmation.

Luckily, if you made an online purchase that you’d like to return, you can easily locate your receipt/ order confirmation that was sent to your email.

Does Abercrombie Offer an Extended Holiday Return Period?


Abercrombie does have an extended holiday return policy.

If you made a purchase anytime between November 1 and December 21, you can make a return and still receive a full refund anytime up until January 31 of the new year.

Are Any Products Not Returnable?

Only face masks.

It appears the only item that is not eligible for return at Abercrombie are face masks.

For some other questionable items like women’s swim bottoms, intimates, and more, as long as the product has its hygiene liner still attached to the product, and the original tags are on the item, you can return them.

The key is to have the A&F product in the same condition as when you originally bought it.

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Do Online Orders Have the Same Policy?


Online orders at Abercrombie follow a similar return policy in that you have up to 30 days from the date of the shipment of the order to receive a refund.

Be aware that you technically have less than 30 days because it will take the order time from the shipment date to get to your home.

And, the 30 days takes into account the time it takes for the item to be returned/processed, so consider not waiting until the last minute to make a return because it will take time to process your return item(s).

Any returns that are received/processed after 30 days can still receive a refund only via merchandise credit.

The credit will be sent as an e-gift card sent to the email address that you used to make the order.

Can I Do an Exchange on an Online Return?


To make it happen you NEED to include the following with your online return:

  1. Full Item Name.
  2. Size requirement.
  3. Color requirement.

Make sure you’re explicit about what you’re exchanging, especially if requesting a size and color different than the original A&F item purchased.

Who Pays Return Shipping Costs?

You, the customer, are responsible for the return shipping costs.

$7 will be taken off your original refund value to pay for the shipping return label costs.

Keep this in mind if you are deciding to make your return in-store or online.

Always opt for an in-store return if you live close to an Abercrombie store.

How Do I Make an Online Order Return?

To return online at Abercrombie, follow the below steps.

1. Start your online return process by clicking HERE.

2. If you wish to track your return, consider using the return service. The fee to use this service is $7 and will be deducted from your total refund amount.

3. Once you’ve securely attached your shipping label to your box with your return items inside, ship your order.

Keep in mind, it may take up to three weeks since you shipped your return before you receive your refund.

Ask the Reader: Have you ever had any issue with the Abercrombie return policy? Let me know in the comments.

By Kyle James

Amazon Layaway: 10 Must-Know Questions Answered

November 29, 2022 by Kyle
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The Amazon layaway payment option provides more flexibility for shoppers to lock in savings and deals, then pay over time, rather than ALL upfront. This can be a game-changer for some shoppers and worth investigating. Not all of Amazon’s products are eligible for layaway; however, for the eligible products, this can provide customers even more versatility in how they pay. Read on to learn exactly how Amazon layaway works and see if it’s right for you.

Amazon Layaway: 10 Must-Know Questions Finally Answered

1. How Does Amazon Layaway Work?

20 percent down

Amazon layaway offers customers the opportunity to pay for qualifying orders over time without paying interest or fees.

Select products are on Amazon layaway where you can pay 20% of the total product price upfront to reserve the item.

Then, you pay 4 additional payments over 8 weeks. Every 2 weeks you’ll be automatically charged equal payments leading up to the 8-week mark.

You can cancel your Amazon layaway purchase at any time to receive a full refund.

2. Is Layaway Available in Every State?


Unfortunately, Amazon Layaway is NOT available in these states: CT, DC, IL, MD, OH, PA, and ANYWHERE outside of the US.

3. How Do I Make a Purchase with Layaway?

Layaway Installment Plan

To make an Amazon Layaway purchase, head to the Amazon Layaway Homepage for access to countless different layaway items.

Or, look to see if there is the “Reserve with Layaway” feature when trying to purchase on Amazon (not all Amazon items are eligible for layaway).

The option for layaway will be on the product page under Enhance Your Purchase.

Once you’ve selected your items on Amazon Layaway, you’ll have to pay 20% of the total cost, then 4 additional equal payments (2 weeks apart) over 8 weeks.

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4. Are All Items Eligible?

Reserve with Layaway


All Amazon products are NOT eligible for layaway.

Only products that have the “Reserve with Layaway” feature near the product name are eligible.

Your best bet is to start on the Layaway page and search products from there.

I had a really hard time finding eligible items at first, and after several phone calls to Amazon I was told that “I’m not eligible for Layaway” (even though I live in California).

Another rep told me that Layaway is “currently under maintenance” as they work feverishly to roll it out to all states in 2023.

I have ZERO idea what the real truth is….stay tuned as I try to figure out what is going on.

Ask the Reader: Have you recently been able to pay for items on Amazon using Layaway? If so, how’d you make it happen? Let me know in the comments, thanks!

5. Is the Price Locked In?


Once you pay for the upfront cost of 20% of the total cost, the price will be locked in.

This means if the price were to ever go up for whatever reason while paying off your additional payments, you’ll only need to pay for how much the original price of the item was when you purchased it (not the additional price hike).

6. What is the Required Deposit?

You must pay at least 20% upfront to reserve the item and lock in the price.

Also, with Amazon Layaway, there are NO additional fees, interest, or credit checks.

7. Is Layaway Available Only to Prime Members?


All Amazon shoppers, Prime members or not, can take advantage of the Amazon Layaway payment option.

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8. Can I Pay It Off Early?


You absolutely can pay off your Amazon items early and receive them earlier and NOT pay an early payment penalty.

If you want your layaway items delivered by Christmas (and not pay them off early), you’ll need to add all items to layaway by October 23rd.

9. Can I Change My Payment Date?


Once you’ve placed your order you cannot change your payment date.

You will automatically be charged every two weeks over an 8-week time period.

However, you can again pay off the cost early. This is beneficial if you want to receive your purchase faster.

10. What Happens If I Miss a Payment?

If you miss your scheduled payment, Amazon will send you an email informing you that your Amazon Layaway payment is overdue.

During this time when your payment is overdue, you will be unable to open any additional layaway items until your payment is provided for your current overdue item.

You’ll have until the next scheduled payment cycle to pay for the outstanding balance.

If you pay for the overdue balance by the next payment cycle, you will then be able to make other layaway purchases again.

However, if you are unable to pay for the overdue payment before the next scheduled payment cycle, your order will automatically be canceled by Amazon.

This means you will no longer receive your order, but you will be refunded for the entire amount you’ve paid for the order up until that point.

You are not charged any additional fees for the cancellation of your Amazon Layaway order.

Ask the Reader: Have you ever used Amazon layaway, especially around Christmas time? Was it worth it or more hassle than it’s worth?

By Kyle James