Always Check Quantity Pricing as Amazon Is Probably Messing With You

Updated January 12, 2024 by Kyle James

If you shop on Amazon regularly, I guarantee you’ve been RIPPED OFF multiple times. The pricing they show you when you first visit a product page is often NOT the cheapest option. Get in the healthy habit of spending the 30 seconds required to look at ALL your buying options. Here are a bunch of Amazon screenshots and examples to show you exactly what I’m talking about.

Always Check Quantity Pricing as Amazon Is Probably Messing With You

Side-Note: In case you’re wondering about the above Oreo picture, my son used money from his first job to order a 12-pack of Peanut Butter Oreos from Amazon. It’s safe to say he didn’t look for a better price.

Example #1 – Get More BUT Pay Less

My first pricing example is stuff on Amazon where you can actually get more for LESS.

Yes, you read that correctly, by looking at the different quantities you can often get more stuff for less cash.

Here are 2 examples…

Duracell Batteries


Would you rather buy 20 AA Duracell batteries for $15.98 -OR- would you rather spend $0.57 LESS and get 4 more batteries?

Tough question, right? Give me the 24-pack every single time.

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Colgate Toothpaste


This one was a real head-scratcher.

A 4-pack of Colgate toothpaste for $9.98 -OR- a 3 pack for $14.60?

The odd thing about this one was that Amazon gave me the 3-pack by default for some reason.

If I hadn’t looked at the different quantities I would have gotten ripped off.

Moral of the story? ALWAYS look at the different quantity sizes!

Example #2 – Pay Just a Little Extra BUT Get a BUNCH More

I found many examples on Amazon of products that provide huge value when you pay just a small percentage more.

Here are some of the most glaring examples that I stumbled upon.

Flash Drives


Looking for a new Flash Drive or two on Amazon?

Be sure to look at the various capacity sizes available.

BTW, the same goes for ANY external hard drive or portable storage device.

As you can tell by my screenshot above, you can get a 10-pack of Flash Drives, with twice the storage size, and only pay $1 more.

Or get 8x the storage and only pay $3 more.

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I love these Flossers and tend to leave them all over the house which grosses out my wife. But I digress.

So when I went to buy some from Amazon I was stunned that I could pay $10.16 for 150 of them -OR- drop an extra $4 and get 540 of them…enough to last me until all my teeth fall out.

Easy decision.

Basis Soap

Basis soap

Would you rather have 8 bars of Basis soap for $22.59 -OR- 7 bars for $21.45?

If you opt for the 8-pack you’re basically getting that extra bar for a measly $1.14, a savings of about $2.

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Energizer Batteries

Energizer battery

Energizer Batteries also make my list as you can get a 20 pack of AA’s for basically the same price as the 16 pack.

With batteries appearing twice on my list, you ALWAYS need to check the quantity options and find the best deal as Amazon doesn’t always show the item with biggest savings as a default.

Example #3 – Buy Less and Pay Less (per Unit)

Sometimes it’s smart to buy stuff on Amazon in the smaller sizes.

Here’s an example. 

Packing Tape

Packing Tape

The above screenshot is evidence that the “5 pack” is not always the better deal.

If you really need that much tape, you’d be WAY better off buying five 8-packs individually as you’d save over $127 by doing so.

Example #4 – Don’t Be Picky About Color and Save BIG

This particular scenario is probably my favorite way to save on Amazon.

If you don’t care about color, you MUST try this Amazon hack.

Portable Battery

Anker portable battery

I love my Anker portable battery, especially since I was able to save $23 by opting for the black one.

Always look at the different color options for not only portable batteries, but ANYTHING that comes in multiple colors.

I’m guessing Amazon is taking the stance that people will pay a premium for their favorite color.

Sorry, but that’s dumb, especially when the price difference is often HUGE.

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Dial Soap

Dial soap

“But Dial Gold doesn’t get me as clean as Dial White.” Said NO ONE EVER!

Opt for the Gold 3-pack and save BIG.

Final Thoughts…

Stop letting Amazon mess with you and take more of your money than they should.

Always look at the different quantities, colors, and “packs” available before making a purchase.

Your wallet will thank you, I guarantee it.

Ask the Reader: Have you ever noticed these weird pricing phenomenon on Amazon and how do you deal with it?

By Kyle James


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Carol Y

Yes, I notice questionable pricing all the time on Amazon. In addition to considering quantities, colors and packs, I also use Keepa to consider fluctuations in price (or lack of). Some products vary in price weekly, others are seasonal, so you might want to wait to buy, and some never vary at all so there’s no reason to delay buying.

Another thing I noticed is that sometimes the ‘per’ price is wrong. For instance “Sweetleaf Stevia Natural Water Drops Strawberry Kiwi, 1.62 Ounce (Pack of 6) Price:   $21.99 ($10.47 / Fl Oz)” This is really 6*1.62= 9.72oz => which is only $2.26 / oz.

Lija Wills

I’ve noticed that too, Carol. So now I always use my calculator.

RC Tuck

Good reminder and good advice for all shopping, not just for Amazon. I would also suggest that one pay attention as to who the actually seller is. If it is not sold and fulfilled by Amazon, I always give it extra scrutiny since I then worry about quality (knock-offs/2nds), problem resolution, and returns.

Lija Wills

I too have noticed that odd thing where some colors are cheaper than others. Now I always check. But I did not know about many of these tips, thank you for this information.
{I know it’s kind of beyond your control, but I do wish there wasn’t QUITE so many ads on the page.}
I’m still going to share it with my group, giving you proper credit, of course.