Does Macy’s Offer Price Protection? Here’s What You GOTTA Know

November 30, 2023 by Kyle
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Surprisingly, I’ve written very few articles about Macy’s over the years. As one of the long standing department stores in the country, they were founded WAY back in 1858, this needs to change. So it’s with this in mind that I wanted to talk about the price protection policy at Macy’s and some insider tips that’ll help you save some money. Here’s everything you need to know to get a Macy’s price adjustment and some hard earned money back in your wallet.

Does Macy's Offer Price Protection? Here's What You GOTTA Know

So…Does Macy’s Offer Price Protection?


Macy’s gives you 10 days from the date of purchase to get price protection, also known as a “Price Adjustment”, if they lower the price of something you previously bought.

You can get a price adjustment on BOTH online and in-store purchases.

Be aware that and Macy’s brick and mortar locations often have different prices on the same exact items which presents great opportunities to get a price adjustment (more on this later).

Do They Also Price Match Competitor Pricing?


Back in 2022, Macy’s stopped matching the lower price of competitors.

Since Macy’s carries mainly their own in-house brands this wasn’t too big of a deal.

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How Do I Get Macy’s Price Protection?

In-Store: Simply bring the item and receipt back into the Macy’s store of purchase and they’ll verify the lower price and refund you back to your original form of payment. You should be able to get this done at any checkout register in the store.

Online: Macy’s asks that you start a Live Chat session with them by clicking on the Chat Online link located at the bottom of this page. and tell them you’d like to get a price adjustment and they’ll gladly help you out.

Are There Any Product Exclusions?


The exclusions list is very small and only includes items sold on the Macy’s Digital Marketplace or come directly from Vendor partners.

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Can I Buy Online and Get an In-Store Price Adjustment?


This is actually a really cool shopping hack at Macy’s that was brought to my attention by a loyal reader.

Here’s the FULL scenario:

She was shopping at her local Macy’s and well, why don’t I just let her explain it in her own words…

“Wanted to let you know of a great deal I scored at Macy’s this week. I got a pair of Silver brand jeans, regular retail price of $85, for $4.99! They were special priced as they were the last pair in the store (on a mannequin), and not my size. I had a very helpful sales clerk inform me that I could order them online in my size for around $76, then come into the store and get them returned (and exchanged) for the in-store special price. They were $16.99 in-store, by the time I got them ordered and back in to return, the in-store price went down to $4.99! They even credited my shopping costs! Crazy!! Best deal I’ve ever gotten!”

Awesome. So let’s break this down a bit so you can give it a try.

Here are some IMPORTANT details to look for:

1. Look for Clearance Items

  • By only looking at the clearance rack you’re much more likely to find items that will fit the “buy online and return to store” criteria.
  • Look for items that are darn near out of stock which they don’t have in your size. This should not be that difficult.

TIP: The only way this works is if the store’s website is selling the item for more than the in-store price. This actually happens all the time as brick & mortar stores are constantly slashing prices in an effort to clear out inventory to make room for new styles.

2. How To Return and Re-Buy

  • Once you find an item you want that is a screaming deal, just order from the website, return in-store, and get a price adjustment to the lower price.
  • If the store you are shopping at has a smartphone app, and most big department stores do, make sure you download it and have it available when shopping in-store. You’ll be able to quickly see what the stores website is selling the item for and find some great “deal opportunities”.

Here is a list of popular store apps where this would work, including Macy’s, to help facilitate this clever shopping hack:

– Macy’s (Android, iOS)

– American Eagle Outfitters (Android, iOS)

– Nordstrom (iOS)

– Kohl’s (Android, iOS)

– JCPenney (Android, iOS)

– Old Navy (Android, iOS)

3. Being Friendly Goes a LONG Way

Because this hack requires you knowing if the store will let you return items in-store that were bought from their website, start up a friendly conversation with an employee and ask if this is an option.

By being upfront with what you’re trying to accomplish it will take the stigma out of it. After-all, it is nothing more than smart shopping.

While this hack is not something you can take advantage of during every shopping trip, it certainly is something to be aware of, especially at Macy’s where in-store and online pricing can very wildly.

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What Happens If I Originally Paid Cash?

You’ll get money back in your original form of payment, so you can expect to get cash back on a cash purchase at Macy’s.

What If I Used a Coupon on the Original Purchase?

This gets a little tricky.

You CANNOT use a previously applied Macy’s coupon code when getting a price adjustment.

So be sure to do the math and figure out if the price adjustment is actually a better price when removing the coupon code from the equation.

Can I Use a 3rd Party to Get Price Protection?


Citing privacy issues, Macy’s does NOT allow you to use a service like EARNY and Capital One Shopping that automatically asks for price protection on your behalf.

So the bottom-line is that Macy’s will ONLY take price protection requests directly from the customer.

Ask the Reader: Have you ever gotten a price adjustment at Macy’s? Was it an easy deal or did you run into hassles?

By Kyle James

HomeGoods Return Policy: We Answer the Questions Even They Won’t

November 14, 2023 by Kyle
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I’m at HomeGoods what I feel like is every weekend with my teenage daughter who is, well, shall we say “obsessed” with their bedroom and Christmas décor. I love hanging out with her before she leaves for college, so hey, I’ll happily hop in the car and go shopping with her whenever she asks if I want to come along. So…I’ve become fairly well acquainted with the HomeGoods return policy and all the caveats and twists within. So this article kinda wrote itself, not gonna lie. I hope it helps you out with your next return and answers all your questions.

HomeGoods Return Policy: We Answer the Questions Even They Won't

How Many Return Days Does Home Goods Give?

30 days.

For in-store purchases, Home Goods gives shoppers 30 days from purchase to return item to ANY Home Goods store.

What About for Online Purchases?

40 days.

Home Goods is the only store that I can remember that gives shoppers MORE return days for online purchases.

The 40 days starts on your order date, NOT on the delivery date.

Although it’s strange they offer 40 days for returns as their website recently closed for online shopping so look for this to be updated.

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Do I Need My Receipt to Make a Return?


Well…if you want to get your money back to your original payment method you NEED your receipt.

If you don’t have your receipt, you can still return the item but you’ll have to settle for store credit on a Home Goods gift card.

You’ll get the current selling price of the item which could be WAY less than what you actually paid for it.

Be prepared to show a valid I.D. when making receipt-less returns.

Why do you need an I.D.? Well, they’re going to track your returns and will eventually ban you from making returns without a receipt if you do it too often.

How often? I’m not sure. If you work for Home Goods, and are in the know, let us know in the comments.

Do Items Have To Be “Brand New”?

Yes and no.

Home Goods says item must be in the “original condition” so they can put them back on the shelf for sale.

But…if there is something wrong with the item, to not fault of your own, you should be able to return it even if it’s not “Brand New” and you don’t have all the original packaging.

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What Happens If I Remove the Tag?

As long as you still have the tag in your possession, you CAN make the return.

If you throw away the tag, but the item is still considered new, you should try and return it anyways and explain the situation.

If you still have your receipt, and are within the 30 or 40 days of purchase, you stand a great chance of being able to return the item.

Can I Opt for Cash on My Return?

Only if you paid with cash.

Otherwise, if you paid with a credit or debit card, you cannot get cash back on your return, it has to go back on your card.

Can Home Goods “Find” My Receipt If I Lose It? 


They won’t dig through your purse or glove box for you and they can’t use their computer system to find your receipt either.

Because your receipt is so important, always select the “Print and email receipt” option when checking out.

By doing this, your receipt will ALWAYS be waiting for you in your inbox if you ever need it.

Are Any Products NOT Returnable?


You cannot return the following to Home Goods:

– Opened Food Products – If you do like I did and open the box of Harry & David Moose Crunch you bought from Home Goods and decide you don’t like it, you CANNOT return it.

Not that I even considered it…I love me some Moose Crunch, especially the caramel.

– Gift Cards – Once you buy a gift card, you’ll have to either use it or give it away as a gift.

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Can I Return Stuff to a TJ Maxx or Marshalls?

No…well maybe.

The corporate stance is you have to take stuff you bought at a HomeGoods store back to any HomeGoods store.

This includes “combo stores” that have both a TJ Maxx and a Home Goods, you cannot return stuff you bought from a stand alone Home Goods to these combo stores.

BUT… according to this Reddit thread, it appears some store managers will allow HomeGoods returns at TJ Maxx and Marshalls locations.

It seems the common thread is typically this is only allowed in towns where the nearest Home Goods is NOT near a TJ Maxx or Marshalls.

It’s also worth noting that the ONLY WAY they’ll ever do this type of return is if the tag is still attached, you have the receipt, and you’re within the return window.

Can I Return Online Purchases In-Store?


Just bring in your packing slip or order confirmation email and you can use that as your proof of purchase.

The same rules apply to online purchases being returned, with the only difference being an extra 10 days to make the return.

What’s the Deal With Returning Furniture, Rugs, and Large Items?

It should be a pretty simple process, but you’ll have to get the item back to store, they won’t pick it up for you, even if you bought it online.

When returning a rug, be warned that they’ll unroll it and make sure it’s actually their rug and not dirty.

Is There an Extended Holiday Return Policy?


For all purchases made at Home Goods between 10/08/23 – 12/24/23 you have until 1/25/24 to make your return.

Their normal return goes back into effect on 12/26/23.

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What Does HomeGoods Do With the Stuff They Take Back?

I asked an employee this question on my last return as the item I was returning was no longer stocked.

She said they “throw away” stuff that is no longer stocked and sold.

I was BLOWN away, and it made me want to go dumpster diving behind the store.

Ask the Reader: When it comes to the return policy at Home Goods, what did I miss? Let me know in the comments so I can fact check it.

By Kyle James

Does Safeway Take Apple Pay? Plus Insider Tips For Safeway Shoppers ONLY

Updated December 1, 2023 by Kyle
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There’s something about pulling out my iPhone or Apple Watch to pay at the grocery store that makes me feel like Inspector Gadget. But yet I forget most of the time and end up swiping my credit card like a complete caveman. So when I was in Safeway recently, I made the conscious effort to pay with Apple Pay and the whole process was about the easiest thing I’ve ever done. Here’s everything you need to know concerning using Apple Pay at Safeway including a few payment hacks and tips that you NEED to be aware of if you shop at Safeway regularly.

Does Safeway Take Apple Pay? Plus Insider Tips For Safeway Shoppers ONLY

Does Safeway Take Apple Pay?


Safeway actually introduced Apple Pay to all in-store shoppers back in 2017 when they updated all of their contactless card readers.

So…How Do I Use Apple Pay at Checkout?

When it comes time to pay for your groceries, just Double Tap the Side Button on your iPhone to prompt Apple Pay.

Make sure the card you want to use is chosen and that your phone is unlocked.

Swipe the screen if you need to pull up a different card.

Then just hold your phone directly above the Payment Reader (towards the top of it) and wait for it to beep, or get the Done notification, or Green Check mark on your iPhone and you’re good to go.

Important note that confuses some folks…you do NOT need to open your Wallet app to use Apple Pay.

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How Do I Add a Card to Apple Pay?

How to Setup Apple Pay

I actually just used Apple Pay at my local Safeway this past weekend, and it made me think that I should use this article as a tutorial for those unfamiliar with how to set up Apple Pay on their iPhone.

Here are the 5 easy steps to make it happen:

1. Go to the Wallet app on your iPhone and tap the Add (+) button.

2. Next, tap Debit or Credit Card.

3. Then you can either select a card you’ve previously setup or enter a new card, then tap Continue.

4. Next you can snap a pic of your card’s info and it’ll be added automatically, or you’re given the option of enter the information manually.

5. Last, verify that your information is correct before your card is officially added.

Note: Apple lets you add up to 12 cards to your digital wallet.

Can I Use Apple Pay Online at

Online purchase at Safeway


When I tried to use Apple Pay to setup a home delivery with Safeway, I was unfortunately only given two forms of payment.

As you can see in the screenshot above, the only accepted payment methods are credit card or EBT card.

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What About Using Apple Pay with Instacart?

Instacart with Safeway


You can’t currently use Apply Pay with Instacart or any other grocery delivery service.

They typically only accept credit card, debit card, EBT Snap, and PayPal.

Can I Use Apple Pay for Curbside Pickup?


The same goes with Curbside Pickup, you CANNOT currently use Apple Pay to complete your purchase.

They only accept credit, debit, EBT cards.

What Are the 3 Benefits of Using Apple Pay?

1. Privacy – By using Apple Pay, you’ll never have to pull out a credit card and risk someone taking a picture of the number on it.

Plus, Safeway themselves will not get any of your important information like your credit card number and name/address.

2. Convenience – The fact that you don’t need to bring your purse or wallet into the store is a nice little perk.

But more importantly, you’ll never have to do the “walk of shame” out to your car if you accidentally forget your purse or wallet at home.

3. Security – The ABSOLUTE best part about using Apple Pay is the security aspect.

Apple Pay uses a unique device account number which is encrypted and stored as a secured element within the phone so your card number and personal information is VERY safe and can’t be stolen.

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Can I Use My Apple Watch to Pay?

Pay with your Apple Watch


When you add a new card to your Apple Wallet, you’ll be given the option of adding the card to your watch as well.

You can also add new cards to your watch within the Apple Watch app on your iPhone.

Then when you reach the checkout reader at Safeway, just position your wrist by the card reader, followed by waking up your Apple Watch by turning it towards you.

The option to pay with your watch will automatically pop-up on your watch, if it does NOT for some reason just double tap the side button on your watch to prompt Apple Pay.

Then you can choose the card you want to use by swiping left or right on your watch, then hold your wrist near the reader to pay.

You’ll see a green check mark on your watch screen, or feel a small watch vibration when your payment is accepted by Safeway.

Can I Use Google Pay If I Have an Android?


I’m not an Android guy, but yes you absolutely can use Google Pay at Safeway.

Here are some detailed instructions from PC World on how to get it set up and running.

What Payment Methods Does Safeway Accept?

Other than Apple Pay, Safeway accepts the following payment methods:

  • Visa
  • MasterCard
  • Discover
  • American Express
  • Debit cards with a Visa or MasterCard logo
  • Cash
  • Gift cards
  • Fast Forward
  • Personal check
  • Google Pay

I’ll keep this list updated as new payment methods are added in the future.

Can I Use Apple Pay at Safeway Gas Stations?

Safeway gas stations contactless reader


Using Apple Pay at gas stations is by far the easiest way to pay and that holds true at Safeway filling stations as well.

You pay the same way as you would in-store, but you hold your phone over the contactless pay part of the pump (see red arrow in pic above).

Can I Use Apple Pay in Canada at Safeway?


You absolutely can use Apple Pay in all Safeway locations in Canada.

I couldn’t find this information anywhere on so I called the corporate office and was assured that Apple Pay also works north of the border.

3 Things To Be Aware of When Paying at Safeway…

1. Safeway “Tap to Pay” AlertSome Safeway shoppers have been complaining that their credit cars are being charged via the “Tap to Pay” feature without them even getting the cards out of their purse.

The best way to make sure this doesn’t happen to you is to make sure your wallet has RFID blocking capabilities so your card will NEVER be charged without you knowing it.

2. You’ll Still Get Reward Points on Credit Cards – Most credit cards these days come with reward points for every dollar spent, making your credit card a better option than paying with your debit card or writing a check.

Rest assured that you’ll STILL get the same reward points when you use Apple Pay at Safeway, nothing changes in the eyes of your credit card company.

3. Using Self-Checkout – Some folks are wondering if you can use self-checkout at Safeway and STILL use Apple Pay, and I’m here to say you absolutely CAN.

To make it happen, select “Card”  when prompted, the reader will activate, at which point you just hold your iPhone near the top of reader and you’ll get a ping when the transaction is complete.

Ask the Reader: Do you use Apple Pay often at grocery stores like Safeway? What tidbits am I missing that could be helpful to others?

By Kyle James

Photo credit to Mike Mozart.