Etsy Return Policy: Answers to All Your Important Questions

Updated November 22, 2023 by Kyle James
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Depending on the store, return policies can get tricky. This is especially true with the Etsy return policy as they currently have over 3 million active sellers on their website, all with potentially different polices. So I made it the goal of this article to simplify their overall policy and make some generalization about how some aspect of returns are handled on the Etsy selling platform. With that said, I took a deep dive into the scenarios where Etsy will actually step-in on your behalf if you’re having trouble with a seller holding up their end of the bargain. I hope you find this info helpful and it makes your Etsy buying experience a little less stressful, especially in terms of returns.

Etsy Return Policy: Answers to All Your Important Questions

How Many Return Days Does Etsy Allow?

It depends on the seller.

Sellers are NOT obligated to offer returns or exchanges.

This is why it’s VERY important to check the seller’s homepage (also known as their “store page”) to see if they have a return policy in place.

Specifically, scroll to the bottom of the sellers store page and look for the “Returns & Exchanges” section.

Conversely, on the Etsy app tap About and then go to Returns and exchanges.

What is the Average # of Return Days on Etsy?

From having shopped on Etsy for years, the average number of return days seems to be 30 days.

Some stores actually have a great 100 day return policy and some are a bit stingier at 14 days.

Also, the majority of sellers ask you to contact them within 5 days of delivery to request your return.

Bottom-line, be sure you know what the exact return policy of the seller is before you finalize your purchase.

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What Items Typically Cannot Be Returned?

The one item on Etsy that typically can’t be returned is personalized items.

This includes anything that’s engraved or monogrammed with a personalized message or initials.

Also, it’s worth noting that a good chunk of sellers only accept returns if it’s their fault in some way.

Are There Any Scenarios Where Etsy Can Intervene?


Etsy asks you to contact the seller directly to try and work out any “return issues” with your order.

If you’re unsuccessful working with the seller directly, there are a few scenarios where Etsy can step in and help you with your return.

They include the following:

1 – You Never Received Your Item and the Seller Refuses a Refund

2 – The Item Arrives Damaged and Seller Won’t Pay Return Shipping Fees

3 – The Seller Refuses Your Return Request

4 – The Seller Sends the Wrong Item and Won’t Work With You on a Replacement

To have Etsy step in on your behalf you’ll first need to “open a case”.

Within Your Account just click on Purchases and reviews then select Help with order then tap Still need help?

At this point you’ll select Yes, I want to open a case then choose your reason for doing so.

Once submitted, Etsy will try and resolve the issue within 48 hours.

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Do Most Sellers Require Me To Pay the Return Shipping?

If the reason for your return has to do with the seller, i.e. they sent the wrong item OR it arrives broken or damaged then the seller will pay the return shipping charges.

But if you simply decide you don’t like the item or don’t want the item for any reason, then you’ll be on the hook for the return shipping charges.

How Will I Know Where to Return My Item(s)?

In order to find out where to send your return, ALWAYS start the process by sending the seller a Message within the Etsy system.

Their contact information can be found on their on Etsy store homepage.

Besides the mailing address to send the return to, be sure to also find out how many days the sellers gives you to drop the item in the mail.

At this point, the seller will also tell you which shipping method they prefer, if any.

Can Opened Products Still Be Returned?


As long as the item is still in salable condition you should be able to return it.

Just make sure you return the item with the tags still attached or the original packaging still intact.

What If I Checked Out As a Guest?

You can still make a return if you never registered with Etsy, but you’ll have to create an Etsy account to make it happen.

Specifically, you’ll need to locate the email receipt you received from Etsy when you placed your order.

Then select View Your Order and follow the steps to create an Etsy account.

IMPORTANT: Make sure you register with the same email address that you used when you originally placed your order.

By doing so, your new Etsy account will automatically connect to your “guest order”.

You’ll then be able to claim your order and contact the seller directly in order to make your return happen.

What If the Seller Doesn’t Have Any Return Policy “Rules” Set Up?

On the off chance that an Etsy seller has very little posted in terms of how they handle returns, I have one important thing to say…PROCEED WITH CAUTION.

If the seller didn’t take the time to spell out their return policy, there’s a good chance it’ll be a major hassle if you have to make a return.

So I’d personally move on to the next seller, one who has taken the time to spell out their policy so there’s NO confusion.

Ask the Reader: What’s been your experience with the Etsy return policy in general? Are most sellers easy to deal with or are returns a pain in the butt?

By Kyle James


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