Target Student Discount: What Is It and How Do I Qualify?

Updated December 4, 2023 by Kyle James

It wasn’t until recently that I discovered the Target student discount and the great savings it provides on things like school and dorm supplies. But amazingly, the discount is NOT limited to school stuff as you can use it on pretty much everything in your local Target store or on the Target website. Let’s breakdown exactly how you qualify for the student discount, the exclusions, and who’s eligible. I hope this information helps you get signed up and saves you some money.

Target Student Discount: What Is It and How Do I Qualify?

Does Target Really Have a Student Discount?


Coming in at 15%, it’s actually a really good discount and a no-brainer way to save if you’re a student.

UPDATE 7/12/23: Through August of 2023, Target is giving out a one-time 20% off discount when you verify your student status via the Target app.

Within the app, tap on Settings, then Student Verification.

Below is a screenshot of the info they’ll ask for.

Can I Use the 15% Discount Multiple Times?


The 15% student discount can only be used once per year.

So be sure to save it for when you have BUNCH of school, tech, and dorm stuff that you need to buy.

Do I Need to Re-Verify My Student Status Every Year?


While a bit of a pain in the butt, you’ll need to re-verify your student status with Target every calendar year in order to get another 1-time 15% discount.

Is the Discount Available to High School and College Students?


The student discount is currently ONLY available to College Students enrolled at a “degree-granting college or university of higher education”.

This DOES include community colleges and junior colleges.

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How Do I Prove I’m a Student?

The first thing you have to do is login to your Target account and navigate to your Account Settings page.

Once there, tap on the Get Verified link under “I’m a Student”, see screenshot below.

Next, on the Student Verification page,  you’ll be asked for the following information:

  • School name.
  • First name.
  • Last name.
  • Birthdate.
  • Year in School.
  • Housing (optional)

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Here is exactly what the Student Verification screen looks like…

Keep in mind that some students may be asked to upload more documentation to prove their eligibility.

Documents could include a class schedule, student ID card, or tuition receipt with the school letterhead on it.

Once approved, you’ll get an email stating, “Congrats, you’ve been verified”.

Note: The verification process is currently NOT available on the Target app.

How Do I Use the Discount In-Store?

Once you’ve been verified, you simply use the Target app to access your student discount coupon.

When you reach the checkout aisle at Target you just show the coupon to the cashier and they scan it and you collect the 15% discount.

Is the Target Student Discount Available Online?


Once your student eligibility is verified, the discount is automatically tied to your online Target account.

So when you shop the Target website, you’ll automatically get the 15% discount on all eligible items.

Are There Any Items That Aren’t Eligible?

Yes, and they include the following…

– Clearance items

– Liquidation items

– Buy one, get one free (or 50% off) items

– Black Friday sales

– Cyber Monday sales

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What About Junior High Students?

Unfortunately, similar to high school students, junior high and middle school students CANNOT get the Target student discount.

Can I Combine the Discount with Other Offers?


In particular, it’s highly clever for students to also get a Target Debit or Credit RedCard and they can save an EXTRA 5%, bringing your discount up to an awesome 20%.

The fact that students can combine both discounts is pretty advantageous, especially when shopping for school supplies and stuff for your dorm room.

The 20% savings can add up very quickly.

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Can I Keep My Discount After I Graduate?

No…well maybe for a few months.

You’ll be asked to re-verify your information every year so eventually you won’t be eligible for the student discount.

Can Teachers get a Discount Too?


Teachers can get the same annual 15% discount as students.

To make it happen, simply follow the instructions outlined above, except you’ll click on “I’m a teacher” instead of “I’m a student”.

Next, just follow the instructions and enter your information and get yourself verified as a teacher.

Eligible teachers include K-12, college professors, home school teachers, daycare workers, and even early childhood center teachers.

Ask the Reader: Do you take advantage of the student discount at Target? Was it an easy process getting your account verified?

By Kyle James


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I only received a one time 15% off coupon. Where exactly would I find the coupon you’re talking about within the app?


I tried to make an order using the discount, but it never applied it automatically online for me even with my verified student account. after having some back and forth with customer service, it seems to only be available during back to school time of august and September. 🙁


Is July 17th. It’s supposed to be the time when the student discount is supposed to apply. I am already verified as a student. i put a Vizio TV in the shopping cart. I think that the discount is supposed to apply. However I am not seeing the discount. How do I get the 15% discount? Thank you