15 Insider Ways to Save Money at Menards

Updated July 9, 2024 by Kyle James
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Menards is a popular home improvement store in the Midwest known for its wide variety of products at competitive prices. They often have lower prices than Home Depot and Lowe’s by 10-20%, but some shoppers feel the quality of their products/brands is lacking in comparison. But just because they have low prices doesn’t mean there aren’t opportunities to save even more. To that end, here are 15 ways to maximize your savings at Menards.

15 Insider Ways to Save Money at Menards

1. Leverage the 11% Rebate Program

One of Menards’ most popular promotions is the 11% rebate program, which can be a significant money saver if used wisely.

This program is available almost every week and applies to nearly everything in the store.

When you make a purchase during this period, you receive a rebate form to mail in along with your receipts.

After a few weeks, you’ll get a merchandise credit check that you can use for future purchases.

Tips for Maximizing the 11% Rebate:

– Plan Ahead: Keep an eye on Menards’ advertising to know when the 11% rebate is coming. Timing your big purchases during this period can lead to substantial savings.

– Submit Rebates Promptly: Don’t forget to mail in your rebate forms promptly to avoid missing out on the rebate. Keeping track of your rebate submissions using a spreadsheet can be helpful.

– Combine with Sales: Try to combine the 11% rebate with in-store sales for even greater savings. This way, you benefit from both the sale price and the rebate.


Keep in mind that sale prices are OFTEN better than the 11% rebate. So, if you can’t combine the discount, do the quick math to figure out which promotion saves you the most money.

 2. Sign Up for the Menards BIG Card

The Menards BIG Card offers a range of benefits, making it a valuable tool for regular shoppers.

With the card, you can earn a 2% rebate on all Menards purchases, which accumulates and is issued as a merchandise credit check.

Additional Benefits:

– Special Financing: Cardholders often have access to special financing offers, such as 0% interest for six months on purchases over a certain amount. This can be particularly useful for large projects.

– Exclusive Offers: Menards occasionally sends exclusive offers and discounts to BIG Card holders, providing additional opportunities for savings.

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3. Check Out the Menards Weekly Ad

Every week, Menards publishes an ad that features special deals and discounts on a wide variety of products.

Reviewing the weekly ad before shopping can help you identify the best deals and plan your purchases accordingly.

How to Use the Weekly Ad:

– Make a Shopping List: Based on the weekly ad, make a list of items you need that are on sale. This can help you avoid impulse purchases and stick to your budget.

– Compare Prices: Use the weekly ad to compare prices with other retailers. Menards’ price match policy can then help you get the best deal.

4. Buy in Bulk

Buying in bulk is a classic strategy for saving money, and Menards offers bulk pricing on many items.

This approach is particularly useful for products you use frequently or that have a long shelf life, such as building materials, cleaning supplies, and hardware.

Bulk Buying Tips:

– Calculate Unit Prices: Always check the unit price to ensure that buying in bulk is actually cheaper. Sometimes, smaller packages on sale can be more cost-effective.

– Storage Solutions: Make sure you have adequate storage space for bulk items. Consider organizing your garage or basement to accommodate larger quantities.

5. Shop Clearance Sections

Clearance sections are a treasure trove of savings, and Menards has clearance areas both in-store and online.

These sections feature overstock, discontinued items, and returned merchandise, often at significantly reduced prices.

Finding the Best Clearance Deals:

– Frequent Visits: Clearance items change regularly, so frequent visits can increase your chances of finding great deals.

– Check Online: Menards’ website has a clearance section where you can filter by category and price, making it easier to find the items you need.


Ask employees in each department about specific clearance products they might have, especially ones that aren’t on the sales floor. From this Reddit thread, an employee gave this example, “I know my store has a couple of discontinued shower doors for $5 each. It’s not public anywhere, so I recommend them to guests to save money and get them out. But the employees should know what clearance stuff they have in their department.”

6. Utilize Menards’ Price Adjustment Policy

Menards offers a price adjustment policy, which means if you buy an item and it goes on sale within 14 days, you can get a refund for the price difference.

This policy ensures that you don’t miss out on savings if prices drop shortly after your purchase.

How to Take Advantage:

– Keep Receipts: Always keep your receipts for at least two weeks after your purchase. This way, you can easily request a price adjustment if needed.

– Monitor Prices: Regularly check the prices of the items you’ve purchased. Set reminders to check prices a week after buying big-ticket items.

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7. Use Manufacturer Coupons

Menards accepts manufacturer coupons, which can be combined with in-store sales and Menards rebates for additional savings.

Tips for Using Coupons:

– Search Online: Look for manufacturer coupons on websites like Coupons.com, RetailMeNot, and the manufacturers’ own websites.

– Check Product Packaging: Many products have coupons on or inside the packaging, so keep an eye out when you’re shopping.

8. Join the Menards e-Rebate Program

Menards’ e-Rebate program allows you to submit your rebate forms online, which is faster and more convenient than mailing them in.

This program also lets you track the status of your rebate submissions.

Benefits of e-Rebate:

– Faster Processing: Submitting rebates online can speed up the processing time, so you get your merchandise credit check sooner.

– Tracking: The e-Rebate program allows you to see the status of your rebate, giving you peace of mind that your submission was received and processed.

9. Follow Menards on Social Media

Menards frequently posts about upcoming sales, special promotions, and exclusive discounts on Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest.

Following them ensures you stay informed about the latest deals and exclusive promotions.

How to Benefit:

– Exclusive Deals: Sometimes Menards offers special discounts only available to their social media followers.

– Timely Updates: Get immediate updates about flash sales and limited-time offers that you might miss otherwise.

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10. Take Advantage of Menards’ Price Match Policy

Menards will match the price of any identical item sold by a competitor, provided you can show proof of the lower price.

This ensures you get the best possible deal without having to shop around at different stores.

Price Match Tips:

– Bring Proof: When you find a lower price, bring a printed ad or show the price on your phone to a Menards associate.

– Know the Policy: Familiarize yourself with Menards’ price match policy, including any exclusions, to ensure you qualify for the price match.

11. Shop During Seasonal Sales

Menards has major sales events during holidays like Memorial Day, Labor Day, and Black Friday.

Plan your purchases around these times to take advantage of significant discounts.

Planning for Seasonal Sales:

– Create a Wishlist: Keep a list of items you want to buy and check their prices during these sales events.

– Set a Budget: Decide how much you’re willing to spend and stick to your budget to avoid overspending during big sales.

12. Buy Discounted Gift Cards

Websites like Raise.com and Cardpool.com often sell Menards gift cards at a discount.

Buying these gift cards can provide instant savings on your purchases.

Tips for Buying Discounted Gift Cards:

– Use Reputable Sources: Stick to well-known gift card resale websites to avoid scams.

– Combine with Sales: Use your discounted gift cards during sales events for even greater savings.

13. Check Out the Special Buy of the Day

Menards offers a “Special Buy of the Day” both in-store and online, featuring deeply discounted items for one day only.

These deals can be an excellent way to save on products you need, but quantities are often limited, so act fast.

How to Use Special Buys:

– Check Daily: Make it a habit to check the Special Buy of the Day regularly to catch great deals.

– Act Quickly: If you see something you need, buy it immediately as quantities are limited and deals change daily.

14. Look for Mail-In Rebates on Appliances

Many large appliances at Menards come with mail-in rebates that can save you a significant amount of money.

Check the product descriptions and in-store signage to see if any appliances you’re considering have available rebates.

Appliance Savings Tips:

– Combine with Sales: Purchase appliances during sales events and apply for the mail-in rebates for maximum savings.

– Read the Fine Print: Ensure you understand the rebate terms and conditions, including the submission deadline and required documentation.

15. Attend Menards’ In-Store Workshops

Menards occasionally hosts free in-store workshops on home improvement topics.

These workshops not only provide valuable DIY knowledge but sometimes offer exclusive discounts to attendees.

Workshop Benefits:

– Learn New Skills: Gain practical knowledge and skills for your home improvement projects.

– Exclusive Discounts: Take advantage of special discounts offered to workshop participants.

Ask the Reader: How do you save money at Menards? Let me know your tips and tricks in the comments and I’ll add them to the article.

By Kyle James


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