ASOS Return Policy: Time to Make Sense of ALL The Confusion

Updated November 22, 2023 by Kyle James
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ASOS has been around since 2000 but I’ve only recently become acquainted with them due to my teenage daughters liking their clothing styles. But with any online shopping, especially for clothes and apparel, the inevitable return will happen. So I recently dug into the ASOS return policy to help my daughter with her return. I gotta admit that I found their policy a bit confusing at first so I figured it was worth a blog post as I’m sure many other shoppers had questions as well. Here’s everything you need to know about their return policy for U.S. purchases.

ASOS Return Policy: Time to Make Sense of ALL The Confusion

How Many “Try It Out Days” in the ASOS Return Policy?

28 days.

ASOS gives you exactly 28 days from date of delivery to decide if the item is right for you.

Returns with 28 days are given a full refund to the original payment method.

If you return something between day 29 and day 45 you’ll have to settle for an ASOS gift voucher.

After day 45 you’re out-of-luck.

Are There Any Exceptions to This Policy?

Yes, there are several exceptions that you should be aware of…

– Final Sale Items – Items marked Final Sale are not eligible for a return, refund, or exchange.

– Underwear – If the hygiene seal is not intact, or labels have been removed, you can’t return them.

– Swimwear – Same rules that apply to underwear.

– Face & Body Products – Can’t return them if they’ve been opened or the protective seal has been removed.

– Pierced Jewelry – Can’t return things like earrings, nose rings, or navel rings if the seal has been tampered with.

– Masks/Face Coverings – If you break the package seal you can’t return it.

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Can I Take the Tags Off and Wear It Outside?


Well, I suppose you can wear it outside, but they ask you to NOT take the tags off and “wear it”.

If you try to return something that has clearly been worn, or is not in a salable condition, they won’t return your money.

I’ve even been told that in many cases they’ll mail the item back to you and make you pay the delivery costs if you try to do this.

What If I Take the Tags Off and Don’t Like the Quality?

I asked ASOS this question specifically as the answer was nowhere to be found on their website.

If you’re returning items within the returns timeframe the tags NEED to be included in the return (attached or unattached).

If you’re returning AFTER the returns timeframe, due to a faulty issue with the item, then it’s OKAY if the tags are missing.

Don’t forget to select FAULTY as the reason for your return.

Also, it’s worth noting that ASOS will NOT send a replacement on faulty items but will refund you in-full after inspecting the item.

What If My Clothes Fall Apart After 45 Days?

You’re probably NOT out-of-luck.

ASOS told me that “if your clothes become faulty after 45 days you can return them back to us so that we can inspect it and we’ll send you update via email about your refund and outcome of the investigation.”

Seems to definitely be worth a shot, especially if the defect is fairly obvious.

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How Do I Start an Online Return?

Simply login to your account and go to your order history.

You’ll then see the option to return the item through “My Account”, click on it and ASOS will guide you through the process.

The final step will be to print out a free return label and drop it off at the USPS or request a pickup.

Can I Return Outlet Clothing Too?


As long as the item does not say Final Sale you can return it.

Most Outlet items are NOT Final Sale and come with both free shipping and free returns.

How Many Days Until I Can Expect My Money Back?

14 days.

They shoot for getting your money back to you within 14 days of receiving it into their return warehouse.

How Do I Make a Return If I Ordered from ASOS Marketplace?

ASOS Marketplace sellers all have different exchange and return policies.

Because of this, you’ll need to contact the seller individually to find out their specific return policy.

Can I Just Do an Even Exchange?


As of this writing ASOS does NOT offer exchanges on orders.

If you want a different size or color they ask you to return the item and place a brand new order.

Can Their Return Policy Be Abused?


ASOS is one of the only online retailers who specifically spells out on their website what their stance is on return policy abuse.

Specifically, they say that if you return “waaay” more items than the normal shopper, or repeatedly wear clothing then try to return it, they reserves the right to deactivate your ASOS account with NO warning.

So be smart and don’t abuse it folks.

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Bonus Tip #1: Make the Return Anyways

According to this Reddit thread a former ASOS warehouse employee dropped the bomb that they would process EVERY return regardless of the timeframe.

So the takeaway is that even if you’re beyond the return window, you might as well try and make the return anyways.

Bonus Tip #2: Contact the CEO

From the same Reddit thread, another poster had the great advice of contacting their CEO, Nick Beighton, at [email protected].

This apparently has gotten some good results if you’re having trouble with your return due to extenuating circumstances.

Others have had success calling them out on Twitter and Instagram and have often gotten a quick response.

Ask the Reader: Have you had a good or bad experience with ASOS return policy? Let me know.

By Kyle James

Photo credit to ASOS website.


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