8 Fast Food Menu Secrets That’ll Make You Look REALLY Smart (and Save You Money)

October 26, 2021 by Kyle
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I have a confession to make…I love me some fast food from time to time. Heck, I lived off Taco Bell in college and still crave it to this day. The smell of McDonald’s French fries still makes my mouth water every time I catch a whiff. I also love to order secret menu items that aren’t on regular fast food menus, especially if they can save me some money. So with that in mind I present 8 fast food menu hacks that’ll make you look like an absolute genius and help you save some of your hard-earned cash.

8 Fast Food Menu Secrets That'll Help You Save Some Money

1. Score a MUCH Cheaper Taco Bell Burrito Supreme


When ordering via the Taco Bell app, or Kiosk, order a Bean Burrito ($1.39) and add seasoned beef ($0.70) and tomatoes ($0.55).

You’ll come out with essentially a Burrito Supreme and ONLY pay $2.64 compared to $3.89…a significant savings.

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2. Get More Meat at Chipotle

Like to chow down on a Chipotle burrito bigger than your head? Yeah, me too.

When ordering next time, ask for 2 meats…like “half chicken, half steak”.

You’ll inevitable end up with more meat as most employees will give you a healthy “scoop” of each.

Maybe turn it into TWO meals.

Be aware that they may charge you for the more expensive protein so make sure there isn’t a large difference.

By the way, you can do the same thing with the beans (black and pinto) and rice (white and brown) and you’re bound to get a much BIGGER burrito out of it.

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3. Get Twice As Many McNuggets for Only 31 Cents

I went onto the McDonald’s app and was clicking around and noticed something REALLY odd with their pricing on McNuggets.

You can buy the 10 piece for $4.69 or the 20 piece for $5.00, only 31 cents more for TWICE the nuggets.

Moral of the story: Always opt for the 20 piece and if you can’t eat them all you save them for later or maybe share them with friends.

4. Grab a Quasi Big Mac for Half Price

Craving a Big Mac? Yeah, me too.

The next time you visit McDonald’s for your Big Mac fix, order a McDouble instead and ask for it “Like a BigMac”.

For a fraction of the price, you’ll get a double burger (minus the center 3rd bun) with special sauce, lettuce, pickles, and cheese.

I’ve written about this clever Mickey D’s hack before along with other others menu values at McDonald’s.

5. Get a Fresh Egg at McDonald’s

Did you know that the only breakfast item at McDonald’s that comes with a fresh egg is the mighty Egg McMuffin.

So if you don’t want the fake egg stuff they put in their other breakfast sandwiches and meals, order a McMuffin and customize it exactly how you want it. 

6. Always Get Fresh Fries…at ANY Fast Food Joint

Do you like steaming hot French fries straight outta the fryer?

To make it happen at all fast food restaurants, just ask for fries with NO SALT and you’re guaranteed to get fresh fries.

Ask for salt and add it yourself if you like.

7. Always Ask for Light Ice at Starbucks

This Starbucks trick is as old as time itself but it amazes me how many folks STILL don’t employ it.

Always order your iced coffee drinks with “Light Ice” and you’ll end up with 20% more actual coffee or specialty drink.

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8. Panera Soup Trick

Beware that a bowl of soup at Panera and cup of soup are quite close in size (ounces).

The cup of soup comes in at 8 ounces while the bowl is 12 ounces.

If you order a cup you pay a whopping $0.64/ounce and with a bowl you ONLY pay $0.52/ounce.

Order the bowl folks, it’s by far the BEST value at Panera.

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Bonus Hack: Burger King “Drink for Less”

When dining in-store at Burger King, ALWAYS order the “Value Sized” drink cup.

Not only will it save you a little bit of money, but it comes in at a generous 16 ounces.

The best part is you can still score FREE refills when dining in the restaurant.

Ask the Reader: What’s your favorite fast food hack that’s always guaranteed to save you some money?

By Kyle James

Out of Stock: 6 Items That Will Be In Short Supply This Christmas (and What To Do About It)

October 19, 2021 by Kyle
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I keep hearing about the hundreds of cargo ships stuck off the coastlines in the U.S. waiting to be unloaded and the subsequent HUGE shortage of Christmas gifts this year. But none of the stories actually tell you WHAT will be in short supply. So I went out and did the research to figure out EXACTLY what might be in short supply so you can buy EARLY (or find alternatives) to guarantee your gifts will make it under the Christmas tree this year.

1. Christmas Trees & Décor

If you’re thinking of ditching the messy real Christmas tree this year, and going artificial, you may want to reconsider.

According to CNN, the supply of artificial trees is going to be down close to 20% and prices could jump as much as 25% due to the backlog from China.

The same situation exists for Christmas decorations and ornaments.

What To Do About It: Consider buying gently used from eBay or stick to the real tree for one more year.

2. Electronics

When I say “Electronics” I’m talking specifically about anything with a microchip in it.

The semi-conductor shortage is REAL folks and stems from factory closings as well as the cargo ship backlog and labor shortage.

So this means a shortage in not only computers and laptops but also gaming systems including the Xbox and Sony PlayStation.

What To Do About It: Buy early, like NOW, before the supply chain really bogs down the couple weeks before Christmas.

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3. Toys & Board Games

This one is simple supply & demand and the demand for toys is never higher than in the few weeks leading up to Christmas.

Most toys and games are made in China and millions of them are literally stuck in cargo containers right now.

What To Do About It: Avoid a Jingle All the Way moment and shop early.

4. Kitchen Appliances

Both large and small kitchen appliances are also being affected by the global supply chain shortage.

Because few appliances are manufactured in North America, many are not making it into stores causing a higher demand and subsequent higher prices.

What To Do About It: Sounding like a broken record, but I recommend buying early for Christmas. After a quick scan of small appliances on Amazon, the prices and selection still looks pretty good.

5. Furniture

Furniture made in China and India specifically are getting jammed up big-time in the supply chain.

If you need furniture right now, check out Craigslist or garage sales if you’re finding high prices in local stores.

What To Do About It: I’m guessing not too many shoppers are buying furniture as Christmas gifts, so you might be okay buying this year in terms of pricing and selection.

6. Robot Vacuums

This one falls under the microchip shortage issue as your Roombas and Roborocks are packed full of chip technology.

Many are actually On Sale right now so it may be good time to buy if you have someone on your Christmas list Jonesing for a robot vacuum.

What To Do About It: Buy now before the prices starting going up after Black Friday. 

Ask the Reader: Have you noticed any products shortages, or major price increases, in your neck of the woods?

By Kyle James

Amazon Pharmacy: 15 Must-Knows to Help You Save on Prescription Drugs

Updated October 26, 2021 by Kyle
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The days of standing in a long line at your local pharmacy (with other sick people) just might be coming to an end. With the pandemic came people wanting to stay out of stores, and long lines, and so the timing for Amazon to enter the pharmacy space is pretty smart. But with any new service there comes MANY questions, so let’s breakdown everything you need to know about the Amazon Pharmacy so you can decide if it’s right for you.

Amazon Pharmacy: 15 Must-Knows to Help You Save on Prescription Drugs

1. How Exactly Does the Amazon Pharmacy Work?

Amazon Pharmacy lets you use your current Amazon account and shop for prescription meds right from the comfort of your own home and get them conveniently delivered.

Their easy-to-use interface lets you quickly add your insurance information and prescriptions, manage refills, and track your orders.

Also, not only can you perform a Rx Transfer but you can quickly compare prices on meds before you decide if the savings is worth it.

2. Will They Accept My Health Insurance?

Yes, they accept most insurance plans.

When you sign-up they’ll lookup your insurance info and let you know via email if Amazon Pharmacy is covered by your plan.

And if you DON’T have health insurance, or a good prescription drug plan, you can still get “Prime Pricing” and save up to 80% off medications. More on that later.

3. Can I Use My HSA Account to Buy Drugs?

Yes, you CAN use your Health Savings Account (HSA) to purchase prescription drugs from Amazon Pharmacy.

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4. Do I Have to Be a Prime Member?

No, but if you are a Prime member you’ll gain access to “Prime” pricing which is lower drug prices specifically for Prime members.

Prime pricing is similar to using a prescription discount service like GoodRx where you get a no-insurance discount.

5. How Does the Amazon Pharmacy “Prime Pricing” Compare?

For the purpose of this example I took several of the prescriptions that my elderly parents are currently taking and ran them through to see how the pricing stacked up to the competition.

Here’s what I discovered…

Xarelto (30 Tabs, 20MG)

  • Amazon Prime Pricing – $503.00
  • Walmart – $544.71
  • Costco – $546.21
  • CVS – $545.21
  • Walgreens – $545.71


Vardenafil – Levitra (10 Tabs, 20MG)

  • Amazon Prime Pricing – $131.20
  • Walmart – $399.46
  • Costco – $46.33
  • CVS – $125.05
  • Walgreens – $169.37


Atorvastatin – Lipitor (30 Tabs, 20MG)

  • Amazon Prime Pricing – $14.90
  • Walmart – $49.17
  • Costco – $8.18
  • CVS – $45.05
  • Kroger – $53.72
  • Walgreens – $51.57


Crestor (30 Tabs, 10MG)

  • Amazon Prime Pricing – $11.00
  • Walmart – $138.64
  • Costco – $9.03
  • Kroger – $9.34
  • CVS – $64.14
  • Rite Aid – $86.63
  • Safeway – $44.60


Eliquis (60 Tabs, 5MG)

  • Amazon Prime Pricing – $509.90
  • Walmart – $551.88
  • Costco – $511.46
  • CVS – $510.46
  • Walgreens – $510.96

Takeaway: The pricing on popular name-brand drugs is about the same as the competition BUT the pricing on generics is usually REALLY good with Amazon Pharmacy.

6. Can I Talk to an Actual Pharmacist?


Amazon has pharmacists available 24/7 to answer your questions or concerns.

To get connected right away, call Amazon Pharmacy customer care at 1-855-745-5725.

If you call AFTER business hours you’ll be prompted to leave a message and a pharmacist will get back to you shortly.

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7. What’s the Delivery Window?

Prime members get free 2-day delivery on prescription meds.

Non-Prime members get free 4-5 day delivery.

Keep in mind that the shipping window is from when the meds actually LEAVE the Amazon warehouse.

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8. Does Amazon Pharmacy Sell Generic Drugs?


Buying generic drugs from Amazon seems to be the secret sauce for customers as they are VERY cheap and almost always beat the competition.

Think of generics as Amazon’s loss leader and expect to pay more (or the same) for name-brand drugs on Amazon Pharmacy.

9. What’s the Amazon Prime Rx Savings Card?

If you still want to continue using your local pharmacy, and you’re a Prime member, you can print out your Amazon Prime Rx Savings card for FREE.

You can then use the card at over 60,000 pharmacies nationwide and collect savings up to 80% off prescription med prices.

The savings card is a GREAT resource when your insurance co-pay is higher that the Prime member price OR if your medication is not covered by insurance.

Also, if you simply don’t have health insurance the Rx savings card is a no-brainer.

To find your digital Amazon Rx Savings Card, click here and click “View Rx Savings Card” then take a picture of it with your phone or print it out.

10. What If I Need My Meds Today?

Not a problem.

If you need your meds ASAP you’ll need to use the above Rx Savings Card and get the Prime price at your local pharmacy.

11. Can I Transfer My Prescription from Another Pharmacy?


Amazon asks you to call them at 1-855-745-5725 and they’ll help you with the transfer directly.

They’ll even contact your doctor for you AND your local pharmacy on your behalf.

12. What Medications Does Amazon Not Sell?

There are quite a few drugs and product categories that are not available in the Amazon Pharmacy.

Here are a few of the most notable.

– Breast Pumps

– Medical Devices

– Vitamins

– Vaccines

– Suspension Drugs

– Compounded Medications

– Schedule II-controlled Meds

– REMS Medications

13. Can I Easily Set Up Refills?


Keep in mind that you CANNOT get a 6-month supply of an eligible medications unless you buy it WITHOUT insurance.

14. What Kind of Box Do My Drugs Come In?

Amazon will mail you your prescriptions in what they term “discreet packaging”.

Also, if your meds require refrigeration they will be shipped separately in temperature-safe packaging.

Keep in mind that Amazon will NOT ship meds to a P.O. Box or Amazon Lockers.

15. Can I Return Meds to Amazon Pharmacy?


As of this writing you CANNOT return items to the Amazon Pharmacy, this includes 6-month supplies of drugs.

So make sure you’ll actually need 3 or 6 months of a prescription drug before placing your order.

Bonus Tip: Always Check GoodRx

The GoodRx app typically has money-saving coupons on prescription drugs available, so always compare them vs. Prime pricing.

By playing one app against the other you can definitely maximize your savings when it comes to prescription drugs.

Ask the Reader: Have you fulfilled a prescription at Amazon Pharmacy? Would you recommended it or is it more trouble than it’s worth?

By Kyle James

Photo credit to Amazon.