Verizon Teacher Discount: If You Teach, Go Save Some Money NOW

Updated January 11, 2024 by Kyle James
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My wife is an incredibly brave (or crazy) kindergarten teacher and we’ve been getting the Verizon teacher discount for years now. As we all know, teachers don’t make a ton of money so every little teacher discount helps and Verizon’s is no exception. The cool thing about the Verizon teacher discount is it’s VERY easy to apply, took me maybe 5 minutes total. So, if you’re a teacher and curious how it all works, keep reading and you’ll get all your questions answered.

Verizon Teacher Discount: If You Teach Go Save Some Money NOW

What is the Verizon Discount for Teachers?

Verizon offers a monthly discount to teachers with their Verizon teachers discount program.

This means eligible teachers who have a Verizon account and at least 1 smartphone or basic phone on at least 1 or more specific Verizon plans (listed below) can receive a monthly discount.

Eligible plans for the Verizon teacher discount include:

– Currently available plans: One Unlimited for iPhone, Welcome Unlimited, 5G Start, 5G Play More, 5G Do More, 5G Get More

– Other plans: Play More Unlimited, Do More Unlimited, Get More Unlimited, Just Kids

– Additional Unlimited plans: Go Unlimited, Beyond Unlimited, Above Unlimited

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How Much Can I Save With the Discount?

Here is the monthly breakdown of how much you can save with the teacher discount:

– $10 per month with 1 line.

– $25 per month with 2-3 lines.

– $20 per month with 4 plus lines.

How Do Teachers Prove Their Eligibility?

To be a part of the teachers discount program you must first qualify for the discount.

The following is a list of qualifications straight from Verizon’s website that tells you what you need to do to get the teacher discount.

Have at least 1 smartphone or basic phone on a qualifying Verizon monthly Unlimited plan.

– Be the Account Owner or Account Manager.

– Be a currently-employed teacher (kindergarten to grade 12 or post-secondary instructor).

Apply online through our Teachers discounts page.

Validate your teaching employment as part of the discount registration.

Re-validate your teaching employment about once a year.

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So…How Do I Make It Happen?

To get started with signing-up for the teacher’s discount, simply visit this page and click on the “Get Started” button.

You’ll be redirected to and start the verification process.

Once verified, you’ll get an email confirmation and start to see your discount on your Verizon bill in 1-2 billing cycles.

Is the Discount Good for All Teachers?


You must be an eligible teacher to get the Verizon teacher discount.

Here are a few things teachers must have/be to be eligible:

– Be an active teacher currently employed.

– Be a K – 12th grade teacher, or a post-secondary instructor (i.e. college professor).

– Some states require you to provide your teaching certificate when applying.

Therefore, you will not be eligible for the Verizon teacher discount if you don’t meet the above requirements.

What About Daycare or Pre-School Workers?


Unfortunately, it doesn’t appear that daycare or pre-school workers qualify.

On Verizon’s website, they state that only currently-employed teachers from kindergarten to 12th-grade teachers, plus post-secondary teachers qualify for the discount.

Can College Professors Also Get the Discount?


All college professors, or any post-secondary instructors for that matter, can qualify to get the Verizon teacher discount.

Do Spouses of Teachers Also Qualify?

Technically no, spouses of teachers don’t qualify for the discount which is a major bummer for me personally.

However, there is a CLEVER workaround for this.

If you put the teacher’s name on the internet or cell phone bill, rather than in the spouse’s name, then you can ALL qualify.

What About Retired Teachers?


Unfortunately, retired teachers do not qualify for the discount, so you should learn how to negotiate a lower Verizon bill instead in order to save.

Only active, currently-employed teachers qualify for the discount.

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Do Other Wireless Carriers Offer Similar Discounts?


Fortunately, Verizon is not the only wireless carrier that offers teacher discounts.

Some wireless carriers that offer teacher discounts include Sprint, AT&T, and Boost Mobile.

Ask the Reader: How long did it take you to apply for the Verizon teacher discount? Any other discounts that I need to be aware of? Let me know.

By Kyle James


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