Amazon Employee Discount: The Nuts & Bolts So You Can Take Advantage

Updated December 1, 2023 by Kyle James

If you found this page you’re probably either a new hire at Amazon (or considering applying) and wondering what the Amazon employee discount is and how it works exactly. While researching their employee discount, and talking to my Amazon contacts, it quickly became evident that their discount is only a small portion of their employee benefits package. So I went ahead and also listed the major Amazon employee benefits you get from working for the eCommerce giant. Let’s get to it shall we…

Amazon Employee Discount: The Nuts & Bolts So You Can Take Advantage

What is the Amazon Employee Discount?

Amazon offers a 10% employee discount.

They cap the annual discount at $100. So basically you get 10% off everything you buy up to $1,000.

While it’s not a huge discount, it’s definitely better than nothing.

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How Long Before You’re Eligible?

I was told by a current Amazon employee that you have to work for the company for 30 days before you can tap into your employee discount.

Are Any Products Excluded from the Discount?


Products must be sold and fulfilled directly by Amazon and NOT 3rd party sellers.

Everything else is excluded.

Do Employees Get a Discount on Amazon Prime?

Unfortunately, NO.

Employees are stuck paying full price for a Prime Membership.

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Can I Use My Discount on Prime Day?

YES, you can use your 10% discount on any day of the year as long as products are eligible.

Do Employees in India Get a Discount?

Unfortunately, NO.

I chatted with a customer service rep that lived in India and he told me they do not get an employee discount.

Do 3rd Party Contractors Get the Discount?


Unfortunately 3rd party sellers and those who deliver for Amazon, but are independent contractors, are not eligible.

According to Amazon employee, Sabrina, the best way to see if you’re eligible for the discount is to check the AtoZ app and see what your “Employee Status” is.

Within the app, you’ll want to tap your picture and see if an employee discount code appears.

Can I Shop From My Amazon Affiliate Links?

The Amazon Affiliate Program lets you earn a commission on any Amazon links on your site or blog that people click-on and subsequently make a purchase.

You get a small commission on the sale and it can add up to significant money depending on how much traffic your site gets.

BUT….you cannot click on your own Amazon links, buy something, and earn a commission.

They put a kibosh on that sneaky practice awhile back. 

Do Employees Earn Extra for Working on Holidays?

Yes, Amazon employees earn “time and half” if they work on the following 6 holidays:

  • New Year’s Day.
  • Memorial Day.
  • Independence Day.
  • Labor Day.
  • Thanksgiving Day.
  • Christmas Day.

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What Other Amazon Employee Benefits Are Available?

Well, I’m glad you asked because here are some other benefits to working at Amazon in no particular order…

$15/hour Starting Wage – The absolute least they’ll pay you is $15/hour which is a nice starting wage.

Health Benefits – You’re eligible on your first day of work as long as you work 20+ hours per week.

Maternity & Paternity Leave – Full-time employees (blue badges) get up to 4 weeks pre-partum and 10 weeks paid leave post-partum.

Tuition Reimbursement – After working for Amazon for 1-year, you’re eligible for 95% tuition reimbursement towards an Associates degree or certificate.

Adoption Assistance – Up to $5,000 for single child adoptions and $10,000 for sibling/group adoptions.

Employee Assistance Plan – Free counseling services for all employees and household members. This includes 3 free in-person counseling sessions per year. 

Ask the Reader: Are you a current or former Amazon employee? How often did you take advantage of their employee discount?

By Kyle James


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I think you misread the article. He stated you get $100 off annually which means the 10% discount only applies to the first $1000 spent.

John Quigley

It’s a real shame you can’t read. Prolly why all my stuff goes to the wrong place


I bought stuff using code and I saved $3 then I looked at my discount balance of $100 and it was at $97!! So it’s 10% off of items shipped and sold by Amazon! You get $100 to spend in discounts for the year that’s all! So if you use all $100 in one transaction for a purchase of 1,000 then you’ve spent it all and cannot use it again until it renews for another year! First 1,000 spent you’re capped there so it will always be the first 1,000 spent each year. Anyway I hope this clarifies better. He didn’t say we get 1,000 off in total!


This is why people need to pay attention in math class.



Dennis Sell

I work for Arrow Vans, in the Salem, Oregon center. I deliver Amazon packages, do I get the discount?


Hello! You have to be an employee under Amazon! In most cases they will not extend benefits/bonuses to third party contractors. But! You can also check out Inside Amazon or shoot an email out to your HR rep (or manager) and have them look into it. They will definitely be your best point of contact for an Amazon rep. Also like the comment below yours….check your AtoZ app to see if your employee status.

Last edited 2 years ago by Sabrina
Breon Crawford

I deliver for Amazon but think it’s a 3rd party not to sure honestly but we are Grit delivery. Do we get the discounts? If so on what and how do I use it?

Catherine Arreola

Do you have the A-Z app? If so when you click your picture you should see a code, if it’s there then you do get the discount


Is ‘sold and fulfilled by Amazon’ mean the ‘Amazon Basics’ brand/products only? &/or how can you easily know if (or search for) products qualify for the discount and are considered to be ‘sold AND fulfilled’ by Amazon?


No I’ve purchased things like rockstar energy drinks or storage units and received a discount. If you look under the buy now button you have 2 bars one says where it comes from the other who it’s sold by. To receive the employee discount, it has to say sold by , no one else. I attached a picture of what it looks like.


Do the discount codes work one time?


You get the 10% discount as soon as they give you the code, it’s a 1 time use and not sharable or transferable. Received mine within a week of starting, not after 30 days.
You also get a $110 Zappos voucher to use on work shoes/boots.


Does this discount also apply to DSP drivers?


No – blue badges only they have yellow badges


White badges get the discount as well.