The Best Employee Discounts at Fast Food Restaurants

Updated March 21, 2024 by Kyle James

It you found this page you either work at a fast food joint and want to know what their employee discount is, or you’re thinking of applying and looking for the best employee discount out there. Well, you’ve come to the right place as I’ll answer all of your questions so you can start scoring some free, or highly discounted, food and drinks. Let’s break it all down.

The Best Employee Discounts at Fast Food Restaurants


I might get a job here just for the great Chipotle employee discount.

You’ll score a free burrito during every shift that you work…yes please.

Plus, on your days off, you can still come in and score a 50% discount on food and drinks.

In-N-Out Burger

As an employee at In-N-Out you’ll get 15% off at the company store and FREE meals on the days you work.

This is for BOTH full-time and part-time workers which is pretty awesome.

I wonder if this includes a double-double “animal style” or just stuff from their regular menu? Anybody know?

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Baristas score a Starbucks employee discount good for 30% off drinks and food.

Employees also get a free drink (even stuff from their secret menu) along with food of their choice when they go on their lunch break.

I’ve also been told that employees score 1 free pound of coffee every week.

If you’re not a coffee drinker you can opt for tea or a K-cup pack if you wish.

Sonic Drive-In

FREE DRINKS for employees who work at corporate locations…yep, you read that correctly, now go apply.

It should be noted that this policy varies at franchise stores.

Also, according to this site, if a food order gets screwed up, the manager will usually let you chow down on it.


As a general rule of thumb you’ll score a free sub at Subway when you work at least 5 hours.

On the days you don’t work, most locations will still give you a 25% Subway employee discount on food and drinks.

Disclaimer: The Subway employee discount can vary by location as most are independently owned.

Five Guys Burgers

Five Guys will give you a free meal for every shift you work.

Come in on your day off and you’ll still score a cool 50% discount which ain’t too shabby.

Try one of these crazy good burgers from the Five Guys secret menu too.

Be careful as those free meals can be hell on your waist size….trust me on this one.

Dutch Bros Coffee

If you’ve never been to a Dutch Bros you’re missing out as it appears the employees are having a GREAT time inside the coffee “hut” sorta building thingee.

Maybe it’s because the employees are all wired up on free drinks which they get with every shift.

They also score 30% off on Dutch gear and products from the Dutch Store.

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Once you work for Mickey D’s for 1-month you’ll get an Employee Discount Card.

This card will get you a McDonald’s employee discount along with a slew of other retailers.

Aside from their employee discount card, you’ll get a 30% discount on the days you don’t work and 50% on the days you do work.

Burger King

Burger King hands out a generous 50% discount on food on the days you work.

Most locations will also give you a FREE meal if you come in for your shift early or have to stay late.

You’ll also score a free soda on the days you work.

Kentucky Fried Chicken

The KFC employee discount allows for one free meal for every 6+ hour shift.

I was also told that you get 50% off on the days you’re not scheduled to work.

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Taco Bell

You’ll score a 50% discount as a Taco Bell employee.

PLUS, all immediate family members will also score 50% off Taco Bell employee discount which is pretty cool.

It’s also widely known that you’ll get free meals during your actual shift.


The employee discount at Wendy’s is 50%, even when you’re not on the clock.

Managers apparently get a completely free meal when working.

If you love a square burger this could be a great place to work.

Carl’s Jr/Hardees

Employees get a 50% off discount when working, even on their big ol’ juicy Angus Thickburgers.

When you’re not on shift, you can still come in and get a 25% discount.

Chick fil A

This one depends on the franchise owner, but most Chick fil A employee discounts will get you a free meal when they work at least 4 hours.

If you come in on your day off, you’ll still typically get a 50% discount on your food.

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Jack In The Box

Jack In The Box offers a 50% employee discount on the days you work (up to $10).

No discount on the days you aren’t scheduled.

But you will get free drinks and snacks while actually working.

Ask the Reader: Do you work at any of these restaurants and have more updated information on their employee discount? Please let me know in the comments and I’ll be sure to keep this article updated.

By Kyle James


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McDonald’s doesn’t do an employee discount card anymore. I worked there for two years and never got one. Also no discount off the clock, but a one time 50% off per shift. Although usually my shift leader took my discount away bc he needed/wanted it. I worked there recently too, at least you get a paycheck, not much though, I quit right before they changed it to $15 an hour. I was getting paid minimum wage.