Like Free Doughnuts? 10 Clever Ways to Save BIG at Dunkin’ and Krispy Kreme

May 7, 2021 by Kyle
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I think Homer Simpson said it best when he uttered the sound, “Mmmmm, donuts”. I mean really, who doesn’t love a fresh doughnut from time to time? And as you can already tell, I have no idea how the word is actually spelled and I tend to go back and forth on adding the “ugh” throughout this entire article. But anyways, Dunkin’ and Krispy Kreme make some of the best around and I discovered some highly useful hacks that can literally score you DOZENS of free doughnuts all year long. Let’s break it all down…

Like Free Doughnuts? 10 Clever Ways to Save at Dunkin' and Krispy Kreme

First, My Dunkin’ Savings Hacks…

1. Don’t Trash Your Receipt

The next time you’re about to toss your Dunkin’ receipt in the trash, STOP, and take a glance at the bottom of it.

You’ll see a survey code that’ll score you a free doughnut with drink purchase just for answering a few short questions about your recent visit.

If you like free doughnuts it’s kinda worth it.

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2. Join Their Rewards Program

I’m a BIG fan of the DDPerks rewards program at Dunkin’.

You’ll score 5 points for every $1 spent and after 200 points you get a FREE beverage.

Heck, if you’re going to be getting your Dunkin’ fix anyways you might as well earn free drinks along the way.

3. Use a Senior Discount

If you’re an AARP member flash that card the next time you’re at a participating Dunkin’ and it’ll score you a free donut with the purchase of a large hot coffee.

The last time I checked anyone could join AARP so you might want to look into it.

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4. Brew Dunkin’ at Home

This hack tickles my “frugal bone” as I always shake my head when I see the LONG drive-thru line at my local Starbucks or Dunkin’ at 2 p.m. on a Wednesday.

Brew your coffee at home for pennies on the dollar and take it with you.

Dunkin’ sells excellent ground coffee (and it’s quite affordable compared to Starbucks) that’s sold at pretty much every grocery store in America.

Heck, throw it in the fridge at work and enjoy an iced coffee in the afternoon and you’ll save $2-3 every time you do it.

Now To My Krispy Kreme Savings Hacks

The best part about these 6 hacks is that they ALL involve FREE doughnuts.

Let’s get to it…

1. Free Dozen Donuts on Krispy Kreme’s Anniversary

The date is July 17th…burn it into your memory and your fat cells will thank you.

It’s the day when Krispy Kreme was created, and on that beautiful date, they will give you a free dozen Original Glazed donuts when you buy ANY other dozen.

Yes, you read that correctly, 12 free doughnuts simply for buying 12.

2. Get Vaccinated for COVID

Show up with your COVID vaccination card and score a FREE doughnut every day in 2021 at participating Krispy Kreme locations.

The doughnut in question is the Original Glazed and it’s free EVERY DAY you drive up and show them your card.

The good news is you only need to show proof of 1 shot to score your freebie….so while you’re waiting for your 2nd dose go reward yourself with a free doughnut.

3. Bring in Your Report Card

My kids have been taking advantage of this one for years.

Show up with your most recent report card and if it only shows A’s and B’s you’ll get a FREE dozen doughnuts.

They’ll mark your report card to show it’s been redeemed but you can come back next semester and get 12 more Original Glazed for free.

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4. Setup an Alert for National Donut Day

Did you know that the first Friday in June is also known as National Doughnut Day?

Apparently it started way back in 1917 and for many years Krispy Kreme has been celebrating by handing out a free doughnut for the entire week, Monday through Friday.

NO purchase necessary.

5. Score a Free Doughnut on Halloween

Wear a costume and get a free doughnut on October 31st of every year.

This even includes drive-thru customers.

Who doesn’t want even MORE sugar in their kids before they go trick-or-treating.

6. Get a Free Green Doughnut on St. Patrick’s Day

The next time St. Patty’s day rolls around, cook up some yummy corned beef and cabbage then throw the kids in the car and head off to Krispy Kreme where they can all score a FREE green doughnut.

To make it happen, be sure everyone is wearing green and they’ll have green frosting all over their faces in no time, free-of-charge of course.

Ask the Reader: Do you know of any other ways to score free (or really cheap) doughnuts or drinks at Dunkin’ and Krispy Kreme? Let me know in the comments.

By Kyle James

Photo credit to Mike Mozart

10 Smart and Tasty Ways to Save Money at Chick-fil-A

April 16, 2021 by Kyle
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I recently visited Chick-fil-A for the first time EVER with my wife and 3 teenagers it cost me a whopping $58.97. Now granted they are VERY hungry teenagers, but still almost $60 for “fast food” ain’t cheap. So I figured it was time to research some clever ways to save money on MY next trip to Chick-fil-A. Otherwise I might have to stick around and wash dishes to be able to afford to take my crew there again. From clever menu hacks, to smart ways to use their app, these tips will surely help you save a buck or two.

10 Smart and Tasty Ways to Save Money at Chick-Fil-A

1. The Grilled Cheese is YUMMY and CHEAP

As I talked about in my Chick-Fil-A secret menu article, their grilled cheese sandwich is not only delicious but VERY affordable.

Just order a “Toasted bun with cheese” and they’ll gladly hook you up.

The price at most locations will run you about about a buck, even less in some areas.

Also, don’t forget you can even have them add whatever veggies or condiments you may want at NO extra charge.

Time to get creative.

2. Always Use Their App

The Chick-fil-A app is the best thing to come along since sliced bread.

Not only does it allow you to place an order then slide in for a stealth pickup (or delivery), but you can quickly rack up Reward Points to be used for free food and treats in the future.

And by “future” I mean like probably your next visit as it doesn’t take many points to earn free goodies.

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3. Receipt Surveys Are Your Friend

Never throw away your Chick-fil-A receipt with your waffle fry crumbs again.

Instead, take a closer look at it and notice the “Survey offer” near the bottom.

All you gotta do is visit the website listed, answer a few questions about your meal/visit and they’ll send you an offer to collect a FREE sandwich.

 Don’t procrastinate on this one as you’ll need to complete the survey within 2 days of your visit.

4. Order the “Family Meal” Thru their App and SAVE

Family Meal at Chick-fil-A

When I found the “Family Meal” section of the Chick-fil-A app I was intrigued and sure enough it’s a definite money saver.

By creating my family’s meals this way I would have saved close to $10 on pretty much the exact same meals.

It should be noted that the selection on the family meals is very basic and only includes their regular and spicy chicken sandwich but you can customize them however you please.

Fortunately, it does include all of their regular sides, sauces, and desserts.

5. Always Score a YUMMY Cookie on Your Birthday

Would you like a big ol’ free cookie from Chick-fil-A on (or near) your birthday?

Just use their app and tap the “Account” section and enter your birthday.

Then when your big day comes around you’ll be gnawing on a free chocolate cookie.

The best part? The “free cookie” offer that they email you gives you a month to collect, so no pressure, which is very thoughtful.

6. The BLT is a Secret Meal for Under $2

If you’re on a low-carb diet you should definitely order the BLT, especially since it will save you money.

When you order it, you’ll basically get a lettuce wrap with ripe tomatoes and crispy bacon in the middle.

Then add the sauce of your choice for NO extra cost.

The price, depending on your location, will be just a hair under $2, right around $1.89 on average.

7. Skip The Soda and Order Water

Similar to In-N-Out Burger, the meal deals at Chick-fil-A don’t provide that much savings compared to ordering ala carte.

For example, when you order the Chick-fil-A sandwich meal you get the sandwich, waffle fires, and medium Coke for $7.79.

Order just the sandwich, fries, and a FREE ice water and you’ll only pay $6.54.

Other fast food joints basically give you the soda for free in the meal deal, but not at Chick-fil-A…so skip the soda and go with the healthier option and save money.

8. Do Your Kids Love Ice Cream More Than Cheap Toys? 

When you order your child a Kid’s Meal at Chick-fil-A, keep in mind that you can opt for an ice cream cone instead of the cheap plastic toy.

It’s a tasty win for your kid, and the bottom of your foot will thank you too.

Be sure to tell them when you order as you they won’t take back the toy once you or your child has handled it.

9. Some Locations Offer a “Military Monday”

Many Chick-fil-A locations offer a free sandwich or wrap on Monday’s for those in the military.

Be prepared to show your military I.D. and it would be smart to call ahead of time to see if your local Chick-fil-A participates.

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10. Hungry? Poor? Try This

Order the 4 Chick-N-Strip entrée and 2 buttered buns and make your own sandwiches.

Don’t forget to slather on your favorite sauce and BAAM you just got 2 chicken sammies and saved a couple bucks in the process.

Enough money to basically get some waffle fries for free. Winning.

Ask the Reader: Do you have any other clever ways to save some cash when dining at Chick-fil-A? Let me know in the comments, thanks.

By Kyle James

Photo credit to Mike Mozart.

8 Brilliant Ways to Save Money on Athleta Clothing

Updated April 16, 2021 by Kyle
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In recent years Athleta has developed the reputation of having high quality workout and yoga clothing for girls and women. Many would put their styles on par with Lululemon but at a lower cost which is a plus for many frugal shoppers. But I’m here today to drop the knowledge on clever ways to save significant money on your next Athleta purchase, making them an even better value. Here are my 8 favorite tips so you can start saving money today.

8 Brilliant Ways to Save Money at Athleta

1. Make “Final Sale” Your Best Friend

If you’re shopping the regular priced items at Athleta you’re REALLY overspending.

Always start your online shopping at the Final Sale section where the savings ranges from 50% off all the way up to an incredible 85% off the original price.

The amazing part is that Final Sale items include their most popular styles like Yoga pants, athletic tops, and even expensive jackets and vests.

The one caveat is that ALL items are obviously FINAL SALE and not returnable or exchangeable under any circumstance, but the savings is TOTALLY worth the risk.

It’s also a bit hit or miss as some of the items are only available in limited colors and sizes.

2. Score a Rare Athleta Coupon

While not a regular occurrence, keep an eye out for Athleta coupon codes that you can use on your next online purchase.

The absolute best way to automate the process is to download the HONEY browser extension and you’ll be notified when checking out from the Athleta website if there’s a coupon code available.

Offers range from 20% off your entire purchase to an additional 40% off all “Sale” items.

3. Their Rewards Program is Actually Worthwhile

Join the free Athleta Rewards program and you’ll immediately start earning 2 points for every $1 spent.

Earn 500 points and you’ll get a $5 reward.

It’s not a lot…but if you’re going to be shopping with them anyways you might as well earn some rewards.

4. Shop eBay and Save on Current Athleta Styles

The one thing to remember with Athleta is that it’s a brand you WILL NOT find at discount stores like TJ Maxx, Marshall’s, or Ross.

So easily the best alternative to these discount stores is checking out the Athleta deals on eBay.

Many entrepreneurs will snatch up closeout Athleta deals and try and turn a quick profit by putting their “loot” up on eBay.

In most cases you’ll pay WAY LESS than the regular Athleta price and even get free shipping.

TIP ALERT: Look for eBay sellers that accept “Offers” on their Athleta products and offer then 20% less than their asking price. Many sellers will happily meet you in the middle or accept your first offer. Winning.

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5. Buy a Discounted Athleta Gift Card

Were you aware you can buy Athleta gift cards for LESS than face value? True enough.

For example, right now at you can score a $50 gift card for only $43.27.

Similarly at you can get a $75 Athleta gift card for about $66 for a savings of 11%.

If you know exactly how much you’ll be spending at Athleta, buying discounted gift cards is a slick way to guarantee some savings.

6. Hit Up Athleta Live Chat and Ask for a Deal

Can’t find a coupon code and are about to pay full price?


Before you complete your purchase, hit up Athelta Live Chat and ask a chat operator if they have a way for you to save some money.

In most cases they’ll either throw you a coupon code or tell you where on their website the most savings currently exists.

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7. Wait & Buy During Their Semi-Annual Sale

If you’re not in a hurry to make a purchase, you’re best served to wait for the Athleta Semi-Annual Sale which will score you savings up to 60%.

Their Semi-Annual event takes place in July and then again in mid-December.

Mark your calendars accordingly and stock-up.

8. Clever Tip to Get Free Shipping on $50

Athleta offers free shipping when you spend at least $50.

If you’re about to pay $7 for shipping on your $46 order, I have a clever tip for you.

I have it on VERY good authority that Athleta beanies are some of the most comfortable around.

Buy one for about $10 in the Final Sale section and you’ll basically get if for FREE when the shipping charges get wiped away.

Ask the Reader: How do you save money at Athleta? Or are you content paying full price and essentially throwing your money down the toilet?

By Kyle James

Photo by Mike Mozart.