The Target Dress Code: Here’s the Deal on Clothing, Tattoos, and Piercings

Updated November 17, 2023 by Kyle James

Step foot into any Target store and you’ll surely find most employees sporting bright red tops. However, while a red top is a given, you may be wondering if there’s more to the Target dress code such as how much (or little) freedom employees have when it comes to what they wear. Recently, Target has expanded its dress code to allow employees to wear blue jeans any day of the week. This is just one example of how the Target employee dress code is changing. Here’s everything you need to know including what to wear to your job interview at Target.

The Target Dress Code: Here's the Deal on Clothing, Tattoos, and Piercings

What is the Dress Code for Target Employees?

Employees have to wear a red top and either khakis or blue jeans to work.

The ability to wear blue jeans any day of the week at Target started back in 2019 after their #jeansforever challenge.

Since then, employees now have the option between solid-colored khakis or blue jeans any day of the week.

It’s also important to note the Target dress code varies by location, and how lenient that location is, when it comes to what employees can and cannot wear.

How “Red” Should the Shirt Be?

Target is fairly flexible when it comes to how red an employee’s shirt needs to be.

Some basic Target “shirt rules” include:

– All employees must wear a red top to work.

– At least 50% of the top has to be red.

– No excessive writing or non-Target logos on your top.

While there are many variations of red, it seems like as long as employees wear a top similar to Target’s popular red aesthetic, that works.

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What is Target’s Position on Haircuts, Tattoos, and Piercings?

Bottom-line is that Target wants its employees to look professional but they definitely promote creativity and originality.

With that said, here’s how Target feels about the following:

Haircuts – The vast majority of hairstyles are fine. You can wear your hair long (even guys) and you can have it colored.

The only time when you’ll be asked to have your hair up is if your working in Starbucks or food prep.

Tattoos – Tattoos, even those that show, are fine at Target as long as they are not offensive or obscene.

Piercings – Target manager’s won’t judge you based on your piercings.

Jewelry – Yes, you can wear all types of jewelry when working at Target.

The only time it might become an issue is if the jewelry is REALLY dangly and interferes with you doing your job or is a major distraction to others.

What Should I Wear to My Interview at Target?

Dress professionally.

This DOESN’T mean you need to wear a suit and tie (or a Hillary Clinton pant suit for ladies) to your Target job interview.

Go with a casual business look and you’ll look great.

This means slacks or khakis with a button down shirt. If you’re going to wear jeans make sure they’re dark.

If ladies want to wear a skirt, make sure it knee-length or longer.

What Kind of Shoes Can Men and Women Wear?

No open-toed shoes.

Target employees are expected to only wear closed-toed shoes but as long as they aren’t worn out, you can wear whatever shoes you want.

So you won’t be able to wear your favorite flip-flops or sandals.

If you work in the warehouse, or loading dock, they recommend steel-toed shoes for maximum protection.

Can I Wear a Red T-Shirt Instead of a Polo?


As long as your red t-shirt is at least 50% red and doesn’t have any excessive designs, logos, or lettering, you can wear a red t-shirt instead of a polo.

They are also okay with a red hoodie or sweater, but no tank tops, halter tops, short miniskirts, or sheer clothing.

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Can I Wear Khaki Shorts in the Summer?


The Target dress code appears to vary by location.

When it comes to wearing khaki shorts, it seems some locations allow employees to wear them and some don’t.

If you’re a “short wearer”, especially in the summer, you can ask during the interview process to get a feel for that Target’s dress code.

Does the Dress Code Change Seasonally?

Yes and no.

Again, the dress code can be influenced by the location and management at each particular Target location.

Therefore, it’s likely that a location’s dress code can change slightly (i.e. wear shorts in the summer); however, the dress code changing is largely based on a location-by-location basis.

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Do Some Target Stores Allow Jeans?


As of 2019, ALL Target stores allow their employees to wear blue jeans any day of the week.

They just CAN’T have any holes, rips, or tears in them.

Can Stockers and Cart Attendants Wear Hats?


Wearing hats is another part of the dress code that is largely dependent upon the location you work at.

Some locations don’t mind stockers and cart attendants wearing hats, while other locations aren’t as lenient and have a no-hat rule.

If you live in a very hot climate, you can almost guarantee cart attendants are allowed to wear hats.

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Ask the Reader: Are you a current Target employee? If so, is there anything about their dress code that I missed? Let me know in the comments.

By Kyle James


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Yes you not allowed to wear smart watches Apple Watch, or Samsung galaxy watches, or android watches, no fit bit so I was working this was in 2022 and a woman got fired on the spot for having it on she had her watch on because she was using to for Apple health app it took her vitals and tracked her steps.

She is a diabetic she got fired after being with target since June of 1962 I remember her saying she started working there a month after it opened smh she was so upset she is raising her grand kid and she replied on that job for her medical insurance her grand daughter has autism and sees a lot of specialist here in Saint Paul.

She started at the very first Target that opened here In Saint Paul so we all got together and went on strike the whole store did we would not work until she got her job back and within 3 hours she was told she could comeback and she is allowed to wear here watch now she is the only one we all agreed that we don’t mind if she is the only one who gets to wear one