Apple Employee Discount: All Your Burning Questions Answered

Updated December 8, 2020 by Kyle
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Does Apple sound like a cool place to work? Maybe you already got hired or maybe you’re thinking of seeking a job with the tech giant. In either case, it’s important to understand the Apple employee discount as it’s one of their greatest perks. Here’s everything you need to know so you can take full-advantage.

Apple Employee Discount: All Your Burning Questions Answered

What Exactly is the Apple Employee Discount?

Their employee discount is 25% off…well sort of, let me explain.

Specifically, it’s a one-time annual 25% discount in each product category.

Their four main product lines include the iPhone, iPad, computer, and Apple Watch.

So in a year’s time, you could theoretically get each of those devices for 25% off the retail price.

I was also told that workers get 10% off everything in the Apple Store except gift cards. (If you currently work at Apple can you please verify or debunk this in the comments section, thanks in advance.)

Any Additional Discounts?

Yes, there certainly are.

A former Apple intern said that once you use your 25% discount, you can still take advantage of the 15% off family & friends discount for up to “10 units”. So you can buy stuff for family and friends and get a cool 15% off.

In addition, after every 3 years of employment, you’ll score a free $500 to buy whatever you want.

PLUS…you can combine the $500 with the 25% employee discount and score a MAJOR deal.

Like the intern says in the article, you basically get a free new iPhone every 3 years.

Do Apple Employees get the Latest iPhone for Free?

I’ve heard this rumor for years, and the answer for employees is unfortunately NO.

Unless of course they take advantage of the work-around hack mentioned above.

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Are Any Apple Products Excluded?

Nope, everything Apple sells is eligible for the employee discount.

How Long Do I Have to Work to Qualify?

You have to work at Apple for 90 days before you’re eligible for the employee discount.

Can the Discount Be Used on Black Friday & Cyber Monday?

Yes, your employee discount can be used any day of the year.

Anything Else Discount Related?

Apparently Apple is also famous for offering a bunch of 3rd party discounts to employees as well.

These products include things like iPhone cases, screen protectors, Apple Watch bands, iPad cases, and laptop accessories.

Discounts range from 10% off all the way up to 50%.

Ask the Reader: Do you work for Apple? If so, let me know how much money their employee discount has saved you.

By Kyle James

Photo Credit to Dru Bloomfield.


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