Kroger Employee Discount: What Exactly Is It and How to Use It

Updated March 15, 2024 by Kyle James
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Many companies today offer some sort of employee discount as a way to incentivize their employees to stay. Kroger is no exception. Employee benefits and discounts not only motivate employees to stay working within the company, but they can offer some significant savings. The Kroger employee discount can save you big on groceries, especially if you shop their own in-house brand. So if you’re considering working at Kroger and want to learn more about their employee discount, keep reading.

Kroger Employee Discount: What Exactly Is It and Who Qualifies?

What Exactly is the Kroger Employee Discount?

Kroger offers these discounts for all eligible staff members:

  • 10% discount off Groceries
  • 15% off Kroger brand’s home goods
  • 10% off your Starbucks order located within Kroger.

This means that any part-time or full-time eligible employee that works at Kroger has the chance to use this 10% off discount.

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How Do Employees Use the Discount?

When you get hired, you’ll be given your own Kroger Plus card during the on-boarding process.

This card has your employee discount loaded onto it and will be scanned by the cashier when checking out.

Can Part-Time Employees Get the Discount?


Part-time employees can also use the Kroger employee discount.

Can Family Members Use the Discount?


The “official” policy at Kroger is that the employee discount can be used by anyone living in the some household as the employee.

I’ve been told that the cashier will scan your Kroger Plus Card for any family member and typically won’t ask any questions.

This means family members don’t need to live in the same house as the employee to get the discount.

Please correct me in the comments section if your understanding is different than my information.

How Long Do You Have to Work at Kroger to Be Eligible?

Employees must work at Kroger for at least 1 paycheck to be eligible for the employee discount.

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Can You Still Get the Discount After You Quit?


It really depends on the Kroger store, but many will let you use your discount for up to 2 weeks after you give notice and quit.

Is the Discount Only Good on Kroger Branded Items?


While the Kroger discount is split, the Kroger employee discount is not exclusive to just Kroger branded items.

The Kroger employee discount includes multiple discounts: 10% off groceries, 15% off Kroger branded home goods, and 10% off at Starbucks located within Kroger.

Any Items Excluded From the Discount, ie- Alcohol, cigarettes?

While the Kroger employee discount is valid on most grocery store items, it does NOT cover ALL items.

For example, exclusions for the Kroger employee discount include things like alcohol, tobacco, and fuel.

Can Employees Use the Discount at Kroger Gas Stations?


Employees cannot use their Kroger employee discount to save money on gas at Kroger gas stations.

However, an employee can sign up for the Kroger loyalty program to save some money at Kroger gas stations.

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Where Else Can Employees Use Their Kroger Employee Discount?

You can use the Kroger employee discount at ALL Kroger company stores.

Here’s a list of various Kroger stores you can use your employee discount at:

– Ralphs

– King Soopers

– City Market

– Smith’s

– Baker’s

– Owen’s

– Jay C Food Stores

– Pay Less Super Markets

– Food 4 Less

How Do Employees Use Their Kroger Employee Discount?

To use the Kroger employee discount, you’ll need your work ID card.

Then, when you go to the checkout aisle, your cashier will simply swipe your Kroger card to apply your employee discount to your purchase.

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What Other Benefits and Discounts Do Employees Get?

The Kroger employee discount of up to 10%-15% off is just one example of the many discounts and perks you can get working at Kroger.

There are several other discounted services and offers you can save big on– not just while shopping at Kroger.

Some more ways to save by working at Kroger include discounts on:

– Cell phone services

– Hotel rooms

– Car rentals

– Theme park tickets

– Movie tickets

– Dental Plans

– Sick leaves

– Paid vacation

Simply ask a manager or HR rep about these other ways to save.

Ask the Reader: Do you work at Kroger and regularly use the employee discount? How much money has it saved you?

By Kyle James

Photo credit to Phillip Pessar.


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