Target Employee Discount: Don’t Get Fired….Here’s How It Works

Updated May 8, 2024 by Kyle James

The Target employee discount is one of the best perks they give their workforce. As a matter of fact, you probably found this article because you’re considering applying for a job at Target, or maybe you’re a new hire seeking more info.

But like any discount that retailer’s hand-out, there are certain caveats and hacks that you should know to maximize your savings. With that in mind, let’s break down the employee discount at Target and answer all your burning questions.

Target Employee Discount

What is the Target Employee Discount?

Target hands out a 10% employee discount that they call their “Team Member” discount.

This discount is good for both in-store purchases as well as stuff you buy at

Also, via the Target Wellness discount, workers get an extra 20% off fresh (and frozen) fruits and vegetables in addition to the 10% Team Member discount.

According to a comment from Rob, you can stack both discounts with the Target REDCard and get another 5% off.

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What Form of Payment Can You Use?

In order to get the employee discount you must use either cash, a Target gift card, or a Target REDCard.


I highly recommend using the REDcard (either debit or credit card) as you’ll score an additional 5% discount, bringing your total discount to a solid 15%.

Are Any Items Not Included in My Discount?

Yes, there are quite a few items that aren’t eligible. Here are the big ones…

– Alcohol – Don’t go buying booze with your employee discount.

– Gift Wrapping – Gotta wrap your own gifts at home.

– Hunting/Fishing License – Have to pay full price to hunt or fish in your neck of the woods.

– Target+ Items – Not sure what these are but you can’t get 10% off when you buy them.

– Gift Cards – This one makes sense as it would be easy to make money off gift cards.

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How Do I Actually Use My Employee Discount?

When shopping in-store, just go to any open checkout lane and present your Target team member card which has all the pertinent info on it.

To get your online discount, you’ll have to create a account and enter your Team Member number in the About Me section of your account.

Will My Discount Work With SNAP Benefits?


You absolutely can use your EBT card at Target and get your employee discount on top of that.

This is especially beneficial when buy fruits and veggies as you’ll get 20% off of those, which will really stretch your SNAP benefits every month.

Can Family Members Use the 10% Discount?

Only the employee and their spouse are eligible for the employee discount.

Don’t go shopping with your mom or boyfriend, use your discount, AND let them pay.

This is a bug no-no and can get you reprimanded or fired.

Of course you can always buy something for someone with your discount and simply have them reimburse you.

Will I Get Fired If I Buy Stuff and Flip for a Profit?

If you get caught you PROBABLY will get fired.

This includes selling stuff you bought with your employee discount on eBay, Facebook marketplace, or Craigslist.

It makes sense that they don’t want employees profiting from their discount.


Avoid raising red flags and potentially getting fired by Target. For example, if you buy multiples of the same item, or excessively use your discount, it’s probably going to raise a red flag and get investigated by your manager.

Is There a Maximum “Dollar Amount” Discount?


I asked a couple of my Target contacts and none of them were aware of a max “dollar amount” discount.

So you should be able to buy that $1000 70″ 4K Curved TV and get $100 off instantly.

Can I Get the 10% Employee Discount on Black Friday?


Black Friday. Cyber Monday. Arbor Day. It doesn’t matter, you still get your 10% off.

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Hack Alert: Always Stack Your Discounts

Open a Target REDcard credit, debit, or reloadable card and it’ll get you a flat 5% off your purchase.

Next, add your REDcard AND your 10% employee discount to your account’s Wallet within the Target app.

Then when checking out, use the app and have them scan the Single Barcode to apply both discounts.

They’ll take the off the 10% discount first, then the 5% discount on top of that.

So for example, if you’re making a $100 purchase, your discount will be $14.50, for a total price of $85.50.

By stacking both discounts at Target you’ll end up with a 14.5% discount.

4 Other Great Target Employee Benefits:

1. Score 20% Off Wellness Items

All Target workers in the U.S. get 20% off all fresh and frozen fruits and vegetables, Simply Balanced products, and C9 activewear.

The best part? The 20% off is stacked on top of the 10% employee discount.

2. Get 10% Off at In-Store Starbucks

If you’re lucky enough to work at a Target with a Starbucks inside, you’ll score an extra 10% off all drinks and food.

3. Target Tuition Assistance

Over 340,000 full and part-time Target employees are eligible for “free undergraduate and associates degrees, certificates, bootcamp programs, textbooks and course fees”.

Here are the details.

This just might be the best Target employee benefit of them all.

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4. Target Matches Employee 401(k) Contributions

Each pay period, Target will match your 401(k) contribution dollar for dollar.

They’ll contribute up to 5% of your pay which is pretty dang cool. 

Ask the Reader: Do you work at Target? If so, how often do you take advantage of the employee discount and what’s the most money you’ve saved?

By Kyle James


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Patrick Kniesler

According to the Target help pages, you cannot purchase something with your discount for someone who intends to pay you back.


Can you link it?


I just did orientation for the DC and this is true. If you’re caught using your discount to buy something and have someone else pay you back for it you could get fired


The wellness discount is 20% additional to the 10% Team Member Discount. (And no that isn’t a 30% discount). And yes it stacks with a red card for another 5% off.


What if my daughter is away at college can she just give them my number at check out.

Magan Noble

No, it’s best to purchase the item yourself with your discount and ship it to her.


No, she’s not your spouse. AP has a log of whenever a discount is used (time, place, etc.) so if you’re working and it’s used at another city they know. If you’re scheduled in a few hours and it’s used across the state and then you show up to work, they know… etc.

Target employee

Dependent children 16 and over – they are in their 20’s can use your discount IF they are still in school.

another target emloyee lol

This is true but there is more to it. They cannot use the same discount, instead you have to apply to get a card specifically for them

Too old timer

Not so. Cards are not assigned per person. As a team member you can request up to 4 (I think) cards. They are identical and can be used by yourself, spouse, and children, on the same day, anywhere.


I just did training with target and it says if they are a dependent on your taxes, they can use the discount 🤷🏻‍♀️


You meant the 10% employee discount or just the 5% discount from the additional Red card I applied for my college kid?


I work in corporate at Target. You aren’t going to get fired for letting your family member use the discount. You guys are paranoid and silly.


I’m a new Target employee and too embarrassed to ask at work… can I use my employee discount to pre-order an Apple iPad?


I got in trouble for letting my cousin use my discount so id be careful

Shelly Dunlap

You absolutely will. I’ve seen it tons of times, especially during the holidays during seasonal hiring and sales.

Danny Gonzalez

I’m trying to figure out how to use my 10% where can I get my code or an account to used that discount i work for a distribution center but they didn’t explain at the trainer day . Anyone ?

Tyler Frank

You should’ve been given team member card with a bar code on it to use for clocking in, that’s also your discount card, for online use, sign in and go into profile settings there should be somewhere to put in your team member number, that will apply the discount to online purchases on that account. If you didn’t get one, talk to your HR

Last edited 2 years ago by Tyler Frank

same they explained nothing

no thanks

does anyone know if i can use a starbucks gift card with my discount?


Can you stack a student discount with a Target Employee Discount?

Driveup Extraordinaire

If you mean at the Starbucks inside of Target (aka Tarbucks)… yes you can get your discount, and yes you can use a Starbucks gift card. However, I’m not sure if you get the discount with a SB card.


I’m a retired spouse of a retired team member. Our team member discount cards are almost completely worn. How do we get replacements. Thank you.

Too old timer

You should be able to log into Team Member Services, there is an option for retired team members to log in. Cards can be requested online. Failing that, go to your local target’s HR department.


UPDATED: Starting 2023, Target is issuing employees discount card to your immediate family members, not just spouse. My adult daughter and son got the employee discount card too. 04/21/2023


Eligible dependents include children up to the age of 19, or younger than age 25 if full-time post-secondary student


is this for parents as well? so, instead of your dependents, what if the employee (my son) is my dependent. Can I get a discount card to use since he lives in my home and is still a student?


Items not available to use Team Member Discount on
Do not use your team member discount (discount card or mobile application) to buy:
 Merchandise for anyone who is going to pay you back (A discount holder may use the discount when purchasing a gift with a
group of people, provided the team member makes a financial contribution equal to or greater than that of the other givers)
 Items you sell or exchange for profit
 Hunting and fishing licenses, lottery tickets and certain services (i.e. optical eye exams)
 Free coupon merchandise
 Alcohol
 Target GiftCards™ or third-party gift cards (such as Disney, iTunes, Outback Steakhouse, etc.)
 Merchandise from
 Items sold on by third parties
Misusing your team member discount may result in corrective action, up to and including termination of employment.

Abel Santistevan

can a spouse of a retired team member continue to use the discount card after the team member has passed?