Brilliant Ways to Save at Marshalls According to Employees

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I was shopping at Marshalls recently with my wife and daughter and was really bored as the men’s department is TINY and I’d already looked at everything twice. So on a whim, I decided to start chatting with a few employees and ask them what they thought was the best way to save money at Marshalls. The results did NOT disappoint and I knew immediately I had to get their highly creative tips put together in an article before I forgot. I hope these great tips help you save some money in the future.

Brilliant Ways to Save at Marshalls According to Employees

Don’t Be Afraid to Ask About a Possible Markdown

Do NOT be afraid to ask a Marshalls employee if a product is due for a markdown, especially if you’ve seen it on the rack or shelf for a while.

I talked to several employees and they ALL told me it’s totally cool to politely ask this question, especially if they aren’t busy.

They have a phone scanner available and they can quickly check to see if the item should be marked down and give you the lower price (on the spot) if they can.

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Pay Attention to Clearance Price Tags

Marshalls clearance price tag

According to a Marshalls employee here is how the clearance price stickers work:

  • White Price Sticker – This is the regular price.
  • Red Price Sticker – This is the first clearance markdown price.
  • Yellow Price Sticker – Yellow sticker means it’s been marked down at least once from the “red sticker price”. It will continue to be marked down with a yellow stick moving forward. See the picture above, the product originally had a $10 yellow sticker and has been marked down again to $8.
  • Blue Price Sticker – This means the product comes in a set, so be sure to find the other item (probably nearby) with a blue sticker.
  • Purple Price Sticker – This means the item is a “Runway” item and comes from a high-end fashion brand. I’ve never seen one of these.

I had a couple employees actually walk me around the store briefly so I could could snap a picture of these tags for this article which was really nice of them.

I was also told that Marshalls does their markdowns throughout the week and will continue markdown items that do NOT sell every 7-10 days.

What’s the Best Day for Beauty Restocks?

I talked to an employee that actually does the beauty restocks at her store.

She said without equivocation that Tuesdays and Wednesdays starting at 9:30 a.m. is the BEST TIME to get first dibs on “the good stuff”.

She added that they get a lot of their stuff from ULTA and Sephora, so DON’T buy from those stores, instead come to Marshalls and save up to 75% off the original price.

She also wanted to preface this information by saying to ask at your local Marshalls as it could vary by location.

Also, she told me employees are very open with this “restock information”, so ALWAYS ask.

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Hit Up for HUGE Deals

Unlike TJ Maxx and Ross, Marshalls actually sells stuff online, and if you know where they hide the best deals on their site, you can REALLY save.

In particular, I was told by a Marshalls employee to always check out the toy deals on their website as the prices are really LOW and way cheaper than Amazon.

So off I went to the Marshalls website for some quick price comparisons with Amazon and the toy deals were definitely screaming.

For example, Marshalls was selling the Fisher-Price Batman Batcave set for only $15 while Amazon had it “on sale” for $38.99.

I also found great deals on kids books, games, puzzles, baby toys, and even arts and crafts supplies and kits.

Also, Marshalls offers free shipping if you spend at least $89 online, just use the coupon code SHIP89 when checking out.

When Shopping for Home Furnishings ALWAYS Negotiate

While negotiating a lower price at big-box stores is something I’ve talked about before, I had never considered it at Marshalls.

I think the reason I never thought of it at Marshalls was because the prices were already low.

But I had 2 separate Marshalls employees tell me that they will almost always lower the price on furniture if you ask politely.

Before you try this, be sure to find a small stain or imperfection in the furniture and use that as your ammo for negotiating a slight discount.

Depending on how bad the imperfection is, it’s reasonable to politely ask for a 15-20% discount and be prepared to settle for 10%.

I was told that managers at Marshalls are ALWAYS trying to get rid of furniture before new merchandise comes in as it takes up so much room on the sales floor.

Use this knowledge to your advantage and get a small discount on chairs, end tables, lamps, tables, and even couches.

Bonus Tip: Do NOT Try to Remove the Clearance Sticker

If you’re thinking of trying to remove the clearance price sticker so you can make a return without a receipt, think again.

Marshalls employees are onto this “hack” as the stickers are really sticky and will damage the price tag if you try to peel it off.

Don’t try it, your return will not be accepted and you’ll be asked to leave.

Ask the Reader: What’s your best tip for saving money at Marshalls? Let me know in the comments.

By Kyle James

Trader Joe’s Employee Discount and Perks (From a “Crew” Member)

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I have a good friend who’s been a Trader Joe’s “Crew Member” for a couple years now and I finally got the chance to sit him down and GRILL HIM on the Trader Joe’s employee discount and other job perks. And grill him I did. So if you’re thinking of applying for a job at TJ’s, this article is a must-read as much of the stuff my buddy talks about you won’t find anywhere else.

Trader Joe's Employee Discount and Perks (From a

Does Trader Joe’s Offer an Employee Discount?

“Yes, and it’s 20% off everything in the store.”

“It’s a solid discount and I know several crew members whose main reason for staying with TJ’s is the discount as they have teenagers in the house and the weekly savings is HUGE, especially compared to other grocery stores in my area.”

“Plus, it really encourages crew members to buy and try new items and increase their knowledge of the products we sell.”

Note: Apparently they raised the discount from 10% to 20% during the COVID pandemic to help their employees and have not lowered since.

Can You Use the Discount on Alcohol?

“There’s no policy against it and I’ve seen crew members use the discount for booze all the time.”

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Are All Employees Eligible for the Discount?

Yes. I was able to use the 20% discount after my first day of work.”

“I mean I didn’t because that would have been kind of weird, but I definitely could have.”

Can Workers Get the Discount at Other Trader Joe’s?


“I’ve actually gotten the discount at a Trader Joe’s when visiting family in Florida. When checking out, you just tell the crew member you’re an employee and you’re good to go.”

“We are actually told not to question the employee discount, or even ask for their store number, as it’s part of our “Crew Integrity” pledge.”

“I’ve had some people ask what store I work at, but it’s never in an accusatory way, most crew members are just curious about where you work and where you live.”

Can Spouses Use the Discount as Well?

“It’s my understanding that the discount is for employees only, so the spouse could get it, but the employee would need to be with him or her.”

“With that said, I’m not sure what’s keeping a spouse from getting the employee discount at another Trader Joe’s as crew members are not allowed to ask for evidence that you work for the company.”

Does This Mean Anyone Can Get the Employee Discount?

“In theory, yes.”

“Until employees have to show an employee I.D. of some sort, it will be hard to police the discount.”

“But the theory is if someone needs the discount on groceries that bad to lie about it, then I guess it’s okay to give it to them.”

Can You Return Items That You Bought With the Discount?

“Hahaha, leave it up to you Kyle, the king of returns, to ask about returns.”

“I mean, yeah sure, you definitely could, I’ve never seen anyone do it. But yes, if there’s something wrong with it, you should bring it back.”

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Do You Get Paid Extra to Work on Sundays?

Yes. Actually a few months after I was hired, Trader Joe’s instituted a great new policy that paid employees $10 more per hour on Sundays.”

“This brought my Sunday wage to over $30 per hour.”

“It was amazing how many crew members all of the sudden wanted to work on Sunday, which is a pretty crazy busy day that most wanted to NOT work before the salary bump.”

How Do Employees Go About Getting the Discount?

“The biggest thing is you CAN’T check yourself out and give yourself the employee discount, either during your shift or when you’re not on the clock.”

“According to our employee handbook, you have to be off-the-clock and have another crew member hook you up with the discount.”

“The rules also stipulate that you have to leave with your groceries immediately and not hang around the store and eat your food.”

“I’m guessing this became an issue at one time, for whatever strange reason, and Trader Joe’s had to include it in the handbook.”

What About Medical and Dental Benefits?

“If you work at least 28 hours a week you qualify for medical benefits which is a pretty low threshold which I always appreciated.”

“If you work between 14 – 27 hours a week and you only qualify for vision and dental coverage which is still a nice perk.”

“I remember that I had to work for 3 full months before I qualified for medical.”

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Do You Accrue Paid Time Off as Well?

“Heck yes, every Crew Member starts accruing time off after they clock in for the first time.”

“I had to talk to my “captain” to get the exact numbers but it works by Trader Joe’s contributing 3.5% to 7.5% to your PTO account.”

“For new hires, it comes out to about 4-5 days of PTO per year, all the way up to about 10 days a year for those who’ve been employed for a while.”

“The WAY cool part about your PTO account is that it does NOT expire, allowing you to bank it for long vacations.”

How Often Do Crew Members Get a Raise?

“I get a performance review twice a year and I’m eligible for a raise at that point, so every 6 months.”

“I think the biggest pay raise crew members can get is 7% per year which is pretty solid.”

How Often is Payday at Trader Joe’s?

“I remember when I got hired, I was told we get paid bi-weekly and I wasn’t sure if that meant we got paid twice a week OR every other week.”

“But alas, all the crew members get paid every other Thursday.”

Any Other Job Perks Worth Mentioning?

“It’s just a fun place to work. I’ve worked at other grocery stores that were really boring but the atmosphere at Trader Joe’s is what makes it for me.”

“The benefits are great too, but man, if you ain’t having some fun while you’re working, then what’s the point?”

Bonus Tip: Does TJ’s Contribute to my Retirement Account?

I completely forgot to ask my friend about a 401(k) retirement plan when working at Trader Joe’s, so I did a little research on my own.

All employees are eligible for a 401(k) plan, but in order to qualify for the 10% 401(k) bonus you need to work at least 700 hours during the year.

The bonus that they offer appears to change every year, but in 2023 it was 10%.

A HUGE thanks to my friend Bruce for the GREAT information, I know it will be very helpful for all those thinking of applying for a job at Trader Joe’s.

Ask the Reader: Are you a crew member and have something to add about the employee discount or something my friend got wrong? Or other job perks? Let me know in the comments.

By Kyle James

Costco Employees Tell Me The BEST Day and Time to Shop

Updated March 27, 2024 by Kyle James

I walked into my local Costco and talked to 8 incredibly helpful employees about the best day and time to shop and they DID NOT disappoint with the insider knowledge they gave me. My goal was to talk to a couple cashiers, someone in the bakery and meat department, someone in the tire center, and even try to grab the attention of a manager on the floor if they weren’t busy. I’m proud to say I accomplished ALL of this and I think the information they gave me will be helpful to all Costco members looking to save some time. Let’s get to it. 

Costco Employees Tell Me The BEST Day and Time to Shop

What’s the Best Day to Shop at Costco?


From talking to 8 different Costco employees, the consensus was Tuesday is the single best day to shop at Costco.

What Makes Tuesdays SO Great?

Several reasons actually.

Perhaps the easiest way to break this down is to tell you why the other days of the week are less than ideal for getting your Costco shopping done.

Let’s start with Wednesday and work our way through the week.

Wednesday – Surprisingly, 2 cashiers that I chatted with both pointed out that it’s smart to AVOID Wednesday if possible.

They told me Wednesday is the day of the week when the Costco coupon book starts and they get busy, especially in the first few hours after they open.

Thursday – I was told Thursday isn’t terrible but can be a bit busy. Probably the 2nd best day of the week to shop.

An employee in the Costco meat department also told me that they have to restock Thursday afternoons because of all the shoppers snatching up meat for their weekend BBQs.

Friday – A couple employees said Friday afternoons can be VERY crowded, often as busy as Saturday.

Saturday – 5 of the employees that I talked to said Saturday is their busiest day of the week. Stay away if AT ALL possible.

If you have to shop on a Saturday, do it right when they open (usually 9 a.m.) or show up at 6 p.m. which is one hour before they close.

Expect a line at the door when they open on Saturdays, but you’ll get in quickly and the aisles won’t be very crowded.

Sunday – 2 employees said that Sunday is their busiest day.

Three employees said if you’re going to shop on Sunday, come during the time of the local NFL team’s game and it’ll be way less crowded or right when they open as many people are at church.

Monday – Surprisingly, I was told Mondays can get busy as local businesses and restaurants tend to stock up for the week.

WINNER – This leaves TUESDAY as the single BEST day to do your Costco shopping, you’ll avoid the crowds -AND-  the coupon users and get in-and-out quickly.

OK…So What Time on Tuesday Should I Shop?

Early if possible.

When I asked this question to a friendly cashier at 9:30 a.m. on a Tuesday, she looked around the empty store, and the 2 empty checkout lines near us, and said with a laugh, “Right now is good!”

Enough said.

After a bit more probing, she also said that the store tends to get a little less busy during the middle of the week about an hour or two after they open.

She said “the morning rush dies down and people are off at work.”

What About Using Other Services, is Tuesday Also Good?


Entering Costco on a Tuesday is also good when using the following:

Pharmacy – I was told by the gal working the counter at the Costco Pharmacy that there’s rarely a line on Tuesdays and the wait to get your prescription filled is often short.

Optometrist – Tuesday is also a good day to schedule an eye appointment as well as shop for new glasses and contacts.

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Tire Center – According to the tire center tech that I briefly spoke with, try to schedule a visit to for a new set of tires on a Tuesday or Wednesday if your schedule permits it.

I was told it’ll be way less crowded and your car will be ready to roll fairly quickly.

Does the Same Apply to Getting Costco Gas?

No, well sorta.

On my way out of the Costco parking lot I stopped and filled up my tank and asked the station attendant when it was the least busiest.

He minced no words and immediately said, “Tuesday through Thursday between 9:30 and 11:30 a.m.”

I was like, “Wow, okay, why do you think that is?”

He said, “Because everyone is at work and nobody is on their lunch break yet.”

Makes perfect sense to me.

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What Day is the WORST to Shop at Costco?


As mentioned above, and to no surprise, Saturday is the worst day to shop at Costco, especially in the early afternoon.

I’ve driven past my Costco on a Saturday and it looked like the parking lot was completely full and cars were waiting for a spot to open up.

Now I realize some of you have no choice but to shop on Saturday due to work and family obligations, so try to go early when they open -OR- show up a hour before they close.

Will I Still Find Yummy Samples on a Tuesday?

Yes, unless you’re early.

If you show up when the store open on a Tuesday, you’ll find that sample stations are still being setup so you might have to hang out a for a bit before you can grab some free treats.

Otherwise, yes, Costco hands out free samples every day of the week.

Ask the Reader: When do you think is the best day and time to shop at Costco? Let me know if you’re a Tuesday fan as well?

By Kyle James