Does Amazon Currently Drug Test? The Answer Might Surprise You

Updated May 12, 2022 by Kyle
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If you’re looking to apply for a job with Amazon, you probably already know about their employee discount and job benefits but maybe you’re curious about their drug testing policy. Amazon has actually changed their drug testing policy as recently as 2021, so if you’re looking to apply for a job with the online retail giant, it’s important to understand their current policy. With that said, here’s exactly how the Amazon drug test policy works (especially how it applies to marijuana) so you can know what to expect before you apply or get hired.

Does Amazon Currently Drug Test? The Answer Might Surprise You

So…Does Amazon Drug Test?


You can expect a mouth swab as part of the hiring process or during a random drug test after your employment has started.

Amazon has their drug tests sent to Quest Diagnostics.

Amazon tests for opiates, cocaine, amphetamines, and PCP to name a few.

But…in the vast majority of cases, Amazon NO LONGER tests for marijuana…more on that below.

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What If I Failed a Marijuana Test in the Past?

If you previously failed a marijuana screening, or were fired over a positive test, you are NOW eligible to apply again with Amazon.

This covers anyone who failed a drug test prior to September 2021.

Amazon has stated publicly that this policy change is in response to the country’s reform of their “cannabis policy”.

Are Any Jobs at Amazon Subject to Marijuana Test?


Any position at Amazon that is regulated by the Department of Transportation will still be screened for marijuana.

The obvious positions that come to mind include truck drivers and heavy equipment operators.

Do Corporate Employees Also Have to Drug Test?


Currently, corporate employees at Amazon are not subject to drug tests.

But Amazon does leave the door open if they have suspicions or reasonable grounds to believe that a corporate employee is under the influence of illicit drugs or alcohol.

At which point Amazon can ask the employee to perform a mouth swab drug test.

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Will Amazon Drug Test After an Accident?


Amazon reserves the right to do what they term “impairment” checks after an on-the-job accident or incident.

This includes testing for drugs and alcohol which can lead to you losing your job if you are found to be working while under the influence.


In an effort to keep their workplace as safe as possible, Amazon will continue to perform drug tests.

But as Amazon has a harder time filling some positions, they very well might become even less strict on their testing policy.

This certainly was the case with how Amazon viewed marijuana use, as many states have made weed legal in recent years.

Ask the Reader: Have you ever worked at Amazon and had to take a drug test? Was it an easy process? Am I missing any important details? Let me know in the comments, thanks.

By Kyle James


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