Home Depot Return Policy: The In’s & Out’s To Make It Work For You

Updated March 27, 2024 by Kyle James

Due to nature of DIY projects, the Home Depot return policy is one of the most used return policies in existence. Because of that, it’s nice to know exactly how it works, what the exclusions are, how receipt-less returns work, and even some insider tips for success. Here’s everything you need to know to make returning stuff to the Home Depot a breeze.

Home Depot Return Policy

What is the “Official” Home Depot Return Policy?

90 days.

You have a generous 90 days to return an item to the Home Depot if you’re not satisfied for any reason.

Are There Exceptions to the 90 Days?

Yes, there are. These items all have a different time window for returns.

  • Furniture – 30 days.
  • Mattresses – 30 days.
  • Area Rugs – 30 days.
  • Generators – 30 days.
  • Gas Powered Stuff & Tractors – 30 days.
  • Consumer Electronics – 30 days.

I wasn’t aware that The Home Depot sold consumer electronics.

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What’s the Return Policy on Major Appliances?

48 hours.

Always carefully inspect the appliance upon delivery to your home and “refuse delivery” if the item is damaged or defective.

If you don’t inspect the appliance carefully, then later notice an issue, call Home Depot at (800) 455-3869 within 48 hours of delivery or pickup time and they’ll help you with a return.

Lowe’s has a similar policy in place on major appliances, and based on the comments, it’s not very popular with shoppers.

Can Items Be Opened or Used?

Officially, “No”. Unofficially, “Yes”.

If you still have the original packaging, receipt, and still within 90 days, you can return most opened or used items.

With used items, it often comes down to the amount of “wear & tear” the product shows and is typically handled on a case-by-case basis.

For example, if you bought a Wooster paintbrush and use it heavily for an entire weekend then decide to return it, you’re probably out of luck.

But if you only used the paintbrush for a couple minutes, weren’t happy with, and cleaned it thoroughly, you stand a really good chance of them taking it back.

This is especially true if you’re okay with store credit or an exchange.

What If I Lost My Receipt?

In the past, if you didn’t have your receipt the return desk would try to find your order in their system using the credit card or debit card you used to make the purchase.

But recently, in an effort to thwart shoplifters trying to turn a quick profit, the Home Depot is BUCKLING down hard on receipt-less returns.

My investigation into this started when I received a comment from a shopper who was told they could not return an item without a receipt because it was valued at over $50.

As of this writing, this is NOT stipulated anywhere on the Home Depot website but I have come to find out that the new policy is rolling out nationwide as we speak.

I spoke with a Home Depot assistant manager about this issue and he confirmed the over $50 without a receipt will typically be DENIED.

He added that they use a 3rd party system who tells the employee whether or not to accept the return and it’s now out of their hands.

He also gave the great tip of signing up for the free Pro Xtra Loyalty program as it tracks your purchases and receipts for you so this will NEVER be an issue.

What’s the Return Policy w/ the Home Depot Credit Card?

365 days.

If you make your purchase with your Home Depot or Pro Xtra credit card, you get a whopping 365 days to make your return, and your purchase history and receipts are tracked for easy retrieval.

I’ve been told that the 365 days applies to everything except the products listed directly below, as well as anything that runs on gasoline.

Beware that the card comes with a high interest rate (29.99% APR), but if you pay it off every month, the extended return policy could be worth its weight in gold.

What Stuff Can’t Be Returned?

The following items are not returnable to the Home Depot…

– Custom Tinted Paint – For this reason, make sure you see the color of the paint before you buy it.

You also can’t return any “Oops” paint that you buy at a discount.

– Custom Blinds – The only blinds that can be returned say “Guaranteed to Fit” on them.

– Utility Trailers

– Generators

– Gift Cards/Store Credits

– Product Samples

I’ll keep this list updated in case new items become non-returnable.

What If I Have Receipt But Lost the Box?

In most cases, yes, the Home Depot will take stuff back without the original box or packaging.

Your mileage may vary from store to store depending on the employee you encounter, but I have personally returned stuff without the box.

What About Online Returns?

Home Depot Online Returns

Another really cool feature at the Home Depot is their online return system.

They actually allow you to return purchases made via their website via UPS, as well as products bought in-store.

This is a handy feature if you live a LONG distance from the nearest location, or you just have trouble making it in-store for whatever reason.

To see if your item is eligible for an online return, visit this page, and click on “Return Items”. (See image above)

Be prepared to pay the return shipping costs unless the reason for the return is an error by The Home Depot.

Are There Ever Any Restocking Fees?

The only items that might incur a restocking fee are Special Order returns or cancellations.

Be prepared to pay a 15% restocking fee on these items.

Can I Return Major Appliances?

Yes, but be very careful with this as they will ONLY take back the appliance if it’s defective.

So if you buy a refrigerator from the Home Depot and when it gets delivered you realize it’s too big for your kitchen, you’re screwed.

To this end, ALWAYS measure your space before you go shopping for refrigerators, dryers, washing machines, and dish washers.

Many commenters have noted that HD employees do not always share this information with shoppers so be CAREFUL.

What About Returning Flowers or Plants?

According to Home Depot, they will unconditionally guarantee all tropical, house, and landscape plants (only perennials, trees, roses, and shrubs) for one year.

If your plant dies just bring whatever is left of it, the original pot it came in, and your receipt, and they’ll replace it or issue a refund.

If the plant is no longer available, a store credit will be issued.

The key here is perennials, trees, and shrubs.

They don’t offer a 1-year guarantee on annuals, but they still offer a 90 day return window.

Thanks to reader Gail who informed me that clearance plants (with yellow price sticker) are NOT returnable.

Ask the Reader: Have you ever had trouble with the Home Depot return policy? How did it happen and what was the end result?

By Kyle James


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I’d point out that HD has become more strict about frequent flyers with the DL. They refused my no receipt returns today valued at $139 CAD. They claimed there is no system algorithm involved in denial, but they could not override it at the store. *Note: Customers want transparency and this new (as of Jan 1/22) system policy is targeting people using a valid return mechanism. This is not transparent and not properly communicated to customers at the store. Buyer beware! Take your business to Princess Auto instead where they honour their published return policies, instead of applying purchase rules that are neither transparent to the customer nor the retail outlet.

Ed Castro

If you contest these injustice to the credit card they will issue the refund for you.


I just tried to return 2 cabinets back to home Depot. Where my wife paid cash for them. She misplaced the receipt or lost it.. and the employee says the cabinet cost to much for store credit..the total being $533.18.. so what I’m stuck with them now ? I made a scene in the returns line and thought about picking 1 of the cabinets up and smashing it on the floor..but did not…but considering going to another home Depot and doing it..I have never returned 1 thing to a home Depot in my life and will never shop at 1 ever again.. I did nothing wrong and got treated like shit..


We have been doing renovations for over a year. My hubby bought a Moen tap set. It’s still in the box unopened and they refused to return it.

He couldn’t remember how he paid for it. They refused it because it was valued at $139.00 ….. give me a break. Home Depot has the worst customer service. He wasn’t even looking for money back just a credit because I couldn’t find the bill.

Then he said he had to call a number to get his name taken off a list like WTF ……. This is a bullshit way to treat a customer. I told him we will no longer deal with Home Depot and save our business for a company that actually doesn’t think all customers are crooks.

I don’t get this kind of behavior I was in retail for well over twenty years and never treated a customer like that.

G-HD employee

The denial system is 3rd party and many times completely random. Many major retailers use it now. Certain items that have been deemed high theft are flagged to be denied with no receipt. And they changed the system now there is no number to call once on the denial list it’s done nothing can be done however they give a warning return now, high theft item, high dollar amount, etc. You get a warning on the bottom of your receipt that the next no receipt and any after will be denied.

Pamela Aveni

Lemon tree Plant return refused by manager Jaqui at van nuys Home Depot. May 7, 2023.


I have had couple of issues returning to HD. One they could not find my CC in the system. Why you ask? Because if you every have had your card compromise, you will need the old one with HD. Another time I had ordered online and went to the store to return it. The person said they could not help me due to it was not in the system.

I pointed out I should not have to go home to get the online order. At the end of the day, the customer service rep did not know where to look for online orders when paying with PayPal. This has happened several times and I refuse to go home anymore. Now granted I try and bring the original order in but I cannot tell you how many times I have had to tell the person where to look within their system.


I just tried to return a $100 Lasko Space Saving Xtra Tower Fan fan to Home Depot store number 1061.

I originally purchased the item using cash and did not have the receipt so they would not allow me to return the item. I could not get store credit. I could not even make an exchange. I will never shop at home depot again.

I guess this is how they take money from consumers selling defective items and not allowing a return. No wonder their bottom line is slowing as regular customers abandon them.

They said they could not look up the skew number because they may have sold several of the defective item on the same day. The “store supervisor” stated that it was the manufacturer’s fault not Home Depot’s. So in addition to not using Home Depot,


u dont have the receipt. U know how many criminals would do this.


I agree. This is how the criminals do it all the time, and it’s costing consumers billions in higher prices.

Sorry, for the few honest people who pay cash and can’t save their receipts. I have had receipts ruined by liquid, I didn’t boycott a retailer because of it.



They’ve made over $16 billion in PROFIT in the last 12 months.

Think its just you and others that never take responsibility that are upset.


what if i received item damage and dont want to go homedepot to specially return the item

G-HD employee

Depending on the item, they could do a pickup with a delivery fee cost subtracted from you return value. But not always. Basic rule of thumb if you didn’t pay a shipping fee you have to bring it into the store unless the item is obscenely large then they make an exception but its not a guarantee


Special Order product isn’t returnable usually either. SO Doors , windows, blinds, flooring, lumber (unless vendor agrees to take back usually have 30 days max, rough sawn the wont take back.

If you are lucky they might return with a restocking fee.

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