Bulk Buying: All The Stores That Offer Quantity Discounts

Updated November 15, 2023 by Kyle James
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Whether you’re doing a large home improvement project, buying sports uniforms, or maybe stocking an office with technology and furniture, there’s bound to be a time when you can take advantage of a retailer’s “quantity discount” program. But often these bulk buying programs are a bit of a mystery and not openly advertised. Because of this, I’ve gone ahead and done the research and found a bunch of quantity discount programs that you can hopefully take advantage of.

Bulk Buying: All The Stores That Offer Quantity Discounts

The Retailers that Offer Quantity Discounts:

Best Buy

A Best Buy Advantage Account can be a great way to get quantity discounts for your business.

An account will get you access to your own account manager who can assist you with “sourcing difficult-to-find items or technology to high-volume pricing and ordering, we provide the products and services you need to succeed.”


The Volume Discounts available at Cabela’s are fairly generous.

The discount amount is on a sliding schedule depending on how much you spend annually and starts at no more than 10% off your retail purchase.


Available to all Costco members, their Volume Sales Department can easily save you 10% or more if you’re making a minimum order of at least $10,000.

Find all the details here including how to make a volume sales request.

Dick’s Sporting Goods

When buying uniforms and equipment for teams, schools, and community events, be sure to look into Volume Discounts at Dick’s.

You can also call them directly at 1-800-589-0487.

Home Depot

The Home Depot has a quantity discount program they coin Volume Pricing Discounts and it’s worth a look if you’re doing a DIY project and buying a lot of stuff.

Basically, you assemble your project list and if your total adds up to at least $2500, you’ll probably qualify for a volume discount.

Talk to a Home Depot Pro associate at the Pro Desk and request a quote to see how much you can save.

Lands’ End

Via the Business Outfitters department at Lands’ End, you can get a quantity discount up to 12% off your total order.

They also frequently offer free logo embroidery and free shipping on corporate orders so keep an eye out for those too.


The L.L.Bean direct to business program offers some of the best quantity discounts in the industry.

If you order over $750, you get a 10% discount. Order over $1,500 and get 15% off. And if you order over $3,000, you get a fantastic 20% discount.


Lowe’s offers 2 ways to get a quantity discount: Lowe’s Contractor Packs and Volume Discount Pricing.

Contractor Packs get you discounts on items you might need in bulk. Things like nails, caulk, screws, and coaxial cable.

To learn more about Contractor Packs, contact a ProServices Specialist at your local Lowe’s, or look for the yellow-and-black Contractor Packs label on in-stock products and materials.

Unlike their Contractor Pack bundles, their Volume Discount Pricing is good on any item they have in stock in-store, as long as you meet the minimum purchase requirement of $2,500. Just  stop by the Lowe’s ProServices desk before you check out and request a customized quote.

Sam’s Club

They offer what they term, Pallet Quantity Items, which can save you substantial money on items like stacking chairs, dining chairs, office copy paper, office tables, bottled water, folding tables, sports drinks, gift baskets and office chairs.

Great program if you’re stocking a new small business.

See’s Candies

See’s has specific brick & mortar retail locations which offer quantity discounts. To see a full list of such stores Click Here.


While not advertised openly, Staples does indeed offer quantity discounts. From their website, “Buy in large quantities and you can save even more.

Simply call 1–800–315–2724 to see if you qualify for a volume discount.” You can also fax your bid proposal to 1–877–638–6779, or mail your proposal to: Staples Business Delivery, Attention: Large Quantity Group, P.O Box 9253, Framingham, MA 01701.

Tractor Supply Company

From their website, “Tractor Supply Co. offers volume discounts on agricultural, pet and livestock supplies, maintenance, clothing, fencing and more! Individuals, municipalities, organizations, farmers, fleet operators, pet agencies all can benefit.”

It appears the average discount is in the 10% off range, making it a no-brainer if you need to buy products in bulk.


They have a little-known online “Bulk Buys” section that offers some pretty substantial quantity discounts.

A few of their popular categories include kitchen items, travel accessories, dining items, and fan shop.

Ask the Reader: Any national retailers that offer quantity discounts that I might have missed? Let me know in the comments and I’ll look into it. Thanks.

By Kyle James

Photo by Martin Pettitt.


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