Best Buy’s Employee Discount: Here’s What You Must Know

Updated September 3, 2020 by Kyle

Thinking of applying for a job at Best Buy? One thing that might sway your decision one way or another is the Best Buy employee discount. Here’s everything you need to know about their discount, including items that are excluded and some insider tips that will maximize your savings.

Best Buy's Employee Discount: Here's What You Must Know

What is the Best Buy Employee Discount?

The standard employee discount at Best Buy is Cost + 10%.

So if an item’s retail price is $100, and Best Buy paid $60 for it, you’ll get it for $66.

It should also be noted that you won’t qualify for their employee discount until you’ve worked at Best Buy for at least 3 months.

From the comments section, I am getting several people saying it’s actually cost + 5%.

I’m wondering if it’s either changed or new employees start at 5%.

If you know for sure, please let me know in the comments. Thanks.

Do Some Products Not Qualify?

Unfortunately, yes.

You WON’T be able to get a discount on Geek Squad services, Apple products, most computers and tablets, movies, and smartphones.

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What Items are a “Must-Buy” for Employees?

Because the discount is cost + 10%, the secret for scoring a great deal is knowing which items at Best Buy have the largest profit margin, which means they have a “low cost” to Best Buy.

Buy those and you can REALLY save some money, easily up to 50% off the retail price.

These items are not laptops and name-brand HDTV’s, but rather things like headphones, cables, cases, and other accessories.

Especially look for deals on Best Buy’s branded items as they have big margins.

These include Insignia and Dynex HDTVs, Rocketfish cables, Geek Squad flash drives, and InIt cases.

If you’re not happy with any purchase you will be bound to the terms of the regular Best Buy return policy.

Do Geek Squad Employees Score the Same Discount?

Yes, they’ll score the same discount as regular BB employees.

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Is There a Maximum Discount Percentage?

Best Buy recently topped their employee discount at 50%.

Anything Else You Should Know?

Why yes, there are several things worth knowing…

– Brands Can Limit Discounts – Brands that sell at Best Buy have the authority to limit the discount employees receive.

– Questionable Best Buy “Cost” – I’ve been told that you have to take the word for what Best Buy says is their “cost” on an item.

Some employees have questioned their “cost” as inflated.

– Some Products Have a Smaller Discount – Be aware that some stuff has an employee discount, but it might be lower than cost + 10%.

It will often be cost + 5% or 8%.

Look for Free Stuff – Perhaps the coolest thing about working at Best Buy is the free stuff stores hand out to workers from time to time.

Could be stuff that doesn’t sell, or new items that the brand is trying to promote.

Ask the Reader: Do you work at Best Buy or have you in the past? If so, what’s the largest Best Buy employee discount you’ve received?

By Kyle James

Photo credit to Mike Mozart.


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“So if an item’s retail price is $100, and the retail price is $60, you’ll get it for $66.“. This makes no sense.


You a dumbass, read and then come argue

Valeria Calixtro

Read it again it states at cost price PLUS 10% that’s why $66


Yeahhh this stuff is mostly false. I work at Bestbuy now but I won’t disclose the discount. It’s not public information.

Gabriela Molina

You’re allowed to say that its cost + 5%. You’re just not allowed to give the actual price you get it for.


It’s 5%

L. Mercado

Can am employee use there discount to buy something then sell it to someone else for profit. For example if work for BB and I buy a TV someone wants but charge what I get it for with my discount plus 100 bucks is this against store policy? Also let’s include I’m buying it and they pick it up at a store near them. Please help me out here.


it is absolutely illegal and will get you fired on the spot


Lmao get a load of this goon. It actually is public information you buffoon. No wonder you stock shelves for a living.


Just got a job as AP at Best Buy can’t wait to start working


This is not true. I’m an employee. It’s 5% above cost and we get discounts after 6 weeks of employment. Sooner if your seasonal. Also there is discount on geek squad I put it on everything I buy. Where did you get this info lol. Also insignia brand gets the best discount. We do get discounts on brand names and lap tops. Only thing that’s almost never discounted is apple and game systems


Hello Tarra, I had a question, how do the employees make purchases with their employee discount? Can you purchase online? Can you somehow buy from a store that is in another state if you were on vacation? And how do they identify you as an employee if so?


When I worked at Best Buy the biggest discount I received was on Klipsch home theater speakers. I spent around 4,050$ on Klipsch Reference Premiere speakers. The cost before my fellow employee typed in my employee number at checkout was about 8,500$ give or take 10$. So I paid around 45% out the door and shipped to my house free.


As a best buy employee, this is heavily inaccurate. Employee discount is store cost + 5%, no limit on how low it can go and it doesnt take 3 months to receive.