Does Costco Do Oil Changes? Here’s the Full Scoop

May 12, 2022 by Kyle
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I was recently showing my son how to change the oil in his car and the idea for this article was born. He was asking me how much money I think it saves us to do-it-yourself and I told him it depends on where you take your car to get the oil changed. He said “Costco was probably pretty cheap?” and I said, “I’m not sure if Costco does oil changes”. So I figured I’d go out and do the research to figure out what the deal is at Costco, and uncover all the ways to save money on oil changes by shopping at Costco.

Does Costco Do Oil Changes? Here's the Full Scoop

Does Costco Perform Oil Changes?


Costco will happily sell you new tires for your car but as of this writing they no longer perform oil changes at any location.

When Did Costco Stop Doing Oil Changes?

From my research, it looks like Costco stopped doing oil changes in their auto centers right around 2016 or 2017 depending on the location.

Does Costco Sell Motor Oil So I Can Do It Myself?


And it’s a pretty good deal if you’re handy enough to do your own oil changes at home.

You can buy 10 quarts of the Kirkland 5W-20 full synthetic for only $38.99.

If you want a name brand, you can buy 6 quarts of Mobil 10W-30 full synthetic for $41.99.

Pretty good deal.

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Jiffy Lube Gift Cards is the Best Solution

While Costco doesn’t offer oil changes anymore, they still have a GREAT way to save money on your next oil change.

The next time you walk into Costco, head to the gift cards section and look for Jiffy Lube gift cards.

They typically come in a 2-pack with each being valued at $50…but you ONLY pay $74.99 for both.

That turns into a very cool 25% savings on your next oil change for doing pretty much nothing.

Also, it’s worth noting that sometimes you can find these Jiffy Lube gift cards on with free shipping.

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What Big Box Stores Still Do Oil Changes?

The following couple stores still do oil changes and are affordable options.

– Walmart – Oil changes at Walmart start at an affordable $32.88.

– Sears – Yes, there are still some Sears stores open across the country. If you live near one, you can get your oil changed for about $45 for basic service.

Ask the Reader: Did you take advantage of oil changes at Costco back in the day? Where do you take your vehicle now to get the oil and filter changed?

By Kyle James

Does Target Sell Cigarettes and Tobacco Products? Here’s the Scoop

May 6, 2022 by Kyle
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Since you clicked on my article you’re probably wondering if Target sells cigarettes and other tobacco related products. Here’s everything you need to know including a list of big box national retailers and grocery stores that still sell cigarettes.

Does Target Sell Cigarettes and Tobacco Products? Here's the 411

Does My Local Target Sell Cigarettes?


Target was actually one of the first major retailers to ban the sale of cigarettes way back in 1996.

They cited health issues and the internal cost of trying to keep cigarettes out of the hands of minors as contributing factors.

Target has done a good job creating a brand that is health conscious and out for the “greater good” of society.

What About Cigars?


Cigars were banned in all Target locations (as well as their website) at the same time as cigarettes.

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Does Target Sell Loose Tobacco?


Starting to sense a theme here?

Target does not sell loose tobacco or the rolling paper used to make your own cigarettes.

What About Vape Products?


Target recently made the business decision to NOT sell vape or e-cigarette products either.

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Does Target Sell Nicorette or Other “Stop Smoking” Aids?


Target sells the following stop smoking aids, all over-the-counter.

1. Nicorette Gum – Chew on it when the urge to light up a smoke hits ya.

2. NicoDerm Patch – The patch releases nicotine throughout the day to help greatly with the urge to smoke.

4. Nicotine Gum – This is made by “Up&Up” which is Target’s in-house brand and is cheaper than the Nicorette brand.

Do Any Big Box Stores Still Sell Cigarettes?

Yes, but not many.

Many stores like Walmart and Costco are jumping on the “no-cigs” bandwagon.

But as of this writing, the following national retail and grocery stores STILL sell cigarettes.

– Walgreens.

– Sam’s Club.

– Dollar General.

– Family Dollar.

– Rite-Aid.

– Kroger.

– Publix.

– Safeway.

– Winco.

Ask the Reader: Do you agree that stores like Target should stop selling cigarettes or do you think they should continue selling them in the name of personal responsibility and freedom?

By Kyle James

Does Best Buy Have a Military Discount? Here’s What You Need to Know

Updated May 5, 2022 by Kyle

As I work my way through all of the retailers that offer a military or veteran discount, the Best Buy military discount kept popping up as one that I needed to research in greater detail. It seems they had a “public” military discount as recent as 2017 but may have gone away. So I visited a couple Best Buy stores to try and find some answers so vets and active military could save a few extra bucks. Here’s what I found out, hope this info helps you save.

Does Best Buy Have a Military Discount? Here's What You MUST Know

Does Best Buy Have a Military Discount?

No….well maybe.

Their “military discount” is on a case-by-case basis and comes down to the discretion of the manager.

I recently went into my local Best Buy and inquired about the discount to try and get some answers.

I spoke with a very friendly manager and was told that “Yes” he does hand out a 10% military discount to those who ask.

I then went to a Best Buy in a neighboring town and was told “No, they don’t offer a military discount”.

So the bottom-line is your mileage will vary depending on who you talk too, but you might as well ask as you have NOTHING to loose.

So How Do I Make It Happen?

You can do TWO things to try and obtain a military discount at Best Buy.

1. Call Your Local Best Buy Location

Simply call and ask as many locations offer a military discount to those who inquire.

They might not promote or advertise it anywhere, but it does exist.

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2. Go To Your Local Store and Ask

When you arrive, head to the customer service desk and ask if they have a military discount.

If they say “no” or they aren’t sure, politely ask to speak to the manager.

When you talk to the manager explain that you’ve heard many Best Buy locations offer a 10% military discount and see what they say.

Who Qualifies for the Discount?

It’s not exactly clear who is eligible for a military discount at Best Buy.

But according to the Best Buy manager that I spoke with, he gives the discount to active and retired military members.

He asks for a current military ID card, DD214, or a driver’s license with a veteran’s designation on it and he’ll give a 10% discount.

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How Do I Prove My Status As a Veteran?

The easiest way is to get a driver’s license with a “veteran” designation on it.

If you don’t have that designation on your license, then bring whatever paperwork you have that can prove your service.

What About Geek Squad Services?

Some stores managers are more likely to hand out a military discount on Best Buy services rather than actual products.

The Geek Squad falls into this category and if you need tech help ask politely for a military discount on the services.

You stand a great chance of getting a small kick-back on Geek Squad services like in-home installation and computer repair.

What If I’m Denied a Discount, Do I Have Other Options?


Here are a few other options to save at Best Buy if you fail to score a military discount.

1. Student Discount

The Best Buy student discount is no joke and serves as a great way for college students to save on specific products like laptops, tablets, and even Apple products.

Best Buy has essentially created a separate website for “college deals” with savings up to 45% off the original retail price.

You only need to have a .edu email address to qualify.

2. Employee Discount

 If you get turned down for a military discount, maybe ask for a job application and save money via the Best Buy employee discount.

When hired you’ll get a discount of cost + 5% which ain’t too shabby.

So if the product’s retail price is $100 and Best Buy paid $65 for it then you’ll get it for a smooth $68.25.

With the high markup on consumer electronics, you’ll save a TON of money working for Best Buy.

3. Get a Price Match

 A smart, yet often overlooked way to save at Best Buy is to take advantage of their price match policy.

If a competitor within 25 miles of your local Best Buy has a lower price, they’ll happily match that price.

Items must be identical and in-stock at both stores.

Ask the Reader: How do you save money at Best Buy? Let me know your favorite trick or savings hack in the comments section.

By Kyle James