These Target Clearance Tips Will Help You Save Money

Updated March 20, 2024 by Kyle James

Would you believe me if I told you there was a science to finding the best Target clearance deals? I’m not gonna lie, it’s kinda true.

Not only is there a science to reading their clearance stickers, but also knowing which day of the week will score you the best deals.

It’s with this in mind that a present 7 Target clearance hacks that’ll guarantee you get the best deal and save money on your next shopping haul.

These Target Clearance Tips Will Help You Save Money

1. Learn How to Read Target Clearance Price Tags

Target Yellow Clearance Price Tag

You’ll never look at a Target price tag the same way again.

When looking at a yellow clearance price sticker, there is some hidden info you’ll want to know.

Here’s how it works:

– Prices Ending with .88, .98, .48, .24, or .04 – These are all clearance items.

– Check Upper Right Hand Corner – You’ll see a tiny number. It will be either a 15, 25, 50, 70, or 90. This is the percent off the original price.

You’re probably thinking, “So what?”

Well, I had a Target employee tell me that they continue to mark things down weekly until they’re ALL gone.

But she also told me that NOT all clearance products get marked down every week.

So if you see an item with a 15 in the corner, and they have a ton of inventory, there’s a great chance you can get it next week for 25% off. And so and and so on.

The holy grail at Target is the 90 as that’s the lowest clearance price you’re EVER going to find.

Note: These clearance stickers use to be RED but my local Target now has YELLOW ones. It’s worth noting that some stores might still be using the red ones.

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2. Shop on the Right Day of The Week

Clearance Electronics

Did you know Target has a clearance markdown schedule?

Every weekday they take a specific section of the store and do their markdowns.

Shop on the right day and get “first dibs” on all the newest clearance deals.

Here’s how their schedule currently breaks down:

– Monday – Electronics, Accessories, Kids Clothing, Books, Baby and Stationery

– Tuesday — Domestics, Women’s Clothing, Pets and Market (food items)

– Wednesday — Men’s Clothing, Health and Beauty, Diapers, Lawn & Garden items and Furniture

– Thursday — Housewares, Lingerie, Shoes, Toys, Sporting Goods, Decor & Luggage

– Friday — Auto, Cosmetics, Hardware, & Jewelry

Use this insider info to your advantage and save money on stuff you’d be buying anyways.

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3. Know the Christmas Clearance Schedule

Shop right after Christmas this year at Target and save HUGE.

Here’s how their holiday clearance schedule currently works.

December 26th – 29th: Score 50% off Christmas clearance stuff and 30% off food items.

December 30th – Jan 2nd: Score 70% off and 50% off food items.

January 3rd – January 5th: Score 90% off and 70% off food items.

Be aware that your mileage may vary on this schedule as some stores seem to play be their own rules.\

Let me know in the comments if you see any different clearance schedules in your neck of the woods.

4. Find Clearance Deals on

Don’t forget about the clearance section on the Target website as well as the Target “Dollar Spot” when shopping in-store..

While you might not find the same screaming deals as you’ll find in-store, there definitely is some great opportunity for savings.

This is especially true in these online categories: Clothing, Baby, Furniture, Home, and Toys.

For example, I recently found a sweet Goodfellow & Co. Fleece Jacket for $14.99, regularly $29.98.

I also noticed a Peoria Loveseat for $134.99, regularly $299.99.

5. Shop the Aisle End-Caps

Target End Caps

Sometimes it can be hard to figure out where the clearance items are hidden at Target.

With that said, the one surefire place to fine them is on aisle end caps.

Not every end cap, but many of them. Especially the end caps that are facing an outer wall of the store. Those often have hidden gems on them.

You won’t find these near the front of the store, you’ll need to wander in a bit to spot them.

So before you go paying full-price for something, walk to the end of the aisle and see what hidden deals you might be able to find.

In the picture above, I found a Polaroid digital frame for 50% off the original price. It wasn’t even in the electronics section but the home goods department.

So be sure to snoop around the end caps, you just might be surprised with the deals you’ll find.

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6. These 4 Departments Have the Best Clearance Deals

Toy Aisle

Without a doubt you’ll find the BEST clearance deals in Electronics, Toys, Clothing, Shoes, and Home Goods.

The picture above is from the toy department and it had an entire aisle dedicated to Target clearance toys.

Granted this picture was taken a few weeks after Christmas, but I’d add Target to your list of retailers to visit when looking for an inexpensive toy around Christmas and birthdays.

7. Look For “Repackage” and “As-Is” Items

Target Repackage Tag

Keep a keen eye out for yellow stickers titled “Repackage” and “As-Is”.

They’re typically items that have nothing wrong with them and are usually items which were returned.

They come with the same warranty and lenient return policy that “brand new” items have. So why pay full price for them when you can score them at a major discount.

I’ve personally found them to be screaming deals in the 50% off range.

Ask the Reader: How do you find Target clearance deals? Do you have any insider hacks that I may have missed? Let me know in the comments.

By Kyle James


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Nicole Ott

Great info! Thanks! 😁


Thank you for this info Kyle, especially “Shop on the right day.” We appreciate all your research!


I’ve been doing this for years at Target (& other stores) & it started as a “side-hustle”, now is my full time job as I re-selling all of it online (For example: Think of the top of the line, $180-$250 Oral B & Philips Sonicate toothbrushes. Well, when Target or Walmart contracts them, it’s for all stores in the chain, BUT there’s stores in certain areas that no matter if it’s 50% or even 70% off, the people ain’t buying a $80-$100 toothbrush. So, like yesterday, I went at their AM open (8 AM here) & bought 27 of them at just listed final markdown 90% off for around $33-$39 eachj. Called some close friends & put the rest up on EBay, Offer Up, etc.. at around $90 each & already GONE!

To be honest, I do this FULL TIME nowadays & had to start reporting my income on it as a business about 3 years ago because I was just making too much between reselling Target essentially dead stock & getting Lowe’s/Home Depot “lost” items like garage tool chests for pennies & reselling for hundreds of dollars online or usually locally since like safes & radiators those are (too heavy to ship to make it worth it for buyers far away).

However, I just found your article & page & you did a really good job explaining what took me years to Unicode, but at this point I’ve found out all giant chains have codes because they have systems & there’s always “holes” in their systems. Now, while I’ve”hacked” (not on computer literally) or better to say decoded & figured out the systems of nearly all of the major American chains at this point to where I bring in over $100K yearly just shopping & re-listing stuff on the right online sites for the items I really can’t risk exposing all my secrets (or I’ll go out of business or at least lose money like how I’m now losing Amazon resales because they’re opening their own bin stores to themselves sell the products I used to resell), but since you did such a good job with Target, I’ll give you one thing that I didn’t see in here.

– When people buy something from Target. com & then they don’t like it & return it to the store, it’s often because it’s a heavy or big (or in other words expensive) item that they don’t want to pay to ship back so they bring it back to their local store. Now, if that item is one that is not carried in stores or specifically that Target store, it will be immediately majorly if not max discounted so they can just get rid of it. So, now, that you know that, here the insane part.

You can either wander around Target finding these things OR if it’s something YOU REALLY WANT for you, then buy it online, return it, wait a day or couple days, then find it & but and buy it back & you just got your item for 70-90% off. Some will say this is unethical, I will say all of big business preys on the little guy or gal, so score one for the home team!

That said, please know that after you return $150 worth of merchandise a year to Target, with or without receipts, they will blacklist you from returning anything for one year every time whether it’s on one item or throughout the year your total finally hits $150.

So, with that said, how fair are the big guys being now? Bottom line, just make sure the item you buy back is worth it, like for example get a $995 thermo-static (which means temp. & humidity controlled), two-door 60 bottle combination wine fridge on one side & 1000 cigar stick capacity cedar-lined cigar humidor on the other for just under $200 like I did for my personal gift to myself this year (& “yeppers” life surely IS going that well!) Best of luck to you & your readers & I love the column! (To anyone reading this: Please let me keep South Florida locked down j/k.. GO FOR. IT!!)