Amazon Prime Package Arrives Late? Here’s What You Can Get for FREE

Updated April 17, 2024 by Kyle James

Is it just me or are Amazon Prime packages having trouble always getting to your front door in 2-days? With the HUGE volume of packages they mail daily, it’s not surprising that not all packages get to the customer on-time. But did you know you have recourse if Amazon doesn’t hold up their end of the bargain and deliver in the 2-day shipping window? What they’ll give you for the inconvenience just might shock you. Here’s what you need to know the next time you get something late from Amazon.

Amazon Prime Package Late? Here's What You Can Get for FREE

Score a FREE Credit to Your Account

I had an Amazon Prime package arrive 2 days late just last week.

There were no storms in the area and no obvious reasons for it to be late.

So I did what I usually do and hit up Amazon live chat to let them know that they didn’t hold up their end of the Prime shipping guarantee.

I knew they would offer me something for the inconvenience, but I wasn’t sure what it would be as I hadn’t done this in quite some time.

I was pleasantly surprised that the Amazon rep immediately offered me a $5 credit to my account. But keep reading as this get MUCH better.

Here’s how the initial chat went down…

Amazon Chat Session

What About 1-Month of Free Prime?

Amazon use to give you 1-month of free Amazon Prime when your package arrived late.

You just had to complain a little bit and they would quickly credit your account.

I’ve received this little-known Amazon perk as early as last year.

But when I asked the chat rep about getting 1-month of free Prime, in lieu of the $5 credit, I was told that this practice was discontinued last year.

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But Wait…It Gets WAY Better

After I asked about the free 1-month of Prime, the chat rep volunteered something even BETTER.

A free $10 credit to my Amazon account to be exact. No joke!

Not sure if I triggered this because we order from Amazon often, or if this is standard practice if you seem unsatisfied with the $5 credit.

I’m also guessing that this could be a 1-time dealio and the next time I’ll only get a $5 credit.

In any case, the bottom-line is to try this trick the next time your package arrives late…you just might end up with a FREE $10 like I did.

Don’t believe me? See my chat session below…

Amazon Chat Session

Ask the Reader: How often do your Amazon Prime packages arrive late? Have you ever held Amazon’s feet to the fire and received something for the inconvenience?

By Kyle James


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It’s so common for our Prime orders to be late we joke about it and grumble about it and sometimes just conclude that they mean 2 days “after shipping” – and shipping sometimes occurs 1-3 days after receiving our order. The two day promise seems to be just marketing and more like a goal that they sometimes achieve.


I’ve tried this and it does not work. They always tell me it’s not to 2 days to receive from order date. It’s 2 days they have to ship it.

william Todd

Thanks you for your story on being compensated if a package shipped by is not delivered within the promised time span. Shipments via FedEx to me are always delayed as the local FedEx appears to be both incompetent and dishonest. They claim that the my address for 15 years and to which I have received hundreds of parcels and mail, is incorrect or that the parcel was “refused” or that “nobody was home”, or some other false statement. Tracking will show that the parcel is out for “delivery” but the FedEx driver will not deliver it to my valid address.
In the best scenario, the parcel will be returned to the Tyler, TX. terminal where an incorrect address is placed on it and the parcel will be rerouted to the Lufkin, TX. office and eventually somehow delivered to me with an incorrect address on it. This is being repeated today by a seller on with my parcel (needed today) is “out for delivery” but will not actually reach me before next week (Today being Friday) if it is delivered at all. Parcels and mail shipped USPS or UPS are delivered promptly but are always delayed if shipped FedEx. I will try the method you advocate and ask for compensation the next time if a Prime Package with promised “Two Day Shipping”is delayed past 2 days.


It’s the opposite for me. UPS in my area is unreliable, constantly stating customer refused delivery. USPS will not delivery anything that requires a package be left at the door. I have emailed companies asking that shipping information be included BEFORE a customer makes a decision. If I have that information beforehand I would know whether or not to order.


I always received $5 for late delivery with no problem. I call sometimes and sometimes used chat, but both work for me.


You’re kidding right? Spending 1/2 hour on a chat window with Prime customer service and 1/2 hour with Prime delivery rep and 1/2 hour with Prime delivery management Got you a $10 credit with Amazon! Amazing… you work for $6.67 per hour! :-p Assuming you Only wanted your package delivered On Time; you’re still disgruntled if you’re me… Amazon, get your delivery act together Or let the professionals handle it Like You Use To Do!

Cindy Brooks

I had no idea this was possible! I live in a very rural area where 2-day shipping is seldom only 2 days and Overnight Delivery is never overnight. Thanks for sharing!


Oh, this is even worse for me; how in God’s name to you EVER get to talk to anyone at Amazon? I’ve been paying full price for Prime for YEARS only to find out last year that if I’m on old-age pension (measly) and/or on food stamps, Prime’s cost is significantly lower. I don’t know how to change my membership, etc. Amazon owes me big because I’ve been low-income since before Amazon! HELP!!

alma lancaster

I have done this several times when my package is late, usually 5.00 credit but 2 times they said they were giving me the product for free ………yes you heard me FREE and the one was a 20.00 item and the other was almost 30.00 amazing AMAZON love them.


Hmm, funny because I’ve had reps literally LIE about about refunds. Had a product that was completely misrepresented, unusable, way too bulky to return and was out -of -town for business at the time ( a bed topper for a horrible hotel bed). Had 10 pictures of this ridiculous thing for proof.

The rep stated a refund …low and behold there was no copy of chat, none sent to email ( usually get that), and never got refund!! Asked about it and another rep accused ME of lying , stating it never happened. By that time it was “outside the return window”. Beyond pissed! I canceled my Prime immediately after that.