Apple Student Discount: What Is It and How Do You Get the Savings?

Updated November 30, 2023 by Kyle James
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Since I’ve already talked about the Apple employee discount, return policy, and military discount I thought it was time to breakdown the Apple student discount. In this article I find answers to questions like what proof of enrollment is needed, what kind of deals you can expect, and who is actually eligible for the student discount. I hope this information helps you save some money on your next iPad or MacBook.

Apple Student Discount: What Is It and How Do You Get the Savings?

What Exactly Is the Apple Student Discount?

While many student discounts are a flat percentage off your order total, the Apple discount is actually a special section of their website which they call their Education Portal that is dedicated to deals for students.

Deals range between 5% – 35% off the original retail price and seem to change every few weeks.

Products that students will find deals on include the iPad, iMac, MacBook, and Apple accessories.

What Proof Do I Have to Show?

I couldn’t find what proof of student enrollment was needed so I hit up Apple Live Chat.

After all, some student discounts require a .edu email address or you have to upload your college transcript….so I was curious what Apple required.

The Apple rep explained to me that when checking out from the online education portal you would be asked to show proof of your college enrollment.

But when I added an item to my virtual shopping cart and went through the checkout process, I was NOT asked to prove ANYTHING.

So the takeaway is that NO proof is required to get their Student Discounts. You just visit their student discounts page and shop the deals.

But be aware that Apple does run audits from time to time and can contact you at a later date to verify your student eligibility.

If Apple finds out you wrongly took advantage of the student discount program they reserve the right to charge your credit card for the difference.

Is It Only For College Students?

Surprisingly, NO.

Besides new and current college students, the Apple discount is also good for parents of college students, college faculty, and staff members.

Unfortunately high school students cannot get the discount but since Apple currently does not require any proof it seems anybody can get the student discount.

Not sure how long this will last so take advantage now if you can.

What Are Some Examples of the Deals?

Apple Student Page

Deals will vary from time to time but for the most part the biggest savings are on the iPad, iMac, and MacBook laptop.

Here are a few deals to give you an idea:

– iPad Air 10.5″ 64GB Wifi – Education price is $479.00, regular price is $499.00.

– MacBook Pro 13″, 1.4GHz, 8GB – Education price is $1,199.00, regular price is $1,299.00.

– MacMini 3.0GHz 256GB Storage – Education price is $1,049.00, regular price is $1,099.00.

– iMac 21.5″ 2.3GHx, 8GB – Education price is $1,049.00, regular price is $1,099.00.

The largest savings seems to be on new MacBook laptops as college students will typically save $100.

Can a Student Buy for a Non-Student?

YES, Apple will never know.

Just have the non-student pay you back and you’re good-to-go.

Can a Student in a Foreign Country Get the Discount?

I asked the Apple rep about this and was told it would be smart to make your purchase in the United States.

By getting your student discount before you travel overseas you’ll avoid any currency issues and the transaction will run much smoother.

Can I Get the Discount In-Store?

As of this writing, the only way to get a student discount from Apple is to shop online via their education portal.

I verified this with Apple and was told you cannot walk into an Apple Store and get a discount if you’re in college.

But…you can make your purchase online then select “Pickup In-Store” and just select the Apple Store you want to visit.

Then you can simply go in and pickup your product and get help setting it up if you’d like.

What About “Home School” Students?

Yes, home school students of all grade levels are eligible for the discounted Apple products.

Can I Combine a Student Discount with a Work/Gov’t Discount?

If you’re lucky enough to work for a company that offers an Apple discount you CANNOT combine it with their student discount.

Do the math and check which discount offers the most savings and take advantage of that one.

Is There an “Apple Music” Student Discount?

YES, just visit this page and sign-up for a discounted Apple Music subscription for up to 48 months.

You’ll be asked to verify your current college enrollment, and once accepted, you’ll pay $4.99/month instead of $9.99/month.

Ask the Reader: What has been your experience with the Apple student discount? Which product did you buy with it and how much money did you save?

By Kyle James


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