What is a Target Salvage Store? (PLUS How to Find One Near You)

Updated March 27, 2024 by Kyle James

Trying to find some Target steals that are BETTER than what your current Target Clearance section offers? Look no further than the magical world of Target salvage stores. These salvage stores is where Target dumps stuff after they go through their regular “clearance cycle”. It’s also where you can capitalize on major discounts on Target items, often ranging anywhere from 50%-90% off. Being one for a good deal, I wanted to learn how to find these Target salvage stores so I can get stuff at a fraction of the cost. Here’s what I discovered.

What is a Target Salvage Store? (PLUS How to Find One to Save BIG)

How to Find Where Target Sends Their Salvage Items?

The absolute best way to find a Target salvage store near you is by going to your local Target and asking the manager or associate.

Most employees who know where they send liquidation stuff are more than happy to tell you where it ends up.

Stores in your area that are typically great candidates to receive these salvage or liquidation items include Goodwill, Tuesday Morning, Bargain Bins, That’s Cheap, Falling Prices, and even Salvation Army to name a few.

Also, I found a great list from Aubrey Swan of Target salvage stores broken down by state and city which will give you a great idea if you have one in your neck of the woods.

Another great way to find one is to do a simple Google search for “Target salvage stores in your town or “Target liquidation stores in your town.

I did this when writing this article and quickly stumbled upon a “Bargain Bins” store in a neighboring town that sells Target liquidation products for pennies on the dollar.

UPDATE: I recently asked an employee at my local Target and they told me about a couple places nearby that they’ll sell liquidated products to, and sure enough one of them was the Bargain Bins store mentioned above.

When I visited Bargain Bins, I found a bunch of great deals, especially on toys and home décor at over 90% off the original price. (more on this later)

When I compared the prices on the Target app, the savings was in the 60% – 90% range.

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What Types Of Items Will I Find at Salvage Stores?

Target price tag at a salvage store

These salvage stores sell much more than just heavily discounted Target items.

You will also find heavily discounted items on other name brands.

The point of salvage stores, or sometimes called liquidation stores, is to essentially get rid of excess inventory on products that aren’t in high demand.

Therefore, don’t expect to find the hottest electronic device here.

Instead, expect to find these items at your local Target salvage store:

  • Furniture
  • Bedding
  • Home Décor
  • Toys
  • Seasonal Décor
  • Kitchen Items

The whole point of why Target sells these types of heavily discounted items to salvage stores is they know they won’t profit from trying to sell them in-store PLUS they are taking up too much room.

Therefore, rather than throw out these items, Target sells them to “salvage stores” by the Pallet at a heavily discounted price.

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When Is the Best Time or Day To Shop?

If you want to hit the jackpot with heavily discounted Target products, shop at your Target salvage store right after Target has a clearance sale.

This is because once the clearance sale is over, Target typically liquidates the remaining inventory to make room for new products.

Although clearance sales can vary from location to location, if you see discounts of 70% or above at your local Target store, start to check out your go-to salvage store.

Your salvage store itself may run special daily sales and deals too for even MORE savings.

For example, the Bargain Bins store that I keep mentioning works like this….

  • Thursday – Everything in the store is $12.
  • Friday – Everything in the store is $8.
  • Saturday – Everything in the store is $4.
  • Sunday – Everything in the store is $2.
  • Monday – Everything in the store is “2 for $1”.
  • Tuesday – CLOSED for restocking.
  • Wednesday – CLOSED for restocking.

Many of these salvage stores work similarly, but may have slightly different days where they’re closed for restocking.

Thursday morning in usually a mad rush to find the great deals that lasts for about 2 hours after opening.

Come in over the weekend and there are still deals to be found.

Come in on Monday, and the stuff is fairly picked over but still plenty of deals if you consider the 50 CENT price tag on EVERYTHING.

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How Much Money Can You Expect to Save?

The short answer: A lot.

Expect to find discounts of 70%-90% off items at your Target salvage store.

This is crazy considering most clearance items at Target range from 15%-30% off.

And, even if you do find 50% discounts on Target clearance items, these types of deals are likely few and far between.

Yet, these 50% and up discounts at your local salvage store are practically the barrier to entry to be in these stores.

Can I Find Cat & Jack Products at Salvage Stores?

Cat and Jack Products at a Target Salvage Store

Yes, and the picture above proves it.

I recently took this picture at my local Target salvage store (Bargain Bins) where I found a slew of Cat & Jack products, which is Target’s kid’s clothing line, in case you weren’t familiar.

Specifically, I found a bunch of shoes, shirts, pants, and even socks at heavily discounted prices.

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Why Not Just Shop Target Clearance Items?

Pretty simple really…you just won’t save as much money.

This is because often Target clearance items range from only 15% to 30% off the retail price.

And, when these discounts do reach the 50% and above mark (on rare occasions) these items are highly picked over.

However, discounts of 50% and above are the norm at salvage stores.

If you just care about getting the most discounted Target clearance items, shop at your salvage store.

This is especially true if you’re an eBay seller and looking to turn a quick profit.

Salvage stores make for a great place to look for inventory that you can resell on eBay.

Keep in mind that if you find a Target clearance item you love, at a good price, consider snatching it up as it probably won’t make it to your local salvage store.

Ask the Reader: Have you been able to find a Target salvage store in the town you live in? If so, how’d you do it and what kind of savings do you get?

By Kyle James


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Hello, where is a Target Liquidation Store in Northern California

Iram Khan

Is there any Target Salvage Stores in Southern Maryland, or Charles County?


Anyone know of any stores in south western Pennsylvania

So Cal shopper

Goodwill of OC, in California have been known to price items at a higher price then Target has on the clearance tag that is still stuck on the item. I also do not believe that Target donates these items. I am pretty sure that Goodwill pays for these items and receives them by the bulk on pallets.

Nancy Clark •

Target doesn’t charge Goodwill, rather it donates to Goodwill. Target does philanthropy within its neighborhood.

So Cal shopper

Anywhere other than Goodwill to shop in central Orange County, California for salvage itms?

Tree Climbing Dog

Goodwill, ARC, Salvation Army have no qualms about pricing above the sticker price- not the clearance price but the full price.


Hello do you know where a location is at near Albuquerque New Mexico


Any in Massachusetts or new hampshire?

Gloria Lucio-Janey

Is there any liquidation stores in columbus, Ohio ?


Ugh! Why did you have to write this article? There is a salvage store near me! My husband loves to go treasure hunting in these types of stores…and he JUST retired!


Hello! Are there any liquidation stores in Northern VA or MD? Thanks

Kendra Sarkinen

Is there any near Portland Oregon?


Are there target salvage stores in Pennsylvania or New Jersey?


Click on the blue highlighted print about the blog. You can find the warehouse list there. I also thought WHATTT but then I found it. Hope this help.


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