Banana Republic Return Policy: Finally…We Make Sense Of It

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I’m proud to say that I still have 3 pairs of dress pants from Banana Republic that I bought during Obama’s first administration. I’ve always regarded them as making quality clothing that is also quite comfortable. But it doesn’t matter how well made clothing is, there always comes a time when you need to make a return. So I went out and researched the Banana Republic return policy and found answers to all your burning return questions to hopefully make your life a tiny bit easier.

Banana Republic Return Policy: Finally...We Make Sense Of It

How Many Return Days Do I Get?

30 days.

The Banana Republic return policy gives shoppers 30 days to try stuff on at-home and figure out of it’s right for them.

Unfortunately, this policy recently changed from 45 days to 30.

Do Any Clothing Items Have a Longer Return Window?


Everything they sell, including clearance items, comes with a 30 day return policy.

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Can I Return Items I’ve Worn Once or Twice?


If you wear something and notice a defect like a small hole, or stitching that’s coming loose, Banana Republic will almost certainly take the item back for a refund or exchange.

But if you wear the item out to work or dinner and simply decide you don’t like it, your mileage will vary depending on the manager you encounter.

Do I Need My Receipt to Make a Return?

Yes, it’s highly recommended that you have your receipt as it will make your return very easy.

What If the Dog Ate My Receipt?

Take him to the vet and try and get Fido to throw it up cuz you’re gonna need it.

But seriously, they MAY be able to look up the receipt with the credit card you used for the purchase, but not always.

Tip: If you’re a member of the Banana Republic Rewards program, they can typically look up the transaction and access your receipt.

Lastly, depending on the manager, they may be able to issue you store credit for the last sale price of the item.

Can I Make an In-Store Return on an Online Purchase?

Yes, absolutely.

Just bring back your items with original tags still on them to ANY Banana Republic store (not a Banana Republic Factory store).

You can use either your online invoice OR packing slip as proof of purchase and get your refund or exchange.

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Who Pays the Shipping Fee on an Online Return?

They do.

When you use the Returns Portal at Banana Republic, they will happily pay the return shipping fees on all refunds and exchanges.

For a straight refund, they’ll reimburse your original form of payment as soon as they receive the item(s).

For an exchange, they ask that you contact them first to make sure they send you the correct replacement item.

What’s the Policy at a Banana Republic Factory Store?

The return policy is IDENTICAL at a Banana Republic Factory store.

You have 30 days to return in-store or online via the prepaid return shipping label.

How Do I Return a Gift Without a Receipt?

If you do NOT have a gift receipt, you will receive a gift card for the last sale amount of the item you’re returning.

If you want a cash refund, you’ll need to come up with the receipt or ask the gift giver if they still have it.

Can I Return BR Stuff to an Old Navy or Gap Store?


You’ll need to head to a Banana Republic location to make your return as Old Navy and Gap have completely different inventories.

Can I Return Clothing from the Other Brands Online?


For example, if you had stuff delivered from Banana Republic and Gap in one package, you can also return them in ONE PACKAGE.

The same goes for exchanges which is very convenient.

Ask the Reader: Have you ever had a problem with the Banana Republic return policy? Let me know in the comments.

By Kyle James

What Time Does McDonald’s Start Serving Lunch? (Plus Menu Hacks to Save Money)

June 13, 2022 by Kyle
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Sure, Egg McMuffins are great, but sometimes you crave a juicy Big Mac or Quarter Pounder mid-morning or want to order something off their secret menu. But will McDonald’s actually serve you a burger or French fries before lunch? This begs the question, what time does McDonald’s serve lunch? So I went out and discovered everything you need to know. Plus I threw in a few money saving hacks to get the most bang for your lunch money at McDonald’s.

What Time Does McDonald's Serve Lunch? (PLUS Hacks to Save Money)

What Time Does McDonald’s Serve Lunch?

10:30 a.m.

McDonald’s doesn’t have the griddle space for eggs, sausage, hash browns, AND burgers…so lunch doesn’t start until 10:30 on weekday mornings.

Is the 10:30 a.m. Start Time the Same on Weekends?


McDonald’s starts serving lunch on Saturday and Sunday a little bit later at 11 am.

The reason for this delay is because they get a pretty sizable breakfast crowd on the weekend, and it takes them a little longer to transition the “kitchen” over to lunch.

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What’s the Latest I Can Score an Egg McMuffin?

Between 10:45 and 11 am.

It might not be hot off the griddle, but you can usually order at 10:45ish and still get breakfast items that have been made, but not yet sold.

Does McDonald’s Serve Fries in the Morning?


If you’re like me, you’d TOTALLY prefer McDonald’s French fries over their hash browns, but unfortunately you’ll have to wait until at least 10:30 a.m. to get your hands on some.

Does a “24 Hour” McDonald’s Serve Lunch Earlier?

Typically no.

But some independently owned McDonald’s, that stay open 24 hours, could start serving some lunch items as early as 9 am.

What Time Does the “Lunch” Menu End?

The lunch menu at Mickey D’s will stay open until they lock the doors, which is typically at 10 or 11 pm depending on the location.

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Give Me a Few Lunch “Menu Hacks”…

So once you finally make it to McDonald’s for lunch, use these 3 clever hacks to get more food for your money.

1 – Order a McDouble and ask for it “Like a Mac” – You’ll basically get a BigMac without the center bread and spend about a third less money.

2 – Always order McNuggets in groups of 4 – If you want 20 nuggets, order 5 separate containers of 4.

You’ll typically pay way less than if you ponied up for a box 20.

3 – Over 55 and would love a cup of coffee with lunch? – Just dine-in and ask for your free cup of coffee.

Not all Mickey D’s participate, but definitely worth a shot.

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Ask the Reader: Do you ever crave a McDonald’s burger before lunch? How do you get your fix?

By Kyle James

Photo credit to Mike Mozart.

Gap Return Policy: It’s Time To Set the Record Straight (Finally!)

Updated July 18, 2022 by Kyle

I got an email the other day telling me about a major change in the Gap return policy and the idea for this post was born. I actually thought I had already written about the return policy at Gap, but alas, I’ve only written about the return policy at Old Navy. I hope this article answers all of your questions and makes your next return a walk in the park.

Gap Return Policy: It's Time To Set the Record Straight (Finally!)

How Many Return Days Does Gap Allow?

30 days.

Gap did allow for 45 return days, but in June of 2022 they lowered it to a measly 30 days.

Make sure you try stuff on and don’t let new clothing from Gap sit on your closet floor in the bag.

Are There Any Exceptions to 30 Days?

Yes, there are two exceptions.

– Final Sale Items – Anything at Gap marked “Final Sale” is exactly that, and cannot be returned.

– Athleta – Clothing items with the Athleta label still comes with an extended 60 day return policy.

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Do I Need My Receipt to Make an In-Store Return?


There may be an exception made if store employees can track your purchase using your credit card, but in most cases you’ll need your receipt to make a return at Gap.

What If I Lost My Gap Receipt?

You might be able to talk the manager into store credit if the item still has the original tag on it.

For online purchases, you can login to your Gap account and find your order history and thus you can find your online receipt or invoice.

Can I Wear Clothing, Then Return It?

Yes, sort of.

I was told by a Gap representative that you can try and return a worn item, and as long as you DON’T remove the tags, you stand a good chance of getting your money back.

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What About Shoes Bought at Gap?

30 days.

Shoes from Gap come with the same 30-day return policy like the rest of their clothing.

How Do I Return a Gift Without a Gift Receipt?

This one can be tricky.

You can’t make this type of return via the mail but you stand a good chance in-store.

It will be up to the manager, but in many cases they’ll give you store credit for the lowest selling price of the item as long as it still has the original tags on it.

Can I Return Stuff Bought Online to My Local Gap?


Just bring in the original packaging and invoice slip to your local Gap and they’ll happily help you with your return or exchange.

Also, it’s worth mentioning that you CANNOT return items bought at a regular Gap store to a Factory or Outlet store.

Are Online Returns Free?


Both online returns and exchanges are completely free when you use the the Gap interactive return process.

You’ll be given the option to create a UPS or USPS prepaid label.

Then just pack your items in the original box or bag (or something similar), affix the label to it, then drop it off at the appropriate location.

Gap will refund you the cost of the items as soon as they receive them and email you a confirmation of the refund.

What If I Want an Exchange Rather Than a Return?

Not a problem.

You’ll process your return the same way as above, but you’ll fill out the exchange form stating what color or size you’d like to exchange the item for.

Can I Return a Gap Gift Card?


Surprisingly, Gap lets you return gift cards.

They will refund the value of the card back to the original form of payment, so you’ll NEED your original receipt to make it happen.

Is the “Gap Factory” Return Policy the Same?


Purchases from a Gap Factory store also come with a 30-day return policy and require a receipt.

Ask the Reader: Are you a fan of the Gap return policy? How do you feel about the new 30-day return window?

By Kyle James

Photo credit to Mike Mozart.