Michaels Teacher Discount: How To Get It and What’s the Savings?

June 1, 2023 by Kyle
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Michaels is an arts and crafts store known for providing all sorts of items from frames to crafts, wall décor, and more. While Michaels does run its fair share of quality coupons and discounts, they also offer various discount programs to save even more money. One of their discount programs is the Michaels teacher discount. For all eligible teachers who sign up, you can save 15% off your entire purchase, including sale items. While there are of course some exclusions to the discount, you can save a lot, especially if you shop frequently at Michaels. So, if you are a teacher looking to save extra money while shopping at Michaels, read on.

Michaels Teacher Discount: How To Get It and What's the Savings?

What is the Michaels Teacher Discount?

15% discount.

The Michaels Teacher discount is a 15% discount on your entire purchase, including sale items.

If you’re a qualifying teacher, and have successfully enrolled for the Michaels teacher discount, you can receive 15% off.

How Do Teachers Qualify?

All teachers, staff, and faculty Pre-K through Post-Grad within the U.S. can qualify for the Michaels teacher discount.

This includes teachers who work at daycare centers, early childhood learning centers, and home schools, or instructors/ teachers of after schools programs, Boys & Girls Clubs, etc. also qualify for the discount.

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How Do You Join the Discount Program?

Discount page on Michaels

If you do qualify for the discount, here are three steps you can do to gain access to the Michaels teacher discount:

1. Create an Account: Log in or create a Michaels Rewards account online.

2. Get Verified: Fill out your information online to get your teacher status verified.

3. Shop: Use your discount online or in-store to save.

Note: Michaels allows you to use a valid educator ID in-store on up to 3 initial purchases if you don’t have the time to register for the teacher discount program online.

Are All Teachers Eligible, Including College Professors?


Virtually all teachers mentioned above are eligible for the Michaels teacher discount.

This includes college professors or any Post-Grad teachers in the United States.

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Are Family Members Also Eligible?


Unfortunately, it doesn’t appear that family members are eligible to use your teacher discount, especially if making in-store purchases.

However, technically family members may be able to use your Michaels Teacher discount online if you give them access to your Michaels Rewards account.

Is It Also Available Online?


You can use your Michaels Teacher discount for both in-store and online purchases.

Of course, you’ll first have to set up a Michaels Rewards account and then provide the necessary info to validate your teacher status.

Once you’re set-up, your 15% off discount will automatically be applied to your online Michaels order.

How Do You Use the Discount Online?

To use your discount online, you’ll want to sync your teacher status to your Michaels Rewards account.

If you don’t have a Michaels Rewards account, you’ll want to create one to then sync your teacher status.

Then, whenever you login into your Michaels account and shop online, your 15% off will automatically be applied.

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Are There Any Items That Are Excluded?

Yes, there are some product exclusions you cannot use with your teacher discount.

This includes the following:

– Great Buy items

– Clearance

– MichaelsPro Packs

– Custom Framing

– Michaels Photo Gifts

– Beverages & Candy

– Books & Magazines

– Gift Cards

– Classes

– Craft Technology Machines

– Cricut

– Glowforge

– Silhouette

Is There a Maximum Discount Amount Per Year?


There doesn’t appear to be any maximum discount on how much you can save per year with the teacher discount.

That being said, you can only use your teacher discount once per day.

Ask the Reader: Do you regularly take advantage of the Michaels teacher discount? Was it an easy process to sign-up?

By Kyle James

Does Walmart Have Layaway? Here’s How It ALL Works

May 30, 2023 by Kyle
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In recent years, Walmart has gotten rid of their popular in-house layaway program. However, while Walmart doesn’t offer a traditional program, they still offer a “buy now, pay later” payment app service called Affirm. Therefore, if you’re looking to make a big purchase, understand that while there is no traditional Walmart layaway program available, there’s still the ability to give you some flexible payment options. Read on to learn more about Affirm and how you can make the most of it when shopping at Walmart.

Does Walmart Have Layaway? Here's How It ALL Works

How Do I Create a Walmart Layaway Account?

Although Walmart does not currently offer a traditional layaway program, they do have a partnership with Affirm which is a “buy now, pay later” app.

Here’s how to use Affirm at Walmart for in-store purchases:

1. Click here to see if you qualify for the amount you are looking to spend.

2. If you’re approved, you’ll then pick a payment plan (anywhere from 3 – 24 months).

3. Pick up items in store and scan barcode on Affirm app while checking out.

4. You’ll then have to make payments via the Affirm app.

The great thing about the Affirm app is you immediately get to take your purchase home without paying for it in full.

However, it’s important to note you may be charged interest when using Affirm, which is something to keep in mind.

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Are All Items Eligible?


All items are NOT eligible to be bought using the Affirm service.

Here are the eligible categories you can buy using the “buy now, pay later” service:

– Electronics

– Video Games

– Toys

– Home

– Arts and Crafts

– Musical Instruments

– Home Improvement

– Auto

– Sports & Outdoors

– Tools

– Baby

– Jewelry

– Apparel

Is the Price Locked In With Walmart layaway?

Yes and no.

While the price is immediately locked in when you buy the product and make payments off of it, there may interest charged on your total payment.

Although some select products may have an interest rate of 0% APR, others may have a rate anywhere from 10 – 30% which is something to keep in mind.

Is There a Required Deposit?


You don’t need to “put down” a certain amount of money upfront when shopping using Affirm.

You get to buy and take the item home, then pay scheduled payments via the Affirm app.

Can I Pay Off My Walmart Layaway Early?


If you decide to use Affirm, you can definitely pay off your balance early with no penalty.

This can be a great way to save money as you’ll avoid interest charges on the item(s) you buy with the Affirm service.

How Do I Make Payments?

If you decide to use Affirm, you’ll make payments directly on the Affirm app or online.

Here are the steps on how to use Affirm on Walmart.com:

1. Shop on Walmart and when you go to check out, select the Affirm payment method.

2. Select the payment plan you want.

3. Download the Affirm app to complete your scheduled payments on-time, or pay online via affirm.com.

What Happens If I Miss a Payment?

If you do not pay your Affirm payment on time, you WON’T be charged a late fee.

However, you will keep getting reminders to pay your late payment.

Affirm asks that you contact them to let them know that you’ll be missing payments and they’ll work with you on a resolution.

If you continue to miss and not pay off late payments, this can negatively affect your credit score and your likelihood of being able to use Affirm with other purchases in the future.

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Is Layaway for In-Store Shopping Only?


You can use the Affirm “buy now, pay later” service both online and in-store.

Currently, Walmart does not offer a traditional layaway program, so they direct customers to use Affirm.

Ask the Reader: Have you taken advantage of layaway at Walmart? Was it an easy process or not worth it?

By Kyle James

The Nike Military Discount: Here’s What You NEED to Know

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Nike is one of many stores that offers a military discount to eligible service members. As Nike’s way of showing appreciation, they give out a military discount to all service men and women for in-store and online purchases. Applying for the Nike military discount is rather quick and straightforward, making it super simple to apply and receive your discount– which can make for decent savings. Below is everything you need to know.

The Nike Military Discount: Here's What You NEED to Know

What is the Nike Military Discount?

10% off discount.

The Nike military discount is a 10% discount for online and in-store purchases.

The discount is handed out via a 1-time use promo code….but you can re-verify and get another one (more on that below).

How Do I Apply and What Paper Work is Needed?

To apply for the Nike military discount, follow the below steps.

1. Click here to verify your military status via SheerID. Here you’ll need to complete a required verification form and upload documentation proving your status.

2. Once your status is verified, you’ll be able to use your single-use 10% off promo code.

3. Select your items online or in-store, and use your 10% promo code.

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Can I Use the Discount Multiple Times?


You can use the Nike military discount once every seven days.

However, remember you’ll need to re-verify your status every time to receive a promo code to use at checkout.

Also, be aware that once you receive the promo code it will expire after two weeks of being issued.

So, if you forget to use your current promo code after a couple of weeks, you can always re-verify your status and receive a new promo code.

Is the Discount Good Online and In-Store?


You can use your Nike military discount both online and in-store.

For shopping online, you’ll want to follow the three steps listed earlier on how to apply.

For shopping in-store, you’ll just have to show your valid military ID at checkout.

Is It Good At the Nike Outlet Too?


There doesn’t appear to be any limit to using your Nike military discount at a Nike Outlet.

Are Spouses and Family Members Eligible For the Discount?


Spouses and dependents of active military personnel are eligible to use the Nike military discount.

Are Reservists Eligible?


Reservists are eligible to use the Nike military discount.

Just be sure to verify your status via SheerID.

Plus, when you are verified, your promo code is only a single-use promo code.

In other words, every time you use your discount on Nike.com, you’ll need a new promo code each time.

So, you have to re-verify your status each time to then be issued a new promo code every time you want to use the discount.

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Are Vets and Active Military Eligible?


Both veterans and active military members are eligible to use the Nike military discount.

Below is a complete list of service men and women that are eligible to use the Nike military discount.

– Active military members

– Reservists

– Veterans

– Retire US military personnel

– Spouses and dependents of active personnel

Again, if you are eligible for the Nike military discount, you can use the discount both online and in-store.

To use your promo code online (as discussed earlier) you’ll need to verify your military status on SheerID, and then you’ll receive a single-use promo code.

If you are shopping in-store, you can show your valid military ID at checkout to receive the Nike military discount.

Ask the Reader: Did you apply for the Nike military discount? Was it an easy process or a hassle?

By Kyle James