10 Crucial Wayfair Return Policy Questions Answered (and Some Insider Hacks Too)

Updated October 31, 2022 by Kyle

Return policies can be a tricky thing. They often look very unassuming from the outside, but when you dig a little deeper you often find “money sucking” traps and pitfalls that can really hurt your wallet. That certainly is the case with the Wayfair return policy, and is the reason I wanted to set the record straight for shoppers so they can avoid these traps when shopping on the Wayfair website. Let’s break it all down with answers to these crucial return policy questions…

10 Crucial Wayfair Return Policy Questions Answered (and Some Insider Hacks Too)

1. How Many Return Days Does Wayfair Allow?

30 days.

If you’re unsatisfied for any reason with your Wayfair purchase, you get 30 days from the date of delivery to make a return.

While 30 days is a decent amount of time, it’s not as good as some stores which allow 60, 90, or even 120 return days.

This means get the item out of the box shortly after you get it and make sure it’s what you want and meets your standards in terms of quality and value.

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2. Do Items Have to be Unopened?


Stuff bought from Wayfair can be opened when you return it, BUT items should be put back in the original packaging (as well as possible) and still be in “new” condition that can be resold.

Also make sure to include any manuals, instructions, or accessories that may have come with your purchase.

3. Are There Any Exceptions to the 30 Days?

Yes, glad you asked.

The following products have a different number of return days allowed.

– Mattresses – The Wayfair mattress return policy gives you 100 nights to test out your new mattress before deciding if it’s for you.

If you don’t like the mattress, you can arrange for a free return or exchange. BUT, you can only do this ONE TIME per order.

– Wedding Registry Gifts – You have until 90 days after the wedding to make an exchange for store credit.

To start a return you need to contact a Wayfair Registry Specialist and have your registry order number handy.

– Large Appliances – You get the same 30 days but only if the appliance has NOT been installed.

Because of this, Wayfair strongly recommends checking the box for damage, make sure the box contains the correct product, and carefully open the packaging to inspect the appliance.

If there is damage, or you got the wrong appliance, DO NOT accept the delivery.

Make the delivery person return it to Wayfair and call them ASAP at 1-(866) 263-8325 to let them know about the issue.

Bottom line: Once the appliance is installed it CANNOT be returned.

4. Are There Any Items That CAN’T Be Returned?

Yes, quite a few actually.

– Gift Cards – If you don’t want the gift card you can try selling it on Raise.com.

– Clearance Items – For this reason, make sure you double check your measurements before making a clearance purchase.

– Personalized Items – Double check your spelling on any engraved or personalized items because you can’t return them unless Wayfair makes an error.

– Bundled Items – Things sold at a discount like “2 for $20″ or “5 for $50″ cannot be returned. The only way you can return them is if you return the ENTIRE bundle.

– Items marked “Non-Returnable” – According to Wayfair, these are found on the Sale Page and are clearly marked as non-returnable. 

– Assembled Items – Make sure that piece of furniture or bookshelf is exactly what you want before you put it together.

5. How Do I Initiate an Online Return?

They ask that you initiate a return via your My Orders page.

You’ll then select Return Item, then choose your return and refund method.

Then just follow the prompts and you’ll get an email conformation once completed.

Wayfair will refund to your original payment method once they receive the item(s) and do their inspection.

6. Can I Return Stuff Bought Online to an Actual Store?

Yes you can, but the only problem is Wayfair only has 1 actual brick & mortar store and it’s located in The Natick Mall in Natick, MA.

So obviously your best bet is going to be making an online return.

7. Does Wayfair Offer Free Returns?

If the reason for the return is an error by Wayfair, or a damaged or defective product, then they’ll pay the return shipping charges.

Otherwise, you’ll unfortunately be on the hook for the return shipping costs.

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8. Can I Cancel My Return After I Initiate It?


To cancel your return AFTER you filled out the return form, just visit your My Orders page and follow the prompts.

But keep in mind that you cannot cancel the return once you place the item in the mail.

Important Note: It should also be noted that you can only change your refund method before you have returned your stuff. You can do this on your My Orders page as well.

9. What If I Want an Exchange Instead of a Refund?

Not a problem as Wayfair makes exchanges really easy.

You can either place a new order before the return, then return the item you don’t want and get a refund to your original form of payment or opt for store credit.

Or you can place a new order after the return and use your store credit or credit card to complete the purchase.

10. Does Wayfair Have an Extended Holiday Return Period?

Yes, and it’s actually fairly liberal compared to other retailer’s policies.

For all stuff bought between November 1 – December 31, Wayfair gives shoppers up until January 31st to make returns.

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BONUS: 4 Wayfair Policy Hacks (That’ll Make You Feel Like a Genius)

1. Hack to get your new item SOONER – Let’s say you picked the wrong color and want to do an exchange.

The fastest way to get the new item is to place a new order, then initiate a return at a later date on the item you don’t want.

2. TRIPLE Check Big Items – There are many horror stories online of people receiving large items from Wayfair that arrived damaged but they didn’t refuse the delivery.

Consequently, they had to pay HUGE return shipping charges in order to send it back. Charges that darn near equaled the value of the item.

Moral of story: Make sure you are home to receive the delivery and thoroughly check it ALL out before you sign-off on the delivery.

3. Assembled Furniture – While you can’t return furniture that you already assembled, you absolutely can carefully take it a part, box it back up, and return it.

Yes, it’s a TOTAL pain in the butt, but unfortunately it’s the only way to make the return happen.

4. Open Box Specials – When shopping for Open Box Specials on the Wayfair website be aware that they are NOT returnable.

The product pages for these items does not stipulate this, but I called and asked and was told they indeed are not returnable.

Ask the Reader: What’s been your experience with the return policy at Wayfair? Good, bad or indifferent? Let me know in the comments.

By Kyle James

Photo credit to Wayfair.


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guillermina caban

I order a shower curtain set and it was not what it looked like on the picture shown, can I still returned it even if I cut open the package to take the set out?

Wayfair Consumer

It’s not considered returnable because it’s already open unless you can take a picture and prove that the image pictured is drastically different. Hopefully this helps. 🙂

B Cavallario

I purchased a 5 drawer dresser called Consuelo for my daughter for Christmas. We just opened the box, attached the legs and carried it to her bedroom. When we opened the drawers of the dresser we noticed that the top drawer was defective. The dresser drawer was not attached to the drawer slide correctly. The back part of the drawer was incorrectly glued and came apart. When the drawer is closed the drawer doesn’t line up correctly.

Last edited 1 year ago by B Cavallario
Lori A Thorne

Bought a box spring and they sent the wrong one. They said to hold onto it for two weeks in case they want it back…what are the chances of that? Can I just donate it now or do I really need to wait?


By any chance, did they pick up the item?


If I buy an easy chair and then colours do not match and I want to return it, how much will be the return shipping costs . I am located in greater london


A friend of mine has gotten a lot of “free” furniture from this store and overstock. The first time the bunk beds were the wrong color so they just sent her a band new one and told her to keep the old one. Another time the table was cheaply made and they sent a new one to her and let her keep the old one. And once more a couch she got wasn’t right for some reason and she was able to ask for an exchange then keep the first couch, which the exchanged item wasn’t what she wanted either and she got a refund and got to keep both couches. Crazy.

Same thing happened to me two years ago


why would anyone shop on wayfair with this costly return policy when you can almost always get the same stuff on amazon with free returns and no hassles


AGREED! Purchased a 5X7 area rug for $105 and the return shipping cost was $54! Insane. Somehow it was miraculously damaged and I was able to return it for free. NEVER AGAIN!

Kathleen Mazzone

Help trying to return a bedspread. It’s been a nightmare. Waiting for a return sticker to be mailed to me.

Donna Harris

I ordered a bathrm vanity however, the employee placed the order for the wrong size, a 48.’ I immediately ordered the correct 46′ size and rqstd a pic up for return. It has now been sitting in my kitchen for 8wks w/not one response from Non Stop Dlvry, nor Wayfair w/a pic up date. Is there a time limit in which Wayfair has to pic up an item for return ?

Marilyn Montgomery

My husband bought a rug shampooer asxa gift to me for Christmas. I opened it and it was not the one I wanted. We requested return and pick up . They did not pick it up on the day they were supposed to. My husband used his new Wayfair charge card to purchase the item. He then used his debit card to pay off the balance . We were waiting for a cash refund but they refused and said that we had store credit. We don’t want anything else from Wayfair – we just want our money back. Why would a company refuse to give money back to the customer? The Better Business Bureau will be hearing from us. Don’t buy Wairair.


What if the Box is destroyed for a large vanity


Not only does the customer foot the bill for the return, but also, Wayfair’s return shipping charges are exorbitant!, sometime equaling the cost of the item. It’s clear to me that Wyfair jacks up the shipping charges to discourage returns.

Judy Cowe

I tried to return a toaster oven — not what I expected — but when I tried to use the web site to return it, I think I got a 10% refund and that is it?? Don’t know what I did wrong but I’ve not rec’d a mailing address and it looks like they’ve close my ability to do anything else on this product. It was not marked non-refundable nor was it a sale item. Any suggestions?


I would call them. I had bought a bed for my son and it was ripped when I got it. I did the online process. Gave me 10%. Then the leg messed up and side was bending. I called them and they helped me through a return!! Very easy process!!!