Does Kroger Take Apple Pay? No…But There Are Workarounds

Updated December 12, 2023 by Kyle James

Apple Pay has become more and more popular over the years. With the ability to pay straight from your smartphone, and in some cases receive rewards for using Apple Pay, this convenient payment method has many perks. That’s why most stores provide the ability for customers to use Apple Pay at checkout. Yet not all stores accept Apple Pay– Kroger being one of them. Instead, Kroger has developed their own payment app called “Kroger Pay” that tries to do many of the same things as Apple Pay. Here’s exactly how it works.

Does Kroger Take Apple Pay? No...But There Are Workarounds

So…Does Kroger Accept Apple Pay?


Kroger does not accept Apple Pay in-store or online. They also don’t accept Google Pay.

However, Kroger does have Kroger Pay which is similar to Apple Pay in that it’s a contact-free checkout option, just via the Kroger app.

Why the Heck Don’t They?

Kroger doesn’t accept Apple Pay because they use their proprietary contactless payment option known as the Kroger Pay.

Kroger Pay allows a safe and contact-free way for customers to pay (via the Kroger app) and save money on special reward offers.

Kroger Pay also allows them to closely monitor and track your spending habits and the items you tend to consistently purchase.

They then use this information to push offers and promotions to you via the app as well as through email.-

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Is the Kroger Pay App a Good Alternative?

Yes and no.

The Kroger Pay app is a handy option as it lets you link your Kroger Rewards card and your credit card which makes the checkout process seamless.

Unfortunately, Kroger Pay is limited and can only be used at Kroger stores.

Meanwhile, many stores today accept Apple Pay, making Apple Pay a more versatile contactless payment option.

That being said, since Kroger doesn’t accept Apple Pay, using Kroger Pay is still a good alternative compared to not using it at all.

This is because with Kroger Pay you can earn additional rewards such as cashback or fuel points.

Any Side Benefits or Rewards for Using the Kroger Pay App?


If you use your Kroger Pay app you’ll accrue loyalty points.

You can also receive additional points when you use Kroger Pay via your Kroger Rewards debit or credit card.

You can also receive fuel points that can be earned by using Kroger Pay.

You earn 1.5 fuel points for each $1 eligible purchase that can then be used towards deducting from your gas total at the pump.

How Long Does It Take to Access Kroger Pay?

About 16 seconds.

According to this Reddit thread, it takes the average smartphone user about 16 seconds to access Kroger Pay via an unlocked iPhone.

This 16 seconds assumes that the Kroger Pay app has not be opened recently.

By contrast, it takes the average user about 6 seconds to pay with Apple Pay or Google Pay.

What Other Payment Methods Does Kroger Accept?

Despite Kroger not accepting Apple Pay, there are plenty of other payment methods that Kroger does accept, including:

Debit cards, credit cards, cash, Kroger Pay, WIC, SNAP/EBT, Afterpay, and more.

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Can I Use Apple Pay at Kroger Gas Stations?


You cannot use Apple Pay at Kroger gas stations either; however, you can use Kroger Pay at Kroger gas stations.

You can also use other payment methods mentioned above like your debit or credit card.

Can I Use Contactless Pay with My Smartphone at Kroger?


Kroger Pay is a contact-free checkout option that allows customers to quickly use their smartphone to check out at Kroger.

To use Kroger Pay on your smartphone, follow these simple steps:

1. Download the Kroger app on your smartphone and set up a digital account.

2. Access Kroger Pay (i.e. Kroger Pay “Quicklink” on the top left of the Kroger app home screen, Kroger Pay button in your wallet, etc.)

3. Login in using your 4 digit pin number (any payment cards saved to your digital wallet are available to use within Kroger Pay)

4. Use the QR code on your smartphone to scan for checkout.

5. Before your payment goes through, you’ll have a chance to review your order.

The Kroger Pay’s QR code feature on the Kroger app makes it an easy, contactless way to checkout.

In order to download and use the Kroger app on your device, you need to have a smartphone that is compatible such as an Apple or Android device.

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Ask the Reader: Do you use Kroger Pay when buying groceries? Does it work pretty good or do you wish Kroger would accept Apple Pay?

By Kyle James

Photo credit to mcsquishee.


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Kroger pay DOES NOT work at Kroger fuel centers.

Jenni Baker

Kroger DOES now accept Apple Pay. You need to rewrite this story.


I was about to say. This person literally posted this the day after Apple Pay was announced to be valid. 😭

Jesus R

I wish Kroger would take apple pay. I am a blind iPhone user and use the screen reader on the iPhone, and unless I use siri which may or may not work, navigating to the app I need, waiting for it to open, finding the icon, in the app to pay, and then moving my finger around the screen to get a feel for the keypad to enter my pin is just taking away from my interaction with the cashier who may be trying to tell me something important.

I also don’t see a Kroger app on my watch, so its not as flexible as apple pay.